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The Union of Worlds stands tall and none will oppose the keepers of PEACE!




I do commissions and will have up to 5 at a time. To inquire about Commissions drop me a note :)

1. :iconathalai-haust: Tenebrae Infantry Squad 65% done





Military Sprites

I will do any sort of military sprite work and the prices etc. will be shown below

Infantry: Infantry will be £0.50 for an infantryman, typically a squad with troopers, special/heavy weapons and a sergeant/coms guys is 10 men so would be around £2.50 on average. I may do more depending on what I am asked but the typical result will be something like this:
Union Infantry WIP by EmperorMyric

Tanks, Vehicles and aircraft: Tanks, aircraft and vehicles will be around £1 each plus 50p for each variant of the vehicle/tank you want done.
Seraphim and variants Union MBT by EmperorMyric

Super Heavys/Large vehicles/massive aircraft: these will be around £5 plus an extra £3 for each variant you want done (these typically take the most time, this may also vary with the comission)
Achilles Super Heavy Tank by EmperorMyric

Colossi and other super massive stuff: This cant really be priced its going to have to be negotiated over the note depending on what wants to be done.

Ships: Space craft will be around 50p for escort sized ships to £4.50 for Cruiser sized, price will be negotiated for anything larger but super dreadnoughts+ will be £9+ Once again additional variants will cost extra.
Dart Class And Variants by EmperorMyric

Tech sheets: These will take sometime and require me to have somewhat detailed information on your weapon system, plus a few images of it (making images for it will cost extra) these will start at around £8+ and depend mostly on what exactly you want done.
Union Shields by EmperorMyric

Sketches and Drawn work


Character drawings: £1+
Autarch Ayman of the IRS by EmperorMyric

Multi character drawings: £1+ £1 for each additional character
Welcome To My World by EmperorMyric

Properly Drawn character/object: £5+
Emperor Myric by EmperorMyric

Photoshopped character/Object: £9+
Kennedia Lucrene Yteran captain by EmperorMyric

Hope to here from you all :)


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Union members and allies


Member races of the Union:

:iconmijity: Wolf and Sicarii Order :iconaltairflame: Himself
:iconathalai-haust: Tenebrae Collective :iconjudgementnollid: Mars Empire
:iconthe-port-of-riches: ICS :iconsoundwave3591: Spartan Empire
:iconrailmachanic: Railinea :iconcrystalnexus: The Nex
:iconthekorpsofkrieg: Templars :icontarget21: IRS
:iconryzakier: Chimera :iconcommodorehorton: Flux Ascendancy
:icondaniellandrom: Carnaith :iconsartanis: Vitasi Hive Mind
:iconwyvern-1: Ostech Combine :iconvoughtvindicator: Hjermsdclare
:iconsorteagan: The Drakes :iconjb1992: Eramon Empire
:iconmadcomm: 7th Legion :iconmendeddragon: USM
:icontoravich12: NUSSR :iconthewolfdragon21: Skinwalkers
:iconthewornwanderer: Ye'Tule Pack :icongmw180: Nucleans
:iconalttraran: Alterean Dominion

Please check them all out!
If you are not on here and you should be please let me know

Next up for Union infantry do I do: 

14 deviants said Heavy Infantry (Heavy Power armour)
10 deviants said Advanced Infantry (such as Special ops, Alphas, Snipers etc.)
6 deviants said Advanced Weaponry (Exotic weapons and heavier gear)
5 deviants said Ranking (from Solider through to General)


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Thank you for the watch!!!
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Nope PS3 only
Sat Oct 31, 2015, 5:25 AM
Do you have an Xbox 360? My gamertag is Potreal12
Wed Oct 21, 2015, 8:39 AM
<3 aahh you actually read it /)////(\
Mon May 25, 2015, 2:25 PM
Love <3
Mon May 25, 2015, 11:02 AM
:heart: love
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Happy Birthday!
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Hey everyone!

2016 is surely upon us and the first month is now coming to a close... And I have finally got myself a gaming rig, and it is one tasty machine :D 

So expect me to be gaming a lot however expect more art too, now I have a nice screen and better facilities I can do better art :)

If any of you wish to add me on steam I'm EMPERORMYRIC I'm usually playing War Thunder, Wargame: Red Dragon, Armoured Warfare or Supreme Command Forged Alliance but I have alot more too.

Next month is Feburary... And I'm 21, by creation how time flies O.O

I'm usually working in the week days now in my IT job or at Uni but I'm always around evenings or weekends if I'm not busy or with my girlfriend.

I hope to see some of you on the battlefield!



Thorikto Capitol Battleship by EmperorMyric
Thorikto Capitol Battleship

Thorikto Capitol Oceanic Battleship:


Overview: Capitols oceanic naval forces while far more undermanned and equipped than their space naval forces are not to be sniffed at. Unlike say the Unions Oceanic Naval Core which is predominantly defensive in its role the Capitol Water Force is offensive in its roles. The Thorikto is the largest Capitol water going vessel, around 1.2km in length it is truly huge however it is unlike any other battleship and is not for direct combat. Sporting its own FTL drive the Thorikto is brought planetside by engineers who erect giant FTL beacons on the world in question ensuring the jump does not destroy it. Armed with two dual gun orbital mass drivers and a contingent of around 105 Krakatoa Nuclear ramjets the battleship is designed to give fire support and immense fleet fire support to ANY location on the planet. Lightly armed and defended otherwise it requires constant escort fleets however can easily bombard an enemy fleet to wrecks from the other side of the planet or reduce a continent to nuclear slag in a heartbeat.


Armament: armed with two frontal mounted dual turret orbital mass drivers as its primary armament and 105 Krakatoa Nuclear ramjets the battleship has numerous CIWS railguns and lighter missile launchers mostly for self defence.

