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The Union of Worlds stands tall and none will oppose the keepers of PEACE!




Feb 1, 2015
1:44 pm
Feb 1, 2015
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Feb 1, 2015
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Feb 1, 2015
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Feb 1, 2015
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Union members and allies

Member races of the Union:

Humans: Intergral members of the Union
Skia (Shadows) technically a member though more complex
Cylaurians: Intergral members of the Union
Godoroks :iconazgoroth216: Official members
Violar: Intergral members of the Union
Nakai: Anceints technically members/Allies (CURRENTLY REBELLING)
Rhinos :iconpaintdrawer: elite faction
Jorgal: Member faction
Elysian: Member faction
NUSSR :icontoravich12: Ally

:iconmijity: Wolf and Sicarii Order
:iconaltairflame: Himself
:icontenebraesrising: Tenebrae Collective
:iconjudgementnollid: Mars Empire
:iconthe-port-of-riches: ICS
:iconsoundwave3591: Spartan Empire
:iconrailmachanic: Railinea
:iconcrystalnexus: The Nex
:iconthekorpsofkrieg: Templars
:icontarget21: IRS
:iconchimerasblood: Chimera
:iconcommodorehorton: Flux Ascendancy
:icondaniellandrom: Carnaith
:iconsartanis: Vitasi Hive Mind
:iconwyvern-1: Ostech Combine
:iconvoughtvindicator: Hjermsdclare
:iconlordnagaetros: The Drakes
:iconjb1992: Eramon Empire
:iconmadcomm: 7th Legion
:iconmendeddragon: USM

Please check them all out!

If you are not on here and you should be please let me know

Would you like to see more poems and litarature from me in the next few weeks? 

7 deviants said Both Would be pretty cool
3 deviants said Screw you Myric
2 deviants said Yes! Litarature! More stories plz
No deviants said Poems/Song things plz

Looking back, and forward

Wed Dec 31, 2014, 3:05 AM
Well I'm gonna be brutally honest with you. 2014 for me... Was a pretty fucking shit year.

I lost friends to varying things, rest their souls I will miss them. I lost other friends who didn't die but due to events and problems turned their backs sometimes because I messed up. I lost people I loved, or in some cases still do love again because of either my actions or their own selfish selves. I got very ill on occasions, down, more down than I have been in a long while. And creation knows how many smaller events and 'coincidences' happened which just made me want to go 'fuck you 2014'

But don't worry, 2014 on this last day is still going at me strong. Throwing small things at me in order to drag me down into its hate filled abyss, as I speak the boilers just packed up so I got no heating or hot water. And I fully expect some shit to go down later as one last ditch attempt.

Good things happened in 2014 though, I found happiness a few times, albeit only shortly but it happened none the less, I have prospects ahead of me which could also set me for life built in this year, and I have a chance to visit friends abroad in 2015 too.

When it comes down to it, yea 2014 has been an absolutely shit year but I hope 2015 will be on my side, if I can get this prospect and do the things I want to do? Then I will be ok. And I intend to fight every step of the way. I am heavily damaged from 2014, but I have enough fight in me for a final push for the big prizes. I will take and face 2015 head on, but I hope that instead of me fighting against it, I will be fighting alongside it.

The battle is beginning my friends and I fully intend to fight alongside you all

Have a good 2015 and keep fighting every step of the way :)

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  • Listening to: TSFH Fearless
  • Reading: HH series Damnation of Pythos
  • Watching: Falling Skies season 3
  • Playing: War Thunder
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Blackcurrant


Chimera Rivenfell by EmperorMyric
Chimera Rivenfell
OC of a good freind :iconchimerasblood: And her OC Chimera Rivenfell.

Well It certainly went better than I thought it would XD This is for being such a good freind and person!

Hope you like it :D
Faith by EmperorMyric
OC of :iconthewolfdragon21: been doing some RPs and stuff and wanted to draw her OC Faith :D

Was pretty fun actually havent drawn in a few months and so this was a surprisingly good outcome XD

Hope its up to standard for you!
The Angel and the Army of Heaven Part 2

Union space: Targarius System

Space bent and flashed as the Nakai fleet pulled themselves free of FTL and made speed for the battle, the Or'Dainen leading them was huge, larger than any of the Union ships in the Emperors fleet and surrounded by numerous fighter craft as well as 4 Or'Yoss cruisers and another 6 Or'Xa corvettes. The battleship came around and linked up with the Or'Keres carrier and its escorting cruiser and 2 corvettes. Together they formed a fleet and began heading towards the Union forces in a spearhead formation.

