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The Union of Worlds stands tall and none will oppose the keepers of PEACE!



Oct 25, 2014
5:39 am
Oct 25, 2014
5:25 am
Oct 24, 2014
8:51 pm
Oct 24, 2014
8:25 pm
Oct 24, 2014
7:50 pm

Union members and allies

Member races of the Union:

Humans: Intergral members of the Union
Skia (Shadows) technically a member though more complex
Cylaurians: Intergral members of the Union
Godoroks :iconazgoroth216: Official members
Violar: Intergral members of the Union
Nakai: Anceints technically members/Allies (CURRENTLY REBELLING)
Rhinos :iconpaintdrawer: elite faction
Jorgal: Member faction
Elysian: Member faction
NUSSR :icontoravich12: Ally

:iconmijity: Wolf and Sicarii Order
:iconaltairflame: Himself
:icontenebraesrising: Tenebrae Collective
:iconjudgementnollid: Mars Empire
:iconthe-port-of-riches: ICS
:iconsoundwave3591: Spartan Empire
:iconrailmachanic: Railinea
:iconcrystalnexus: The Nex
:iconthekorpsofkrieg: Templars
:icontarget21: IRS
:iconchimerasblood: Chimera
:iconcommodorehorton: Flux Ascendancy
:icondaniellandrom: Carnaith
:iconsartanis: Vitasi Hive Mind
:iconwyvern-1: Ostech Combine
:iconvoughtvindicator: Hjermsdclare
:iconlordnagaetros: The Drakes
:iconjb1992: Eramon Empire
:iconmeowmeowmeow21: Trinova

Please check them all out!

If you are not on here and you should be please let me know

What race would you like me to develop more on? 

5 deviants said Unnamed Empire (Unknown species)
3 deviants said Draken
1 deviant said Humans
1 deviant said Nakai
1 deviant said Skia
1 deviant said Cylaurians
1 deviant said Violar
1 deviant said Eos
No deviants said Jorgal
No deviants said Elysian


Discharged :)

Sun Oct 12, 2014, 9:47 AM
WOOOO im free!

All scans etc. came back fine and clear. Was discharged today at 2pm however I am happy to leave, I was starting to go crazy being cramped in a room not allowed to go...

However I am bloody tired and my back is sore, I had a spinal tap where they stick a needle into your spine and take some spinal fluid. And well... that was an intresting sensation even with anesthetic thats for sure XD not something I would do again.

But well ive been told to rest for a few days and I intend to do so.

At least im well and free again thanks for all the messages and concern guys :) Nice to know I have good freinds!

Myric signing off

  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: Nightcore Monster
  • Reading: Battlefleet Gothic
  • Watching: Cowboy Bebop
  • Playing: Wargame Red Dragon
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Blackcurrant


Union Sprite sheet WIP by EmperorMyric
Union Sprite sheet WIP
Description later, all the Unions ground forces.

This is a new Updated sheet showing all the new Union sprites, it is a heavy WIP with more vehicles, mechs and infantry to be added.

All belongs to :iconemperormyric:

Credit to :iconblastwaves: for minor parts and odds and ends :)

Copying or usage is forbidden.
Oblivion UOW Ultra Heavy artillery by EmperorMyric
Oblivion UOW Ultra Heavy artillery
Oblivion Union of Worlds Ultra Heavy Artillery


Fairly rare and not often seen outside of dedicated artillery companies the Oblivion is the largest artillery the Union can deploy outside of the Colossi maniples and orbital strikes for star ships. The Oblivion was designed to combat the massive swarms of creatures in the Draken war and so its designers turned to the Achilles land fortress for the base. Deeming one massive gun was not enough they decided to give it 3 smaller guns which acted as rapid fire artillery. These guns are by no means small. Huge barrels which rotate denote the Oblivion as a devastating piece of gear and when at full fire rate entire armies will disappear under a relentless hail of heavy shells. Even Colossi struggle under this barrage and when a siege breaker is needed or a stalemate must be broken, Or if the Unions strength must be shown in firepower the Oblivion is always deployed to the field.


Armament wise the Oblivion mounts 3 650mm cannons in a rotating mount, these spin to create its high Rate of fire of around 3 shells a minute, for such a heavy artillery piece this is a high RoF. Nano assemblers and void cooling stop the Oblivion from needing ammo of cooling time but take up most of the tank itself. As secondary armaments the Oblivion is still incredibly powerful and a direct assault would be suicide, retaining most of the weapon systems used on the Achilles the Oblivion mounts 2 155mm rail cannons. It also mounts 8 cascade cannons for all round infantry defence, making the Oblivion still a fortress.