Orbital Mass Drivers: these guns are not designed and also not capable of firing shells in a direct path towards an enemy, in fact these weapons are only designed to fire incredibly advanced guided shells into geosynchonous orbits around the planet, carefully calculated by the crew and the ships computer systems. The shells then stabilise their trajectory and fall into an orbit which allows them to target the enemy. The shells are then for all intents and purposes fractional bombardment platforms, able to launch up to 30 independently target able Azanium rods at targets at sea or ground within around 20m accuracy of the target, the impact of these rods is around a 400KT blast without the fallout of a nuke, easily able to destroy a fleet of ships or a city. Each of these rods are also incredibly hard to detect when launched and only take several seconds to impact their target. As a secondary measure the shell in its entirety can de-orbit as one giant projectile, sending its on board miniature fission reactor into meltdown, while this is a lot easier to detect such an impact can be up to 20MT worth against hardened targets. The Thorikto can carry around 475 shells in total for use anywhere on the planet.
Krakatoa Nuclear Ramjets: The rear mounted section of the battleship while able to be used for VTOL aircraft and other craft is mostly for launching Krakatoa nuclear ramjets, these fully guided missiles are launched off the battleship using attached rocket boosters which break off when the missile is far enough away from the ship before activating its nuclear ramjet. Capable of flying at around Mach 6 at just above sea/land level the sonic shockwave of the missile alone can destroy everything it flies over, all the while spewing radioactive contaminants over wherever it flies thanks to its internal directly linked fission reactor. However the Krakatoas true power is its internally carried 6 5MT thermonuclear warheads which are dropped like a conventional bomb over a particular target, as the missile flies over its target dealing heavy damage with its ramjet and irradiating it the bomb is dropped with a 5 second timer, as the missile is quickly out of the blast range by then the bomb will detonate destroying the target. Once all 6 bombs have been delivered the Krakatoa will be piloted over enemy targets causing damage via sonic shockwave and irradiation before either being shot down or running out of fuel in around a few days of flight. These missiles are flown by individuals back on board the battleship who pilot the drone missiles to their designated targets.

Defences: The Thorikta is fairly armoured, built out of Azanium and with some measure of protection armour wise against torpedoes and air attack the ships true defence relies on both its active defence systems in the form of railguns and smaller interceptor missile launchers. However its true defence is relying on the massive support battlegroup which always accompanies the battleship.


Power plant: The Thorikta runs on two fusion powerplants and another backup fission reactor in case it is needed however most of its energy demands come from its own FTL drive and computer systems needed for its fractional bombardment shells and ramjet control.


Electronic capabilities: The Thorikta is controlled by a partly EPA designed computer system and slaved AI which has no self awareness, able to control and aim the bombardment shells as well as aid in the control of the ramjets this system also acts as the CIC platform for the entire accompanying battlegroup and if necessary the CIC element for Capitol forces planetside, able to process incredible amounts of information in very quick time.


Crew: The Thorikta has a crew of around 800 with around 50 commissars


Attack craft: None although the 105 Krakatoa nuclear ramjets partially count the Thorikta can actually accommodate and arm/launch around 50 craft from its rear if needed.


Speed and engines: The Thorikta is incredibly slow and cumbersome however it is equipped with a Capitol FTL drive, designed to teleport the vessel from one planet to the next, however such moves are risky and so engineering corps assemble huge FTL beacons on the target planet allowing the Thorikta to transfer over safely, instead of teleporting into the sea underwater or 100ft in the air or even on land or in the planet itself. The rest of the naval forces are transported to the warzone while the Thorikta being too large has to use its FTL drive.

Design by :iconvoughtvindicator:

Capitol and Thorikta belong to :iconemperormyric:

The Grand Empire of Capitol Info Form by EmperorMyric
The Grand Empire of Capitol Info Form

Name: The Grand Empire of Capitol


DATE OF FOUNDING: 2088 Union timeline




GENERAL AFFILIATIONS: Founder and head member of the Ancerious Pivotal Powers (APP) former member of the Dark Triumvirate before its disillusion.


SIGNIFICANT RACES: Gene enhanced humans, remnants of the Shadowguard, some sub races which can be found here and there.


ANTHEM: Long Live the Empress


CULTURE:  Totalitarian surveillance state. Citizens are given somewhat free reign over their day to day lives however are constantly monitored by the state in form of the Internal Security Forces of ISF (commonly known as the ‘Vipers’) making sure that no citizens undertake illegal activity or insurgency measures, in which the Vipers will merely take them away never to be seen again, or even worst to worst call in the infamous K Battalion.


Citizens are mostly uneducated and partake in manufacturing jobs or others all state owned and non-automated to keep it cheap. Those that do show glimmers of intelligence are inducted into heavily indoctrinated education programs for specific tasks dictated by the state. Most of this is however training for the armed forces to which they are given slightly more leeway but are still watched by the ever present Vipers.


Citizens are also heavily controlled through banking measures, as technically property and currency of the state citizens back up the currency reserves and so the rich are only so due to larger and more valuable property. With protection laws allowing them to defend themselves against outside influence in the form of security services or paramilitary forces if need be. Most media outlets are inflated beyond the ability of the average citizens to pay and thus have to rely on cheap government media outlets which heavily indoctrinate and feed the population whatever they wish.


As well as this competing urban guerrillas and paramilitary forces make sure that despite all of this the death squads that regularly oversee the dissidents of the population are also not safe from watch and retribution within the system, meaning that all ranks of the Capitol citizenry essentially point weapons at the lower ranks, ensuring everyone is closely watched by higher rankings and then overall by the constant presence of the secret police, the Vipers.