“Sir the Nakai are coming right at us! Our fleet is forming up but we dont have enough to face an Or'Dainen class!” The sensor operator reported. The Emperor stood up from his command throne and walked towards the front of the bridge, passing the various operators and stopped right in front of the shield generators seperating the bridge from the cold void.

The Nakai on the other hand changed fleet formation again, their ships getting behind the massive battleship. The ships wings unfolded and energy started arcing between them, the hull crackled with a weird blue energy and the tip of the Nakai battleship started to glow.
“My lord the enemy is charging their main cannon! We read a firing solution on us and our fleet! If we get hit we are done for!” The sensor operator replied, Myric merely stood by the shield and didnt reply “Sir please listen to me!” Myric turned round.

“All ships flank speed! Charge the Nakai!” He shouted, the crew were stunned, serving with the Emperor for so long even they flinched at the command, a few seconds passed and the Interceptor rumbled as the ships engines propelled its white and sleek hull forward, the rest of the Union fleet following cautiously. The Nakai fleet inreased its speed, and the Or'Dainen arced with barely contrained power, its Singularity chamber glowed brighter than a star as the containment rings spun to keep it contained. Myric merely smiled as the Or'Dainen shot forth a spear of pure blue light. The bridge crew gasped in awe as the Emperor made a bracing gesture with his hands and body and the beam impacted.

The blue energy seemed to impact an invisible barrier in front of the Union fleet as the Emperor roared with pain, the beam merely was absorbed and the bridge crew watched as the Emperor glowed ever brighter with each passing second until he was unbearable to look at, the Union fleet pressed on and the Nakai now realising their mistake charged. The Cruisers, Corvettes and attack craft flew forwards as the beam ceased and the Emperor stood back up. His form was radiating light and energy and he opened his arms as the energy died down again, he turned to see the stunned bridge crew however it was obvious the Emperor was in pain. He made his way back over to his command chair and sat down, however the Nakai were charging and the fight was only beginning.

Myric surveyed the fleet layout making sure his biggest ships had the best firing solutions, he forward the plans to the fleet however one of the bridge crew turned “Sir how can we take that Or'Dainen class? I cant see how it can be killed” Myric turned to the man and smiled

“How would you kill something made by an ancient race of great power?”  the crewman faultered.

“By attacking it with something just as powerful?” He finally replied, Myric smiled.

“Exactly” He opened the coms “Strike force is go, I repeat strike force is go!” And with that line the battle was sealed.

Above the Nakai fleet new jump points opened, the reserve fleet that Myric had to draw the Nakai out had finally been told to arrive, multiple Union ships of all races came out and dived at the Nakai fleet however it was what followed. Another Or'Dainen class flanked by two Skia dreadnoughts which came thundering out of FTL, the massive ships lanced downwards towards the Nakai and their fleet immediately broke up to counter, however it was too late. The Skia dreadnoughts and the Or'Dainen opened fire and the void was filled with golden and red light. The three ships combined fire impacted again and again with the enemy ship still not budging as it fired back with all its QAC cannons killing one of the Skia dreadnoughts and impacting the allied Or'Dainen however it was too much. The Nakai battleships shields failed and the shots slammed into it, however it was far from dead. As the Skia dreadnought and the acompanying fleet peeled off and away the Fala'Har'Rex the allied Or'Dainen went full speed with its spear like point into the enemy Nakai vessel, the point of the  Fala'Har'Rex glowed with blue power as the main gun was charged however it would never fire. The glowing spear pierced the Singularity chamber and in an instant the containment failed.

One final word came over the coms before it happened

“You die Traitors” In an second every ship in the systems view screen polarised to stop the sheer brightness and the planets in the system experienced a second star brighter than their own in the sky. A second later and the enemy Or'Dainen was no more, consumed by the truly unfathomable energy released in the second of impact, Myric and the crew were thrown from their seats and impacted the bulkheads around the bridge, as the Interceptor was thrown around like a toy in the resulting shockwave.

By the time the Emperor stood up again the bridge was a mess, things were thrown everywhere and he looked around and helped up various crew members as well as calling medics up to the bridge to help those who were injured as well as healing those which he could. He however made his way to the command throne and surveyed the battle. It was not a good sight.

