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The Union of Worlds stands tall and none will oppose the keepers of PEACE!




I do commissions and will have up to 5 at a time. To inquire about Commissions drop me a note :)

1. :icondrakenhothrepublik: Celestial infantry, Celestial troop transport, OC photoshop peice, Photoshop scene of chakrha forest. 50% Done

2. :icontenebraesrising: Tenebrae Infantry Squad




Military Sprites

I will do any sort of military sprite work and the prices etc. will be shown below

Infantry: Infantry will be £0.50 for an infantryman, typically a squad with troopers, special/heavy weapons and a sergeant/coms guys is 10 men so would be around £2.50 on average. I may do more depending on what I am asked but the typical result will be something like this:
Union Infantry WIP by EmperorMyric

Tanks, Vehicles and aircraft: Tanks, aircraft and vehicles will be around £1 each plus 50p for each variant of the vehicle/tank you want done.
Seraphim and variants Union MBT by EmperorMyric

Super Heavys/Large vehicles/massive aircraft: these will be around £5 plus an extra £3 for each variant you want done (these typically take the most time, this may also vary with the comission)
Achilles Super Heavy Tank by EmperorMyric

Colossi and other super massive stuff: This cant really be priced its going to have to be negotiated over the note depending on what wants to be done.

Ships: Space craft will be around 50p for escort sized ships to £4.50 for Cruiser sized, price will be negotiated for anything larger but super dreadnoughts+ will be £9+ Once again additional variants will cost extra.
Dart Class And Variants by EmperorMyric

Tech sheets: These will take sometime and require me to have somewhat detailed information on your weapon system, plus a few images of it (making images for it will cost extra) these will start at around £8+ and depend mostly on what exactly you want done.
Union Shields by EmperorMyric

Sketches and Drawn work


Character drawings: £1+
Autarch Ayman of the IRS by EmperorMyric

Multi character drawings: £1+ £1 for each additional character
Welcome To My World by EmperorMyric

Properly Drawn character/object: £5+
Emperor Myric by EmperorMyric

Photoshopped character/Object: £9+
Kennedia Lucrene Yteran captain by EmperorMyric

Hope to here from you all :)


Jul 6, 2015
9:13 am
Jul 6, 2015
6:48 am
Jul 6, 2015
5:36 am
Jul 5, 2015
9:00 pm
Jul 5, 2015
2:38 pm

Union members and allies


Member races of the Union:

:iconmijity: Wolf and Sicarii Order :iconaltairflame: Himself
:icontenebraesrising: Tenebrae Collective :iconjudgementnollid: Mars Empire
:iconthe-port-of-riches: ICS :iconsoundwave3591: Spartan Empire
:iconrailmachanic: Railinea :iconcrystalnexus: The Nex
:iconthekorpsofkrieg: Templars :icontarget21: IRS
:iconchimerasblood: Chimera :iconcommodorehorton: Flux Ascendancy
:icondaniellandrom: Carnaith :iconsartanis: Vitasi Hive Mind
:iconwyvern-1: Ostech Combine :iconvoughtvindicator: Hjermsdclare
:iconlordnagaetros: The Drakes :iconjb1992: Eramon Empire
:iconmadcomm: 7th Legion :iconmendeddragon: USM
:icontoravich12: NUSSR :iconthewolfdragon21: Skinwalkers
:iconthewornwanderer: Ye'Tule Pack :icongmw180: Nucleans
:iconalttraran: Alterean Dominion

Please check them all out!
If you are not on here and you should be please let me know

Next up for Union infantry do I do: 

11 deviants said Heavy Infantry (Heavy Power armour)
6 deviants said Advanced Weaponry (Exotic weapons and heavier gear)
3 deviants said Advanced Infantry (such as Special ops, Alphas, Snipers etc.)
1 deviant said Ranking (from Solider through to General)


<3 aahh you actually read it /)////(\
Mon May 25, 2015, 2:25 PM
Love <3
Mon May 25, 2015, 11:02 AM
:heart: love
Sat May 23, 2015, 12:36 PM
Happy Birthday!
Sun Feb 15, 2015, 11:21 AM
Wed Feb 11, 2015, 12:54 AM
Got something for you later
Thu Dec 4, 2014, 7:50 AM
Thu Nov 27, 2014, 1:24 PM
Sir, I have a issue to address about the map.
Sun Oct 5, 2014, 12:15 PM
I found out what these damn crystals are! It's that crp called Tiberium. I'll send a link for it's effects.
Sat Jul 26, 2014, 9:23 AM
yep though not having a good time in RL currently
Thu Feb 20, 2014, 4:46 AM

Journal History

Updates and im still alive

Sat Jun 20, 2015, 2:28 PM
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Nightcore Clarity
  • Reading: Death of Antogonis
  • Watching: Random Documentaries
  • Playing: War Thunder
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Blackcurrant
Hey all been a while since I did a proper journal.

Its been pretty hectic lately, finishing off my college course and the fact I now have a part time job means I don't get quite as much free time as I like, however from next week on I should be pretty free thanks to college being done. 

I overall am doing ok, had some shit go down and got a bit overwhelmed by the amount of things I had to do, but I have a goal now and I just have to work towards it.