FLAG: See above. The red represents the blood of those spilled to create capitol into what it is today. While the green symbolises the opposite of the red, to show that Capitol has transformed from what it was once. The burning planet symbolises Capitols desire for revenge against the Union while the sword symbolises power through warfare.


MOTTO:  Capitol Forever!


CAPITAL: Celefra



Nothern Territories: Rubikon, Selene, Bel Thano
Capitol Ancerious Holdings Map:

Southern Territories: Kalaras, Veneera, Erde
Capitol Southern Anc Holdings Map


LARGEST CITY: Hadrian’s keep on Celefra, one massive city sprawling for many, many miles, at the heart Capitols Imperial palace and high command.




NATIONAL LANGUAGES: Whatever is needed to conduct business.


GOVERNMENT TYPE: Totalitarian Financial Stratocracy


How its run: Empress Inara completely rules over the proceedings of Capitol, nobody watches her and she is the de facto head of state, her word is law and is not disputed by those who are not in the advisory council. Below her is her own advisory council, compiled of 3 individuals, Grand Commissar Illian Irakis who oversees the entirety of Capitols monumental surveillance system and the head of the Vipers, as well as department for media control and indoctrination. Next is Grand Admiral Raxis Ortagian who controls and commands the entirety of Capitols space naval forces and Aerospace forces and finally Ustes Niram Head of economics who oversees the massive labyrinthine banking systems and economies currently being run inside the Empire of Capitol as well as all transactions and outside banking influences as well as acts as State Representative for the Council of Economists.


Below this is the Council of Economists, who oversee the running of the Empire. Both the armed forces and police forces answer to them however the armed forces command can override this if permission from Illian himself is attained. The council can effectively control every facet of Capitol life and every day running is left to lower and lower rungs of such, each other constantly watching those below it with almost malicious intent. However the Council of Economists also answer to Ustes Niram who is the state representative and may veto the councils decisions if need be.


In every rung of the government there are what are termed as ‘Overseers’ these individuals are totally removed from humanity and are augmented so that they may constantly watch the lives of those below them for any sign of corruption or insurgency. With only the higher echelons being able to act on this through use of the police and the various death squads within the empire. This continues on every rung all overseen by the Vipers even to a father watching his sons for signs of action against the state or even against his own customs which he doesn’t approve of.


Main rulers and people of power:


Inara Garren Empress of Capitol: Empress Inara of Capitol


Grand Admiral Raxis Ortagian: Grand Admiral Raxis Ortagian


Grand Commissar Illian Irakis: Illian Irakis Grand Commissar Of Capitol


State Representative of Finance Ustes Niman: WIP




Capitols military has evolved over the years from something which was the laughing stock of the galaxy to something which strikes fear into the hearts of every military in the galaxy. Thanks to Inara and her massive reforms Capitol has advanced in technology and training in a matter of years, building a military that rivals the allied nations and is currently waging a galactic war.


Space naval forces: Under the command of Grand Admiral Raxis Capitol’s space navy is around 8000 vessels strong along with the 3 super dreadnought class ships built in support. The naval forces operate totally separately to the council of Economists and so Raxis himself oversees its deployment and advancement. While it is still watched by the ever present Vipers and overseers each ship has a complement of Commissars who work with the Vipers to root out any sort of problem that may occur with the crew. However to be in the space forces is to be very loyal, the training and indoctrination program is very long and has helped turn Capitols navy into a cunning and powerful force to be reckoned with, while not as technologically strong numbers and tactics allow it to prevail. The Space Naval Forces also encompass Capitols Aerospace forces or CAF, including fighters and bombers planet side and fleet side, meaning they also answer to Commissars and the Grand Admiral.


Active vessel classes:

Grand Empire of Capitol Fleet Listing


Inara class Super Carrier: Inara Class Super Carrier


Emperor Scar class Super Dreadnought: Emperor Scar Class Super Dreadnought


High Emperor Class Dreadnought: WIP


Trident Class Battleship: Trident Class MK.2


Tartarus Class Bombardment Vessel: Tartarus Bombardment Cannon MK.2


Neptune Class Heavy cruiser: Neptune class


Olympus Class Carrier: Olympus class carrier MK.2


Medusa Class Cruiser: Medusa class cruiser MK.2


Hydra Class Destroyer: Hydra Class Destroyer MK.2


Icarus Class Escort: Icarus mk.2


Hecate Class Escort: Hecate Class Escort


Joint Projects:


Trisigion Shadowblade-Capitol Stealth Cruiser: Trisigion Stealth Cruiser


Suma Historinca Capitol-Axiom Battleship: WIP


Apeios Capitol-CDG Battleship: WIP


Under Development Classes:

Madon Class Cruiser: WIP


Triton Class Heavy Cruiser: WIP


Hidon Class Corvette: WIP


Sabre Mk.2A Atmospheric Interceptor:  Sabre MK.2A Capitol Interceptor


Sabre Mk.2B Space Interceptor: Sabre Mk.2B Capitol Interceptor


Phalanx Mk.2A Atmospheric Bomber: Phalanx Mk.2A Capitol Bomber


Phalanx Mk.2B Space Bomber: Phalanx Mk.2B Capitol Space Bomber


Hermes Atmospheric Gunship: WIP


Zeus Orbital Bombardment Gunship: WIP


Army Forces: Under the command of the Council of Economists the army is heavily linked to the banking and civilian sector. Turned from a laughing stock force made up of slaves and untrained conscripts Capitols army forces are now well trained and well equipped able to meet any threat faced by it and engage it on fairly even terms. Led by various commanders and rankings based on skill the Army still however answers to the council and so has not only Vipers watching over it but also its own surveillance force. The ISS, or Internal Security Services. While the Vipers may be secret and insidious the ISS are open, overseeing the armed forces and the banks all of the big sects watch over each other. The Army forces also encompasses the planetary defence forces or PDF elements and also Capitols Oceanic Naval Forces or CONL all fall under the armed forces and thus the watch of the ISS and command of the council.