The Nakai fleet was gone. Ripped apart by the utterly titanic energies of multiple singularities escaping containment from multiple ships. The  Fala'Har'Rex was thankfully still alive, its shields were down and it was incredibly damaged from the ordeal and would be useless for the coming months, and that was only if they could repair it... As for casulties the Union had taken the blast and not been so lucky, a few hundred ships had been destroyed by the blast which had been far bigger than anticipated, that and the nearest world had been schorched clean though thankfully had been mostly uninhabited. However the Or'Keres Carrier was also still alive and in the same shape as the  Fala'Har'Rex and with any luck it could be brought back into the fold of the Union.

They had won here today though at what cost Myric could only think about sadly. He merely went back to helping the crew, and ordered the clean up fleets to move in. Hopefully this should send Herious a message that the Union is not to be messed so easily with. However he could forsee a lull in the war and he was fully prepared to take full advantage of it in order to capitalise on alliances and events back home and in the newly important Ancerious galaxy.
Tales of the Nakai war Part 4:
The Angel and the Army of Heaven Continued

Battle for Targarius 

Some of the tales from the Nakai-Union war, notably some of the battles and events which are happening/happened

Nakai, Union and everything here belongs to me :iconemperormyric:
The Angel and the Army of Heaven

Union space: Targarius System

“Sir, their here”

That one sentence made everyone in the fleet freeze.

“I'm counting 8 signatures, edge of system and closing fast. 3 Cruisers 4 corvettes and... I'm reading something huge my lord” The man said in awe. It was understandable. Many people hadn’t even set eyes on the Nakai or one of their legendary ships. They were stories mostly, nothing more. However the time had come when old stories must resurface. In fire.

Myric was ready to make sure these stories stayed as such. Here in the deep void of space the 1st Emperors Own was here to stop them. Over a thousand ships of many many races the fleet was assembled in a defensive formation. Here lay renowned ships from all over Union space. But in the centre lay the sleek triangular form of the Interceptor the Emperors Personal flagship. However unlike the other ships around it, it looked more Nakai than human. Alongside the fleet also stood Per'Zac a Nakai Or'Yoss cruiser that hadn’t sided with Herious. Myric also had reinforcements at the ready, this was going to be a tough fight.

The Nakai forces that had entered the system did so without fear. The fleet was more or less a standard Nakai set up, however they had in tow what sensors detected was a huge ship. This ship was in fact a Or'Keres class carrier, the Nakai were in an almost artful formation and constantly changed vectors, no message was sent to the Union fleet by the Nakai but Myric knew the Nakai element he had with him were probably exchanging insults. As the Union fleet lined up to fight the Nakai fleet came to a stop, just out of range of the Union guns. It was then they received a message, text only as if the Ancients did not want to sully themselves with talking to the lesser races. Myric merely opened the file up on a restricted space, the Nakai knew that they could hack the Union ships if they even remotely got access however all Union data conduits were closed. The message read out:

Dear Emperor

Move out of our way and submit to our goodwill. We created you for a purpose, for our purpose and it was to pave the way for our grand new empire, you have fulfilled your purpose and even gone rouge, you have turned from the light we lit for you and even killed the greatest being, our father. We here by declare you an enemy of the Nakai Empire, Lay down your weapons and we may allow you to come peacefully

The bridge crew were suddenly surprised to hear the booming laugh of the Emperor, Myric laughed hard at what he had read and smiled.

“Misguided fools, they are the ones who have stepped from the light. Even Umbrae their lord acknowledged their fall. Prepare to fire weapons” Myric said, the golden form of the Interceptor rumbled as its weapon systems came into place. It however had been upgraded with the latest reverse engineered technology, it itself was a match for a Nakai cruiser. Myric knew the odds were somewhat in his favour and this troubled him... However he would have to see their next move, It wasn’t long before it was shown. The Massive form of the Or'Keres started to spike with energy as it diverted untold power to its Quantum molecule assemblers, a matter of seconds later a steady swarm of Nakai attack craft emerged and started flying towards the Union ships, at this 2 Nakai cruisers and 2 corvettes broke formation and dived towards the Union fleet. Myric grunted and with a thought gave the command to launch his own fighters, against the Nakai craft his fighters were laughable prey however if they sat idle in their hangars their ship could just as easily be killed, he rather them make a difference trying in the fight than sat their waiting for a potential death. Massive hangars disgorged the Union craft, Firestorms, Eagle Eyes, Salesse's, Shurikens and more poured out towards the huge never ending swarm of Nakai craft. The results were explosive.