Defensive measures and armour wise the Oblivion is a fortress. Able to withstand huge amounts of fire and still work the Oblivions main armour is 400mm thick quantum ceramic plate, this allows the tank to wither shaped charge, sabot rounds, lasers, plasma and other more exotic types of weapon. Auto reactive armour and RPG cages can also be attached is necessary. All round the Fortress as well are emplacements of Frag launchers, these functions as two different abilities. The first is when the Fortress detects missiles or incoming objects and fires a frag cloud into the object to cause it to either explode prematurely or to be destroyed, rendering missiles and rockets useless against Oblivion. The second use is that these can affect infantry who approach the tank to attach grenades or other close combat AT weapons. The Oblivion also mounts a mark 3 Shield generator for defensive purposes.

Electronic abilities wise the Oblivion carries a AI capable of taking over much of the tanks systems if an emergency is called for, it also allows rapid lock on full spectrum sensor suite detection and also an enemy lock warning system. The Oblivion also mounts an AI which is able to assist gun firing and lock on meaning set up time is only around 15 minutes, it can also make the gun full auto if nessecary.

Speed wise The Oblivion is incredibly slow, only able to muster around 12 MPH on land and rough terrain is even slower, Due to its bulk the Oblivion usually has to ford rivers though this generally isn’t a problem.


Plasma Destroyer Variant: Trading the Triple 650mm cannons with a much shorter range Plasma Howitzer this variant is more suited to destroying other Ultra heavies or Colossi from range. Due to the power of this weapons most shields are often overloaded and armour melted by the blast meaning cover from the weapon is also useless. Though rarely seen these are also found in dedicated Artillery companies or in Anti Colossi companies.

AOBM variant: Trading the triple 650mm cannons for MRLS variant with 4 launch tubes is designed to either provide anti orbital support or to deploy a WMD. Either carrying a Anti Orbital Ballistic Missile to destroy anything up to a cruiser in one shot or a Plasma coil or thermo nuke for long range destruction this variant is one associated with utter destruction.

Comments and questions welcome

belongs to me :iconemperormyric:
Have you met my boyfriends...? by EmperorMyric
Have you met my boyfriends...?
"Nice to meet you... However have you met my boyfriends per chance...?"


Little peice I put together my for epic girlfreind :iconvampscarlet: Of her OC vamp with Emperor Myric and Sotek, being introduced some some random character, bound to give them a fright XD

But yea quite pleased with it, might colour it too :p

Vamp: :iconvampscarlet:

Myric and Sotek: :iconemperormyric:
New Capitol ships WIP by EmperorMyric
New Capitol ships WIP

More info and ships to come :)

Capitol belongs to me :iconemperormyric:

Trident class done by :iconjb1992:
++CLASSIFIED++ Legio Spectra by EmperorMyric
++CLASSIFIED++ Legio Spectra

The Legio Spectra are but a myth, and a dark one at that. The Union of Worlds strives for peace however the means to get to that peace are varied. It fights against the darkness but sometimes, you must use the very power you wish to destroy to do so. The Legio Spectra are an establishment due to this theory. Unlike say the 13th Legion which some say is a unnecessary evil the Legio Spectra are more refined. Only known about by high command, the Angels and the Emperor himself the Legio Spectra are so secretive nobody in the Union of Worlds knows about their existence, and none of its allies are even aware such a unit exists. Only speculative reports tell of silent warriors appearing from nowhere to destroy and kill entire enemy platoons of elite troops without breaking a stride, or the leader of an enemy force disappearing without a trace.


Background: Spectra Legionaries are some of the best and brightest the Union has to offer. Founded in the days of the Draken war along with the Angel Guard the Angel Guard used the DNA of the angels to attain some of their power, while nowhere near as strong the Angel Guard could still take on legions of enemies, and control powers well beyond the realms of human understanding. 300 of these were created and they inspired and fought alongside the men and women of the Union. Little did they know another project was under-way, a project which mirrored the Angel Guard project. Dubbed the 'Rainbow Warriors' or Legio Spectra these men and women were picked for their fighting prowess and sheer loyalty to the Union cause. Instead of being given samples of the Angel gene they were given the genetics of a far darker power. The Emperor himself purposefully tracked down his arch enemy Sotek and fought him for a day and a night in order to get a sample of his skin. Once acquired the Union and Nakai scientists on the team managed to implant such into the legionaries. The initial tests failed horrifically. With the test subjects turning into mindless horrors of half demon half human, however after some modification by the Nakai the gene was stabilised and the Legionnaires survived their transformations.