Capitol ground units WIP

Capitol Infantry: Capitol Infantry
Capitol infantry WIP


Thanatos Super heavy tank:Thanatos Super Heavy Tank


Aigion Heavy tank: Aigion Capitol Heavy Tank


Hyperion MBT: Hyperion Capitol MBT


Minotaur MBT: Minotaur MBT


Nyx Light Tank: Nyx Capitol Light Tank


Themis APC: Themis Capitol APC

Armenis Heavy AA: Aspida Heavy AA

Nemisis SRBM: 
Nemisis SRBM

Aspida ABM/SAM system: 
Aspida ABM/SAM system

Thalassa AOSM System: Thalassa AOSM System

Hynerion Capitol SPAAG: 
Hynerion Capitol SPAAG

Trojan Logistics vehicle: Trojan Logistics Vehicle

Spartan LAV: Spartan LAV

Triarch Export Vehicles:
Sentinel Mk. 2
Lancer Tank Destroyer
Bulkward Triarch Industries Light tank
Centurion Triarch IFV
Praetor Super Heavy Tank



RELIGIOUS BELIEFS: Officially none, while Capitol relied on the belief that those who were Emperor or Empress were gods incarnated, like Scar and Garren. Empress Inara violently abolished this when she came to power, while it has no official religion Capitol has opened its boarders to the EPA and the Syntagma as well as the Eos Consortium and the Eostine, both being substantial in number however neither have come to blows just yet, with the surveillance services of all rungs and backgrounds watching them carefully.




Capitol Talum =  £0.00001


The official currency of Capitol is paper money called a Talum, this is backed up by the actual population themselves instead of say gold as reserves. However private banks may still set up fractional reserves as well within the system. All civilians are currency of the state, and truly rich centres are areas of worth and value like land and how many people are living in such. However with the currency naturally being like this it is not very valuable, and so Triarch Industries has ‘lent’ its property to Capitol and such in order to build huge production industry using the currency which gives it its power house status as an undervalued currency.


Every single piece of paper or electronic money is marked so that it is constantly under watch when circulated surveillance of its movements and owners by banking AIs that control the interest rate to avoid economic crises going deep enough to cause unrest preventing corruption by the banking systems and also with a government run stock market at the head this can actually alert bankers and tycoons of stock market booms or crashes at a price of course. However to help protect the military in this environment military companies have to accept investments from banks and the oligarchy to allow them to operate in Capitol and sell to them preventing any outside influences and heavily engraining Triarch Industries into Capitols economy and forces.




Higher Rankings: These encompass those in the council and the various rungs of the councils lesser control facets. These individuals while still being overly watched by those above them are much freer to do things as they please and often own estate and therefore wealth. These individuals are very well off and so often live in luxury while constantly watched they are less harried by the state than for example those of the lesser classes. Forces officers also fit into this class and while are treated to luxury incompetence or corruption are very quickly weeded out by the Viper corps.


Surveillance Groups:

ISF: The Internal Security Forces or commonly known as ‘Vipers’ are the civilian sector of surveillance however have integrated themselves into practically every facet of Capitol society. Routing out those who are insurgents or against the state or those who simply are corrupt or incompetent they typically make those individuals disappear never to be seen again, or when the death squads turn up to a location they are typically called by the Vipers. Vipers are despised by nearly everyone in Capitol, and unlike the other security services Vipers can be anyone. From your chief of business all the way down to your own sister. Vipers infiltrate and make themselves as one of the populace reporting always about others however there are branches of the Vipers that carry out counter intelligence work and even special operations in enemy territory however these are only known to a few higher ups. The Vipers are typically seen as the unseen force from within.

ISS: The Internal Security Services as they are known or ‘Black shirts’ are the internal surveillance branch of the armed forces under command of the council. While not as extensively integrated as the Vipers they do however watch the banks and also some of the civilian populace close to the military. They however are quite widely known, wearing suits and black shirts and typically carrying weapons when the Black shirts arrive it can never be a good thing, there to take people away quite visually for interrogation or death. Those that survive never come back wholly sane and the ISS also keeps a very watchful eye on the death squads and paramilitary forces that roam the empire. They are in a term the military police but far more feared, they are known as the discreet force from above.

Commissariat: The Commissariat are the surveillance group that watches over the Space Naval forces and the Aerospace core, answering to Illian Ikrakis along with the Vipers. The two groups are very heavily intertwined in the naval forces however the Commissariat are very visual and well known. Found throughout ships and bases they are marked out by their red cloaks and unwavering gaze, any who are found wanting are taken away to be questioned or executed on the spot. However unlike the other services the Commissars interact with the naval men and so garner at least a good measure of respect, while Vipers infiltrate the space vessels and snoop around pretending to be someone’s friend the commissariat are the strict force from in front.

Hydra: Hydra are the most feared of these groups. They are Inaras personal guard, but also the most elite of Capitols fighting force. Both with many units in the space naval and army forces which while receiving orders from their superiors only truly answer the Empress. Each Hydra Guard comes in two tiers, those that serve with the forces who are more like elite infantry and those that work directly for the Empress. While all Hydra Guar swear fealty to Inara only the second tier those that work alongside the Empress are those that are above the rest. Outfitted with the best and most powerful technology Capitol can muster they are equipped with the latest gadgets before anyone else. Often sent in to keep the other surveillance groups in line they typically approach such brutally. Executing CEOs as well as VIPs violently as a warning to any who may dare defy the Empress.