Thousands of missiles, bullets, energy pulses and lasers sprang out across the void, most exploded in the vacuum however many found their mark. Some Nakai craft were destroyed through sheer weight of fire however most shrugged off the rounds. Only the Skia fighters seemed to match the Nakai in terms of power however the rest were quick be targetted in return. Golden beams and spearhead drones flew out into the Union craft, explosions lit up the void as many craft were simply vaporised or exploded. The fight soon devolved into a large dogfight with the Nakai craft coming out on top. It was then the Nakai ships hit the Union lines.

As the ships came down at a steep angle the Union fleet fired its collective might into them, it was the only time the Union was going to be able to bring its full firepower to bear before the Nakai got amongst them and so Myric was determined to make it count, tens of thousands of tonnes of ordnance impacted into the Nakai ships ripping apart one of their corvettes as it was turned into floating scrap, seconds after the singularity inside gobbled up the ship and then exploded harmlessly away from the Union. However the rest of the fleet kept going. A few ships tried to even intercept the Nakai cruisers and remaining corvette however the Nakai in their infinite wisdom to save infinite ammo rammed through the vessels in spectacular fireballs. It was then they started to open fire, QAC cannons, spearhead drones and quantum firebolts lept out into Union vessels tearing them open and vaporising them instantly. Many of the drones were actually intercepted, by massed CIWS fire and also Union engineered drones. As well many of the other shots impacted into Bullet KKVs, which absorbed the fire. The first strike had been deflected somewhat. And Myric was keen to exploit this. As soon as the Nakai ships were in amongst the Union the collective advantage the Union had was lost, as a result the Nakai casually cruised the Union fleet picking off all the ships around them. It was then Myric told the fleet to disperse, it was a gamble as ships could be picked off easily however it allowed clear fire lanes and so the massive Union fleet began to break off, with the Nakai ships chasing after the stragglers. Myric was however keeping the Rebel Or'Yoss in reserve, so far it was on the edge of the fight and was only to be used in a dire circumstance, one yet to arise.

However, one of the cruisers had set its sights on Myrics vessel and rapidly closed, its QAC cannons on full power it targeted the venerable ship and opened fire. Myric stood up and held out his hand, it an instant the 6 shots stopped in mid flight, each with the power to blow up the better part of a planet the Interceptor then fired her QAC cannons at the Nakai ship, Myric then curved the paused beams and redirected them at the cruiser. It tried to evade but too late, the Nakai ship took 16 QAC cannons head on. Its shields glowed blinding bright before an explosion akin to a small star erupted from its death however it was short lived as the explosion caved in on itself, dragged back by the enormous gravity of the ships naked singularity before it then evaporated.

The other Nakai ships seemed to falter at the death of their fellow and so tightened together. The Or'Keres continued to pump out fighters and bombers while the cruiser and two corvettes guarding it seemed to charge more power to the shields, the two ships in the Union lines had teamed up, getting close to each other and picking on isolated groups, the Union weapons proving ineffective against the Nakai vessels. Even the Union spearhead drones and QAC cannons were no match, for they ran on much less powerful reactor systems and were nowhere near as good as their ancient equivalents. Myric stood up and decided it was time, he had a clear shot and knew it was time to take it.

“Charge the main gun and get ready to fire, control get me a lock” The Emperor said pacing the bridge, the man a few steps away called out.

“I have a lock! We have locked on to the cruiser guarding the Or'Keres sir!” Myric smiled.

“Excellent! Charge then fire!” He shouted. The Interceptor powered down all of a sudden as massive blast doors at the front of the craft peeled back to reveal its main weapon, a Null cannon. The ship hummed loudly and Myric could feel the power being redirected towards the gun as it charged. The bridge lights dimmed as the gun reached full capacity. The ship computer called out “Null cannon ready to fire, target acquired. Firing” the whole ship rocked as the gun fired, a beam of bright blue energy flew at faster than light speeds and impacted the Nakai ships shields. At first the ship seemed to absorb the massive influx of Null energy however its shields collapsed and the beam impacted the hull, seconds after the Nakai ship merely disappeared as it again exploded like the first cruiser. The crew cheered as the third kill of the day was taken. However. The Nakai were far from finished.