Capabilities and appearance: The Spectra Legionnaires came out of their transformations changed like their Angel Guard brethren, taller more muscular and with abilities matching their brother order. However, beyond this they were quite different, they had piercing yellow and red eyes, their skin was a milky light green and a dread aura surrounded them. They were however without the demonic wings and horns of their progenitor after these were screened out. The Legionnaires were then gifted advanced battlesuits, unlike their Angel Guard siblings whose armour shone gold and was meant to inspire these battlesuits were black, with no markings save a slight blue glow from various apparatus. These battlesuits enhanced the wearers strength as well as sharpened the senses and have all sorts of tools, technology and weapons to bear, but exactly what is classified. Spectra operatives tend to personalise their suits with extra gear or markings but either way this is not stopped. For abilities the Spectra operatives can literally manipulate darkness, moving from one shadow to another, fire bolts of unlight into tanks and infantry alike and also rip the life force out of beings they encounter. Along with this they come up as blank on all sensors, and the extent of their inability to be found has led some of high command to think their abilities and technology they use to be almost magical though this is not the case. Due to their super human nature a Legionnaire is on par with an Angel Guard and can easily take down entire companies of soldiers and platoons of elite guards using just their bare hands however, that is rarely the case of what they are armed with.


Organisation: There are around 240 Legionnaires under Union command and these Legionnaires answer directly to the Emperor himself, as well as the Angels. Their presence is disliked by most but they are seen as a necessary evil. Deployed only when direly needed, they typically are deployed to assassinate prime targets like rebels or enemy empire high ups. And if needed to reinforce key worlds by destroying the enemy presence there. Legionnaires typically work alone and nobody has ever seen or heard one speak. They do not interact with the Union forces they help or their commanders in anyway shape or form and stay well away from being seen. However to use such incredibly dark people in their game is a testament to the Union, for not a single operative has turned from the Unions light. And very recently they were reunited with their progenitor Sotek, who merely laughed at the Emperor for their creation and called him 'The biggest hypocrite of all time' Though Sotek has now taken the role of their commander.

(OOC notes none of the Unions allies know of the Spectra operatives and doubtful to ever know, not even the Union knows mostly of their existence)

Legion Spectra belong to me :iconemperormyric:



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Myric Allen
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
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Hello! My name is Myric, im 19 and from the good old United Kingdom. I am currently creating my own Sci Fi universe to turn into a game or series some day and use all sorts of art to get it on paper. I enjoy talking to everyone and making new freinds. I appreicate feedback on my work and will happily respond to any questions or even if you want me to give opinions on your own work :)

People I also known in real life:


What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
Hosted By Anime

I also play 40k and have many armies

Space marines (Golden Angels chapter using blood angel rules): 30,000 points (approx)
Tyranids Hive fleet Scyla: 10,000
Orks Bad Moons: 3000
Slaanesh demons: 3000
dark eldar: 7000
Eldar: 8000
Imperial Guard: 4000
Grey Knights: 4000
Necrons: 2000

so yer if you need any information or just wanna talk please do, i endevour to reply to all comments!

Current Residence: Yeovil (hell)
Favourite genre of music: any but i LOVE two steps from hell
Favourite style of art: manga/photoshop
Operating System: windows 7
Shell of choice: Quantum-Ferro-Uranite armour peicing tipped
Favourite cartoon character: Thor
Personal Quote: “I am Myric, Emperor of the Union of Worlds. At my command are over 2000 races each with its own military and space force that numbers in the millions. Included in this are infantry, tanks, artillery, specialised forces, air power, battle suits, colossi and many other amazing war machines. I have fought in countless wars which are so hideous you would lose your mind, and I have won against the very forces of darkness themselves, I am an Angel of the Universe and can destroy empires with but the merest flex of my mind, I command another 9 such beings each gifted with powers beyond your imagination, not including my other officers with some even equal strength. You wish to make war against me? Come; let me teach you the error of your decision”

Commisions,Art trades etc...


What race would you like me to develop more on? 

5 deviants said Unnamed Empire (Unknown species)
3 deviants said Draken
1 deviant said Humans
1 deviant said Nakai
1 deviant said Skia
1 deviant said Cylaurians
1 deviant said Violar
1 deviant said Eos
No deviants said Jorgal
No deviants said Elysian

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Sir, I have a issue to address about the map.
Sun Oct 5, 2014, 12:15 PM
I found out what these damn crystals are! It's that crp called Tiberium. I'll send a link for it's effects.
Sat Jul 26, 2014, 9:23 AM
yep though not having a good time in RL currently
Thu Feb 20, 2014, 4:46 AM
Hello? anyone here?
Wed Feb 19, 2014, 3:58 PM
when one evil falls another will take it's place this is the truth of all things.
Sat Feb 15, 2014, 10:39 AM
Wed Dec 25, 2013, 8:25 AM
Hey, anybody home?
Tue Dec 24, 2013, 8:10 AM
I have been fine! alot has happened since we last talked XD
Tue Dec 3, 2013, 7:41 AM
How have you been?! :D
Mon Dec 2, 2013, 2:14 PM
Fri Nov 15, 2013, 3:37 AM


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