Borgois: The Borgois are termed as the middle class in Capitol. Essentially those industry chiefs and bankers who own private business or run state business on behalf of the council. While still far better off than the citizenry who are seen by the higher classes as merely currency to be used and sold as seen fit the Borgois suffer from the problem their ranks entail. They are heavily watched by those above and any wrong move which leads to loss of profit or production can have them meeting the death squads that roam the empire.


Citizenry: The citizenry of Capitol are heavily repressed, while they may not know it or see it they are constantly watched by everyone above them, used as currency reserve in the economy system and are used as cheap labour for Capitols manufacturing needs. While they are exploited they are fed government controlled media and news due to highly inflated connectivity prices and are routinely overseen by surveillance to ensure they are not up to anything the state deems unacceptable, to which they will either disappear or be publically humiliated.


Slaves: Capitol used to rely heavily on its slave populace, however since Inara abolished the law stating Capitol citizens can be slaves only those who were not born in Capitol, aka immigrants, prisoners of war, war crimes committers etc. are used as slaves. While the populace remains free (but not too much extent…) Slaves are kept in prison camps that are run by private companies, these work with internal prison gangs that essentially run the place and keep order in return for some luxury materials ensuring the guards do not have to interact with the prisoners. Slaves as well as used in the Capitol armed forces, as fodder units and more, often fighting against those very people they once called brothers.




SETTLEMENT OF CITIES: Capitol often take ground. Locations so that the empire may expand and more settlements be made so the population can flourish and the influence expand. Capitol first scouts out a habitable world and deems it to be available to colonise. This is referred to the council who give the overall go ahead to colonise. The colony groups then begin building cities and infrastructure before then moving onto build more advanced areas. If that planet is in fact occupied Capitol will initiate conflict to forcibly take that planet or if with an allied force move onto suitably better areas.




Leistunganos Oligarchy (Shadowblade): Long term ally of Capitol even when it was back under command of Emperor Garren, Shadowblade and Capitol have always been firm allies in the premise that together they stood a better chance against the allied forces, often trading materials and people. Once one of the 3 members of the Dark Triumvirate before its disillusion Shadowblade is now a firm ally in the APP and undertakes technological trade and joint projects with Capitol.


The Shadow Guard: While technically destroyed the Shadow Guard were another close ally of Capitol and the third member of the Dark Triumvirate. Frequently trading and fighting along with the others they however fell when they surrendered to the Trinovans. Causing Capitol to turn on them and annex the territory they once held, some die hard SG supporters still work alongside Capitol however they are all but gone.


Axioms/EPA: Another recent staunch Ally Capitol has provided the EPA and the Axioms with both manpower and military aid as well as helping the Symbol Shifting Mirrors attain Axiomhood. With the EPA now working heavily with Capitol to upgrade its technology and AI systems the two are fighting closely together in the 2nd Ancerious war.


Justicars: Deeming that Capitol was their only option to aid them in their war against the USM and Bohzes Chosen the Justicars exchanged vital FTL technology that allowed for the opening stages of the war. Trading materials and people Capitol and the Justicars fight side by side on the battlefield.


Sepratist Union: Another recent ally the Separatist Union has turned to Capitol in aid of their campaign against the IRS and are working alongside the APP to keep them out of the war.


The Immortal Empire: While not technically an ally Capitol has many joint endeavours with the Immortal Empire and is hoping to conduct further operations together to make up for the past mistakes of Capitols invasion during the 1st Ancerious War.


The Silent Ones: While again not technically a full alliance the Silent Ones offered their services to Capitol in return for raw materials and people. Now Capitol finds itself equipped with better Tachyon weaponry than before and another very capable combat ally that it can rely upon.


Eos Consortium: While not an alliance the Eosians have connections to Capitol through free reign of their Faith and membership of the APP. The Eosians tolerate Capitol and have been studying it in the aid to try and understand heretic species.


Triarch Industries: A massively strong backer of Capitol. Triarch is integrated into Capitols economy and manufacturing sectors and provides not only excellent technological and military advances and material but also helps exports its own forces to Capitols command through mercenary contracts.


CDG: Allied through the APP Capitol aims to work alongside the CDG in taking the critical stage of Tau Volaris from the allies and also in keeping the creature called the Abberation in check.




Union of Worlds: Its complete mirror opposite Capitol despises the Union of Worlds. Cast out from the Union all those centuries ago Capitol has turned from a small blight to the Union into a legitimate threat. While the Union has always sort to stamp out Capitol now the 2nd Ancerious war will truly determine the overall winner and allow Capitol to get revenge for past actions.


AGA: The Ancerious Galactic Alliance is seen by Capitol as a shell controlled by the Union in order to establish a military alliance to destroy those who do not fit into the allied concept of order. Striking at the AGA members during the opening stages has made Capitol appear as a strong opponent and together with the APP established themselves as possibly the dominant force in the galaxy.


CAE: The Confederated Alliance of Empires is also seen by Capitol as another group who wish to stamp out those empires not worthy, and with ties to the AGA are deemed as a threat, also targeted during the 2nd Ancerious wars opening stages Capitol seeks to make statements to all about both its and the APPs power.


GOALS: Capitol currently wishes to rid the galaxy of the allied forces. It wishes for a galaxy in which there are not grand rules or large councils to dictate space allocation and trade establishments. It believes that each empire is entitled to whatever it wishes, if that means conflict then so be it. With this belief and those of the APP being mirrored by the allied forces this has led to the 2nd Ancerious war. And with it the galaxy now broils in war.


GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Capitol considers its great accomplishment to be its rapid rise from being one of the worst empires in the galaxy to being what the allies call the largest active threat in the galaxy. Thanks to Inara not only the social aspect of the empire was reformed but the entire government, how it operates, industry, military, technology and more. Now Capitol is a power house of a warmachine and is something to be feared rather than laughed at.