“Sir! We have inbound! Its huge! Sir their deploying an Or'Dainen class!” The sensor operator called out. Myric frowned and swore, this wasn’t going as he had planned. Sure enough seconds later the huge glowing form of a Nakai battleship forced its way into reality, accompanied by another 4 cruisers and 6 corvettes.

“Well, I guess foresight cant always be right” Myric sighed.
Tales of the Nakai war Part 3:
The Angel and the Army of Heaven

Battle for Targarius 

Some of the tales from the Nakai-Union war, notably some of the battles and events which are happening/happened

Nakai, Union and everything here belongs to me :iconemperormyric:
Tales of the Nakai war Part 2:

Arcanum system: Shipyard system 2:17am local time

The debris of the Union  607th fleet floated silently in the void, the remains of the Union resistance against the Nakai who had swept past and proceeded to attack the planet below. The Nakai had lost a cruiser and a corvette in the battle however had proceeded to loose another after a massive barrage from the orbital and anti orbital ground batteries concentrated fire against it. Including the firing of 2 Megalis arrays on full power. The Nakai in return had destroyed the entire orbital dockyards. The ships under construction there were destroyed and those close to completion had made a feeble attempt to either escape or fight and were quickly dispatched with snap shot Quantum Firebolts. 2 corvettes had then strafed the orbital dock blowing it apart with quantum fire bolts, explosions had filled space and thousands of men and women had been flung into the cold void. The orbital defences as well were quickly destroyed by the Or'Yoss cruiser and they had taken anchor in high orbit and started to bombard the planet with the Firebolts. Glowing golden rain had descended from the sky to burn and scour the landscape, cities and defence emplacements had fallen first in the barrage and even the giant Megalis arrays had been destroyed in the 6 hours, what should of taken years to destroy had barely taken a quarter of a day to conquer.

It was then the Union reinforcements arrived. There wasn’t any flash of light heralding these ships arrivals, one minute it was empty space the next it was filled with pitch black ships. 80 Skia craft had arrived in system and proceeded to make full speed towards the planet. For 80 Skia ships to be gathered was a dark day indeed and the Nakai would know it at their peril. At their heart was the Renowned Shadow Warstar Cicada known to have never once been defeated. In response the Nakai ceased their bombardment and started to make their way from the planet. Due to the size and relativity of space it was another 2 hours until the sides could fight and in that time the Nakai positioned themselves into a broadside formation keen to bring as many weapons to bear as possible. The Skia however lunged straight forward at a speed unable to be attained by any technological engines. In the time between the fight though the Nakai sent the Skia a message, a warning and a taunt at the same time.

People of the Skia Empire, heed our warning, you were once our children. You did as we commanded and we in turn nurtured and shaped you, you have turned from the light and even fell from grace and failed at ascension. Now you are trapped and help the Union in their efforts to destroy your teachers. If you join with us we shall show you the way, we can help you once again attain ascension. Listen to your ancients, embrace the light

In return the Skia had merely sent one reply.

You had your chance and you failed, you fell to the Draken because you were weak, you had your time. We do not need your help, it is you who have failed in this world. Now prepare for us to send you to the next, for we are the reason you fear the dark

After the brief communication, the two sides open fired. The Nakai fired all of their QAC cannons as golden lances of energy sprang out towards the Skia fleet, as the weapon envelopes shortened the form of Spearhead drones leapt from launchers and finally the Nakai ships hulls glowed as they fired off energised Quantum Firebolts. The void was filled with light as the golden fire-power of the Nakai leapt forward and the Skia answered in kind with their weapons. Hazy black beams and bolts sprang forward from seemingly incorporeal hulls and spines and sped towards the Nakai ships, their unearthly forms creating a haze where they touched the fabric of reality, the Skia then also fired the bright red glowing beams of their feared distortion cannons from the red eyes of the Shadow ships. As the weapons fire collided massive explosions filled the cold void between the two fleets. The Skia however dodged all of the Nakai QAC fire, as the slow moving beams were merely side stepped by the lethally fast Skia ships, the Quantum Firebolts found more luck, a few impacting and vaporising Skia ship eyes as their form merely faded a way, their death scream silenced in the vacuum of space.