Overseers: Overseers are a new ‘race’ termed and created by both Capitol and the EPA. Focusing on a surveillance state EPA helped engineer a race of humans which along with augmented AI systems have information beamed directly into their brain, essentially they watch and live multiple people’s lives at once, constantly looking for anything the state deems inappropriate. All the surveillance groups use these and so do the various rings of the government. Along with sophisticated AI the system can pick out even small things to then alert either the groups or the death squads to the infringement.


Insidious pacts: Some say that Inaras rise to power seems too ‘perfect’ and that such rapid change should well have resulted in her assassination. As well as this strange ships and sightings have been seen in Capitol space and ships bearing strange organic weapons and hulls were also sighted at the battle of Histirion fighting for Capitol. While speculation and rumours rise these sights have matched to only one known species. Draken. However with their total destruction at the hands of the Union many downplay these rumours, others however. Are not so sure…






Tachyon Weaponry: Tachyon Arrow profile


As above with the amendment that Tachyon Weaponry has been successfully made stable with over 100% less explosions or accidents, it has also with the help of the Silent ones been miniaturised to put into rifles and on some other ground units.


Railguns: Heavily based off Union Mass drivers here: Mass driver turret profile


However they are not equipped with void cooling or Nano assemblers, but can be loaded with flak, penetration, HE and nuclear munitions to use against the enemy.


Missiles: Capitol missiles are just like any empires standard missiles, however they typically use a three stage fusion warhead capable of delivering up to 1000MT to the target. And can be outfitted with MIRV munitions and dial a yield in case they need to select a yield far smaller to carry out limited strikes on planeside targets. These also come in anti fighter/missile variants which while not carrying thermonuclear munitions (these can be used however) use a kinetic kill method to destroy enemy craft and ordnance.


Shields: Capitol shields are a combination of normal particle shields coupled with energy shields, able to withstand both kinetic and energy weapons to some extent before collapsing. Capitol shield generators are typically found inside the most heavily armoured areas where they can be protected from enemy fire and continue to provide shield defence.


Armour: Capitol uses a compound called Azanium, extracted from Azar ore found in abundance all over Ancerious, initially demonstrated how to do this by Triarch who also uses Azanium Capitol has mixed this with other armour composites to form its own, while not as good as some other armours it is light and cheap enough to give effective protection.


Power Generation: Capitol used to use inefficient Nuclear fission reactors however recently upgraded to Nuclear fusion through use of the Migma fusion process. Using particle accelerators to induct fusion was changed to using twin particle weapons heavily modified to instead create fusion, as the fired particles produce incredible heat as they travel through the fusion chamber they induce fusion around their paths, and with a wide beam particle cannon this can produce fusion on a very large scale.




Medical: Medical wise Capitols medicine sector is heavily privatised with making wealth out of peoples suffering rather than curing them. Inflated prices for drugs and medical aid reduces the normal populace to sometimes having to find either alternative care or go without altogether. All medical practices are registered with the authorities who dictate what can and cannot be done, and frequently those who are in terminal stages of illness or very close to death in old age and who are of the citizenry get taken away for human experimentation.


Security: Security systems in Capitol are aided by the use of Overseers as well as specially constructed AI units made in conjunction with the EPA. Together these tap and watch practically every device and person in the entire empire, capable of editing, changing, watching and more on practically any member of society and overseen by the various security branches of the empire it is almost impossible to go against the state or carry out insurgency within capitol especially while using its own systems.




Capitol has its origins back and completely intertwined with the Union of Worlds. With Earth being unified under the Coalition of Countries and the command of the enigmatic leader known simply as ‘Scar’ he aided mankind in attaining unity as well as using beings known as Angels to do so. However Scar had very different philosophies about how to advance after unification, he believed that for the human race to truly stay unified it must be under constant state of war. Declaring war on the first true alien species encountered the Cylaurians humanity was horrified when the truth of his attack and motives were revealed by the Angels. Declaring the Angels an enemy of humanity and ensuring his control and martial law would keep humanity together, the Angels banded together and along with elements of humanity and the Cylaurians ended the civil war by toppling Scars oppressive totalitarian regime. Exiling the once Emperor and his forces from the newly emerged Union of Worlds, Scar and his loyalists fled to the outer rim of the galaxy, there they conquered multiple smaller alien races and used them as subjugated slave labour. Slowly building up an empire of around 75 star systems over the course of around 45 years. This newly dubbed ‘Grand Empire of Capitol’ was run by Emperor Scar and was a oppressive regime which enslaved the populace and placed high priority on monetary value and wealth. However when the Draken invaded the galaxy Capitol was even harder pressed than the Union to stop them. With only a fraction of the technological advancements and manpower that the Union possessed Capitol relied heavily on scorched earth policy involving large amounts of nuclear munitions. With the Draken deciding to focus their might on the Union, Capitol took the opportunity to raid the Union, stealing what technological secrets and resources they could. However before any of such could be implemented the Angels led a full scale invasion of Capitol, liberating those who were oppressed and coming to destroy the empire itself. The Emperor of the Union even killing Scar himself. However Capitol had been exploring a wormhole throughout the Draken war, delegating some of its forces to establish a foot hold in this seemingly new galaxy. After Capitols collapse in the Unions home dimension it fled fully to Ancerious, with a brief moment of bloodshed between its command structures Damien Garren declared himself Emperor. Expanding Capitols gains and engaging Union forces also making their way into the galaxy.