The Drones however proved the best weapon, impacting the Skia eyes and keeping up with the fast movements and dodges, as the Shadow Fleet passed between the Nakai ships in nano seconds at such speeds the Skia fire made no less damage. Nakai shields flared wildly and collapsed as the just as powerful Skia armaments caused catastrophic feedback damage, those beams that got through scarred and damaged the thought indestructible Athena plate, the phasic properties of the Skia weapons proving a problem for the Nakai. Both sides took damage however the Nakai retained their ships. The Skia however had lost 19 vessels and in a incredible display of moving turned on the spot and sped back towards the Nakai ships, the Nakai taken off guard while turning to face the fleet were hit full on, some lucky shots managed to kill another 5 Skia ships however the bright flash signalled the death of a Nakai corvette as its Singularity core imploded crushing the corvette into a point of infinite density before evaporating. The Cicada eagerly putting in the death shot to the Nakai ship as it died.

It was at this the Nakai decided to go offensive, the moment the Skia fleet made its second bypass the 3 remaining Nakai corvettes pursued at speed. Golden fire streaming from their weapons the Skia ships turned to fire as the moved alongside the Nakai ships dodging fire, more Skia vessels were destroyed as the golden rounds impacted their eyes, and in return Nakai shields and armour took the brunt of the return fire. It was then the Skia fleet launched fighters, hundreds of Shuriken fighters seemingly grew off the Reaper carriers and the Nakai in turn launched their Ar'Teth interceptors.

The two groups fought to the death pull off physically impossible manoeuvres using almost magical technology and ability. Meanwhile the Skia were starting to have their losses mount as the corvettes took their toll and the Cruiser sit as a mobile fire platform. With less than half their fleet left the Skia regrouped again and raked the Corvettes from multiple angles, the Nakai ships weapon systems unable to track so many targets. Once again another corvette imploded as a Banshee battleship fired its distortion cannon straight through the Nakai singularity core, causing a  spectacular death. As well another corvettes shields were stripped from it in a large energy burst which damaged Skia ships all around it, the other still functional Corvette shielded the damaged one from a frontal attack and they both moved to hook up with the Or'Yoss. The Nakai cruiser in response of another strafing run activated its Black hole shields, the Skia fire was absorbed by the tiny event horizons and so the Or'Yoss was completely unscathed and returned fire with lethal effect. More Shadow vessels died and so the Skia decided that they had enough.

A squadron of Warstars led by the Cicada once again aimed at the corvettes however this time concentrated all fire on the still operation Nakai ship. The corvette was taken down due to the overwhelming fire and so exploded with such force that the close by damaged corvettes Singularity core was breached and so that too was crushed to oblivion. All that remained were a mere 18 Skia vessels and the Nakai Or'Yoss cruiser, the fighter war had been fought to the death with all of the fighters destroyed. It was now an all or nothing affair and both sides new the stakes were high. The Or'Yoss cruiser came about and at full speed headed towards the Skia force, who then tightened their formation and came at the Cruiser head on. As the sides came into range both fired, however the Or'Yoss proceeded to in a stunning display blow off its last remaining shield in a energy wave, the energy wave damaged and destroyed the last remaining Skia ships apart from 3, 2 were destroyed by Spearhead drones and as the Heavily damaged Or'Yoss advanced it came face to face with the Cicada, its eye cracked it screamed in hate in the cold void as it point blank fired its distortion cannons and Shadow beams into the Or'Yoss containment field. In a blazing flash of light both ships were annihilated, the Great Cicada had died, and in its final moments had sent a message to the Nakai.

There is no hope for your race
Tales of the Nakai war Part 2:
Battle of Arcanum continued

Some of the tales from the Nakai-Union war, notably some of the battles and events which are happening/happened

Nakai, Union and everything here belongs to me :iconemperormyric:


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Hello! My name is Myric, im 19 and from the good old United Kingdom. I am currently creating my own Sci Fi universe to turn into a game or series some day and use all sorts of art to get it on paper. I enjoy talking to everyone and making new freinds. I appreicate feedback on my work and will happily respond to any questions or even if you want me to give opinions on your own work :)

People I also known in real life:


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I also play 40k and have many armies

Space marines (Golden Angels chapter using blood angel rules): 30,000 points (approx)
Tyranids Hive fleet Scyla: 10,000
Orks Bad Moons: 3000
Slaanesh demons: 3000
dark eldar: 7000
Eldar: 8000
Imperial Guard: 4000
Grey Knights: 4000
Necrons: 2000

so yer if you need any information or just wanna talk please do, i endevour to reply to all comments!