With the events of the 1st Ancerious war, the Union demon Sotek manipulated Emperor Garren into attacking the Immortal Empire, mustering Capitols entire war machine he struck personally 5 enemy systems, completely destroying one in a super nova. At the cost of the Emperors life and despite the losses they inflicted Capitol disorganised once again fell into political instability as its forces withdrew. However Garrens own daughter, Inara Garren managed to take power, immediately implementing massive changes, purging the command structure and armed forces of inept commanders and wealthy autocrats. Completely reforming the political and social structure in such a quick manner meant that any opposition to her was quickly eradicated, with Inara having consolidated her power well before her fathers death. Immediately delegating that slavery of Capitols own population be banned became a very rallying political move, and straight after Inara began outlining Capitols complete refit and advancement of its military but technology as a whole. Within 5 years Capitol had gone from the galaxies laughing stock into a full blown military power, with massive alliances to particular elements. Now Capitol heads the Ancerious Pivotal Powers and is instigating a full blown war against the allied forces in the form of the 2nd Ancerious war.

Capitol is totally my creation and belongs to :iconemperormyric:

With thanks due to help from :iconvoughtvindicator:

All other empires mentioned belong to respective owners.

Enjoy :)

Grand Admiral Raxis Ortagian by EmperorMyric
Grand Admiral Raxis Ortagian
"You know I have always supported you Empress, I am truly honoured that you wish to appoint me as Grand Admiral for the Capitol Space Forces. My house will always fight by your side, and with all my capability I will help your dream of restoring our people a future. Tau Volaris was just a taste of our capabilities... And if I might add, a potential source for a possible grand alliance" Grand Admiral Raxis after his promotion, directly after the Tau Volaris invasion by the Allied forces.

Name: Raxis Ortagian


Age: 31


Birth date: Unknown exact


Birth place: Celefra System


Current location: Alpha Ceti


Relationship: Wife back on Celefra


Relations: Only child, however has a wife and 3 kids.


Height: 5.9ft


Powers: No powers, as far as it is recorded Raxis is a normal human however he has most likely had augmentations and gene enhancements.


Status: Grand Admiral of Capitol


Hair colour and eye colour: Blonde hair and facial hair as well as blue eyes


Titles/nicknames: Grand Admiral, Commander of the Space/Aerospace forces, The Eagle.


Appearance: Raxis stands around 5.9ft tall about average for a man in Capitol. Having short blonde hair and Azure blue eyes his face is quite handsome. Unlike regulations which state that military men cannot have facial hair in Capitol Raxis ignores this, having a beard and moustache. Typically wearing his bright red Grand Admirals uniform he carries a ceremonial sword and his own CFA-12 pistol for self defence. Raxis carries himself with a posture of one from a rich background, and considering his family is a powerful house within Capitol Raxis carries this aura of superiority.


Personality profile: Raxis is quite an aloof yet passionate man, convinced of his superiority due to his families privilige he however has always pushed himself and so is only in the position he is in due to his skill. A consummate tactician Raxis always treats his inferiors with a degree of respect, not one to hate those of lower status or rank Raxis is often hard to approach into conversation however when talked to he is passionate and determined about his beliefs, he seeks to improve his people in any way he can, and while his personality clashes sometimes with the cold and calculating Illian Irakis the two men work well together.




Food: Celefra Hagnor soup


Number: 43


Colour: Red


Animal: Unknown


Drink: Celefra crystal wine


Favourite thing: Plotting and executing strategic plans


Regrets: Having to purge his family line.


Arch enemy: Enemy commanders


Catchphrase: 'In times like these everyone is either an ally or an enemy, which are you?'


Background: Raxis was born into one of the most powerful family houses in Capitol, showered with riches and spoilt as a child he never had to struggle growing up. Under Garrens rein his family was given everything they could dream of and when he became of age Raxis like all the highborn children were drafted into the armed forces to act as commanders or those of position of power, regardless of their skill. Raxis however excelled at starship combat, proving himself a gifted tactician and strategist he outperformed practically every other highborn at the time, coming to find the ineptitude of the others insulting to his own people. By the time Emperor Garren had declared war on the Immortal Empire Raxis was already a fleet captain, however due to his rather passionate nature he made little friends in Capitol high command, disdaining the almost daily political manoeuvrings within the command structure. Kept behind to guard Capitol space Raxis was approached by those loyal to Inara, the Emperors daughter. Accepting the plan to overthrow the government and dethrone Emperor Garren Raxis had lost faith in not only the highborn families but also his own. Gloating on the riches that spoiled them Raxis parents and family had only ever forced him to pursue a military path and instead of given him love and attention, had merely showered him with riches. When the time came and the great purges began within Capitol the great families fell, some pledged their support to the new Empress, some refused and fought for Garrens old system. Raxis himself assisted to purge his own family, refusing Inaras rein they helped those loyal to Garren fight back, commando forces led by Raxis stormed the family palace and in a single night butchered most of his family, including his own parents. Firmly believing in his cause with passion he then pledged his family and house to Inara. Who rewarded him with extended command promotions. Raxis was then sent to Tau Volaris during the Uprising campaign to assist in defending the world against the allies, and along with the paradox forces and the other forces caused massive casualties to the allied forces. While Tau Volaris was lost and Raxis pulled back under orders Inara promoted him to Grand Admiral, admiring the sacrifices he had made for the cause of the people. Now Garren personally oversees the invasion of Alpha Ceti, after helping organise and plan the initial strikes of the 2nd Ancerious war.

Raxis Ortagian and Capitol belong to me :iconemperormyric:

Awesome drawing done by :iconsorteagan: please check him out!

Coloured by me :iconemperormyric:

War of Faith (Eos War) Infographic by EmperorMyric
War of Faith (Eos War) Infographic
"If Ambrosius was the epitome of how not to fight a battle, then this was the epitome of how not to fight a war..." Union Historian.


The War of Faith as its often referred was a religious war between the Kingdom of Trinova and the Eos Consortium. Rejecting the notion of another faith Eos initiated a crusade against the kingdom, resulting in the total glassing of the Alacon system in Trinovan space, and the destruction of the force stationed there. Petitioning to the Union for aid, seeing as the Eosians had indeed raided a Union system as well, the Union agreed to aid Trinova with R&D on Eosian wave weapons, and finding some sort of counter against such. With the alliance with the Nucleans and Dominion Trinova had its two allies enter the war, with the Nucleans making a massive strike with their main fleet into the Great Eye system to destroy Eos capital in one strike. However without proper intelligence their forces discovered their capital was in fact a mobile battle-station. Not only did the Eosians win with an inferior size force but they managed to severely damage the Nuclean matterforge and wipe out the majority of their forces, making the Nucleans withdraw with minimal losses. The Nucleans then proposed for a joint attack with Trinova, on the two ship yard systems of the Consortium. Managing to destroy one with success the second was engaged by the matterforge. Using it as a trap to draw out the Eosian main fleet they didnt account for the Consortium's resourcefulness. The trap was sprung too late, with the Trinovan and Nuclean reinforcements arriving to watch the matterforge be destroyed the Eosians sacrificing their own system to a black hole to destroy it. With moral heavily hit they withdrew. The war entered a more aggressive stage with the Eosians raiding Trinovan worlds, forcing the Trinovan command to initiate a withdraw from the galaxy. Covered by their two allies they managed to hold back the Eosian forces to send the refugees home through their quantum gate. However a massive unknown power fluctuation caused the gate to fail and explode, stranding the Trinovan forces in the galaxy. With the remains of Trinova being ruled over by the Dominion and the Nucleans and Eosians turned their attention to other projects, with the 2nd Ancerious war beginning not long after the war 'unofficially' ended and the 2AW began with both sides once again facing off.

Details and Major battles:

The Battle of the Great Eye:
A Confrontation of Beliefs Part 1:
War of Faith: Assault on the Great Eye by EmperorMyric
War of Faith: Clash of the Titans by EmperorMyric

The Battle of Tasteel and Anokan:
A Confrontation of Beliefs part 2:
War of Faith: Death Of The Matterforge by EmperorMyric

Rearguard Action to Protect the Kingdom:
War of Faith: Rearguard Action by EmperorMyric
Trinovan Egress Part I
Trinovan Egress Part 2
Trinovan Egress Part 3

With the outcome being the Trinovan Kingdom leaving the galaxy and many military victories for the Consortium many deem it to be a loss for the allied forces. With such losses sustained in Alacon, Tasteel and the Great Eye system the Eosians had the upper hand, then going on to drive home attacks on Trinovan systems and force their withdrawl and eventually their partial destruction with the remnants being integrated into their allied empires. However some also argue that because the Nucleans never surrendered or were destroyed it wasn't a total victory, and with the Dominion entering at the latter stages of the conflict it could of swayed either way. However the general consensus is a victory for the Eos Consortium, be it minor or major is still debated on.

All factions belong to their respective owners

Part of the slow write up/representation of conflicts in :iconancerious-galactic:
War of Faith: Death Of The Matterforge by EmperorMyric
War of Faith: Death Of The Matterforge
"Even the mightiest heretics fall before us..." High Exemplar Lastrus.

Death of the Matterforge:

The final showdown of the two titanic stations, the Matterforge is engaged by the Great Eye at range some way away. Charging its main gun and taking heavy fire the Great Eye unleashes its energy as a searing beam, destroying the front of the giant station and reducing it to an essential hulk, before finally retreating from its own heavy damage, having lost one of its arms and a great deal of hull integrity. In return for this the Eosians lost their shipyards and their own system, using their own singularity drives to destroy the matterforges remains before the black holes wreaked havoc on the system.

For :iconemperormyric:


EmperorMyric's Profile Picture
Myric Allen
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
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Icon made by: :iconryzakier: Please check her out!

Hello! My name is Myric, im 19 and from the good old United Kingdom. I am currently creating my own Sci Fi universe to turn into a game or series some day and use all sorts of art to get it on paper. I enjoy talking to everyone and making new freinds. I appreicate feedback on my work and will happily respond to any questions or even if you want me to give opinions on your own work :)

People I also known in real life:


What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
Hosted By Anime

I also play 40k and have many armies

Space marines (Golden Angels chapter using blood angel rules): 30,000 points (approx)
Tyranids Hive fleet Scyla: 10,000
Orks Bad Moons: 3000
Slaanesh demons: 3000
dark eldar: 7000
Eldar: 8000
Imperial Guard: 4000
Grey Knights: 4000
Necrons: 2000

so yer if you need any information or just wanna talk please do, i endevour to reply to all comments!

Current Residence: Yeovil (hell)
Favourite genre of music: any but i LOVE two steps from hell
Favourite style of art: manga/photoshop
Operating System: windows 7
Shell of choice: Quantum-Ferro-Uranite armour peicing tipped
Favourite cartoon character: Thor
Personal Quote: “I am Myric, Emperor of the Union of Worlds. At my command are over 2000 races each with its own military and space force that numbers in the millions. Included in this are infantry, tanks, artillery, specialised forces, air power, battle suits, colossi and many other amazing war machines. I have fought in countless wars which are so hideous you would lose your mind, and I have won against the very forces of darkness themselves, I am an Angel of the Universe and can destroy empires with but the merest flex of my mind, I command another 9 such beings each gifted with powers beyond your imagination, not including my other officers with some even equal strength. You wish to make war against me? Come; let me teach you the error of your decision”

Next up for Union infantry do I do: 

14 deviants said Heavy Infantry (Heavy Power armour)
10 deviants said Advanced Infantry (such as Special ops, Alphas, Snipers etc.)
6 deviants said Advanced Weaponry (Exotic weapons and heavier gear)
5 deviants said Ranking (from Solider through to General)


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