Current Residence: Yeovil (hell)
Favourite genre of music: any but i LOVE two steps from hell
Favourite style of art: manga/photoshop
Operating System: windows 7
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Favourite cartoon character: Thor
Personal Quote: “I am Myric, Emperor of the Union of Worlds. At my command are over 2000 races each with its own military and space force that numbers in the millions. Included in this are infantry, tanks, artillery, specialised forces, air power, battle suits, colossi and many other amazing war machines. I have fought in countless wars which are so hideous you would lose your mind, and I have won against the very forces of darkness themselves, I am an Angel of the Universe and can destroy empires with but the merest flex of my mind, I command another 9 such beings each gifted with powers beyond your imagination, not including my other officers with some even equal strength. You wish to make war against me? Come; let me teach you the error of your decision”


I do commissions and will have up to 5 at a time. To inquire about Commissions drop me a note :)

1. :icondrakenhothrepublik: Celestial infantry, Celestial troop transport, OC photoshop peice, Photoshop scene of chakrha forest. 50% Done

2. :icontenebraesrising: Tenebrae Infantry Squad




Military Sprites

I will do any sort of military sprite work and the prices etc. will be shown below

Infantry: Infantry will be £0.50 for an infantryman, typically a squad with troopers, special/heavy weapons and a sergeant/coms guys is 10 men so would be around £2.50 on average. I may do more depending on what I am asked but the typical result will be something like this:
Union Infantry WIP by EmperorMyric

Tanks, Vehicles and aircraft: Tanks, aircraft and vehicles will be around £1 each plus 50p for each variant of the vehicle/tank you want done.
Seraphim and variants Union MBT by EmperorMyric

Super Heavys/Large vehicles/massive aircraft: these will be around £5 plus an extra £3 for each variant you want done (these typically take the most time, this may also vary with the comission)
Achilles Super Heavy Tank by EmperorMyric

Colossi and other super massive stuff: This cant really be priced its going to have to be negotiated over the note depending on what wants to be done.

Ships: Space craft will be around 50p for escort sized ships to £4.50 for Cruiser sized, price will be negotiated for anything larger but super dreadnoughts+ will be £9+ Once again additional variants will cost extra.
Dart Class And Variants by EmperorMyric

Tech sheets: These will take sometime and require me to have somewhat detailed information on your weapon system, plus a few images of it (making images for it will cost extra) these will start at around £8+ and depend mostly on what exactly you want done.
Union Shields by EmperorMyric

Sketches and Drawn work


Character drawings: £1+
Autarch Ayman of the IRS by EmperorMyric

Multi character drawings: £1+ £1 for each additional character
Welcome To My World by EmperorMyric

Properly Drawn character/object: £5+
Emperor Myric by EmperorMyric

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Kennedia Lucrene Yteran captain by EmperorMyric

Hope to here from you all :)

Would you like to see more poems and litarature from me in the next few weeks? 

7 deviants said Both Would be pretty cool
3 deviants said Screw you Myric
2 deviants said Yes! Litarature! More stories plz
No deviants said Poems/Song things plz

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Got something for you later
Thu Dec 4, 2014, 7:50 AM
Thu Nov 27, 2014, 1:24 PM
Sir, I have a issue to address about the map.
Sun Oct 5, 2014, 12:15 PM
I found out what these damn crystals are! It's that crp called Tiberium. I'll send a link for it's effects.
Sat Jul 26, 2014, 9:23 AM
yep though not having a good time in RL currently
Thu Feb 20, 2014, 4:46 AM
Hello? anyone here?
Wed Feb 19, 2014, 3:58 PM
when one evil falls another will take it's place this is the truth of all things.
Sat Feb 15, 2014, 10:39 AM
Wed Dec 25, 2013, 8:25 AM
Hey, anybody home?
Tue Dec 24, 2013, 8:10 AM
I have been fine! alot has happened since we last talked XD
Tue Dec 3, 2013, 7:41 AM


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Is Myric cheating on Duneyer 030
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Student General Artist
Things are complicated on that front at the moment story will reveal whats gonna happen next
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Note me the story, so I don't have it hanging over in my dreams
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too long for note lol. Basically Duneyer is tired of the fighting, of the politics and such of the Union and so tells Myric she wants to end it. Officially they are still Emperor and Empress in the eyes of the public. And Duneyer stays freinds and such and goes to fight on the frontlines like she has wanted to for some time, while Myric stays behind with the politics and unoffically they are no longer married. 
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