I have a wide amount of art on the go at the moment, including Union civilians WIP, Union heavy power armour and infantry stuff and I will soon be overhauling the entire Union Navy Core star ships to newer, more detailed and cooler sprites. 

I also am working on things for other people and Ancerious and have a list of stuff I owe to peoplez:

DHR heavy power armour: :icondrakenhothrepublik:

Tenebrae Infantry squad: :icontenebraesrising:

Ye'Tulen Ripper: :iconthewornwanderer:

Surprise character: :iconluckymarine577:

And a wide variety of starship designs for everyone in Ancerious who dosent have a drawn fleet/capacity to draw such :)

Anyway expect more stuff to be uploaded and for me to be more active soon :)

EmperorMyric Signing off


Hold Them Back! by EmperorMyric
Hold Them Back!
"Irvil we have to charge now! If we don't we wont have much of a fleet left to command! I am loosing more ships by the minute here, we are causing significant damage but that super dreadnought needs to be destroyed or crippled!" Union Fleet Captain James Clark to Minevan Fleet Captain Irvil during the Battle of Alpha Ceti

The battle of Alpha Ceti rages on, with the sledgehammer strike from the Capitol and Justicar fleets the allied forces of the Union, USM and Kalaedans are almost swept aside, massive losses on the side of the allies as the Justicar and Capitol fleets execute a pincer movement to encircle and destroy the allies with the help of the Capitol Super Dreadnought, also destroying some of the planets defense grid to make way for the first wave of APP landings.

Enjoy :)
Eosian Positions by EmperorMyric
Eosian Positions
"My brothers! Sisters! The heathens have brought forth our retribution this day! They believe that they can destroy us! To strike down our faith and our people! This I vow! We will shatter their hopes! And decimate their forces! Tear down the false idols they think are gods in Eos name! We will strike, with one hand, with one faith! And as we march together under his enduring gaze, he will find us worthy! We will fight in his hallowed name! Until the end of days where we help throw down his fallen brothers! Eos guides our spirits! We cannot loose this day! Ready your weapons and steel your hearts my brothers and sisters for war awaits!" Eos Exemplar Dalvar to the Eosian Interdiction cadre.

A Recknoner self propelled point wave artillery unit slides into position ready to provide fire support to the Eosian elements now taking up positions in objective Alpha, a small infantry detatchment being assigned to guard them as Retributor gunships fly overhead to support other allied elements on the left flank.

Part of an OOC battle ;)

Eos belongs to me :iconemperormyric:
Eos Infantry by EmperorMyric
Eos Infantry
Eos Paladin:

"Praise be his name, let his gaze guide my aim, and his wrath strike my enemies. Hallowed is thee, Eos" Eos Paladin battlechant.

Eos Paladins are the basic ground forces and infantry of the Eos Consortium, put into interdiction cadres where they will then engage heretic ground forces they specialise in close range warfare. Equipped with Eosian plate armour this armour while enough to stop some small arms is not on par with other armours and is more for ornamentation than anything else, however the faceplate incorporates a HUD to aim targetting and information flow. They also carry an Eos precision beam rifles, capable of punching holes in heavy armour however isnt very long ranged. They also come equipped with Eos wave grenades, powerful explosive devices which explode in massive kinetic waves much like their starship weapon capable of pulverising both infantry and buildings alike. These troops are fanatical in their devotion and will rather fight to the death tooth and nail than withdraw.

Eos Confessor:

"By the Emperor one minute we were waiting for the enemy the next minute they materialise in front of us, they used those powerful wave rifles to just crush our squad in moments, if it wasnt for our Skia support we would of been destroyed... Those shock troops are rightfully to be feared" Union infantryman encountering Eos Confessors on Joronas.

Eos Confessors are one of the Consortiums many shock troops. Excelling in close quarter combat these troops while slightly more armoured are equipped with a minature version of the Eos point jump FTL system. This can be used in either two ways, the first is passive jumps which will allow the user to jump say to the other side of a wall to engage enemies, these small scale jumps can be safely calculated without incident however the second mode is a long range jump of up to 20 meters. These parameters however make the jumps somewhat unsafe, some do not appear or appear amalgamated inside of terrain or even enemies. However are perfect for shock assaults, these jump drives have a charge of a few minutes and up to 30 jumps thanks to Eos impressive energy production technology. Armed with point wave assault rifles these weapons fire a focused burst much like the grenades which at close range is practically a death sentence to even heavy infantry or huge damage to vehicles, the further the distance away the less the affect becomes while they are very very close range almost like shotguns. Confessors are also fanatical in their cause and will never back down from a situation and can be heard shouting litanies of Eos while conducting battle.

Eos Crusader:

"The time for subtlety in removing these heretics is over. Time to bring forth the torch. Send in the Crusaders" Eos Exemplar

Eos Crusaders are the heaviest of the Eosian ground forces. With heavier armour the Crusader infantry can withstand more fire than normal and in this situation has a personal shield generator, while not very powerful it can save them from heavy fire for a few seconds or more. Allowing the Crusaders to close with the enemy where their heavy wave cannons can be used to destroy enemy units, with some carrying portable point wave mortars to act as fire support. The Crusaders are typically very stern, and will not take prisoners, killing men women or children if necessary in the will of Eos.

Designs by :iconvoughtvindicator:

Colour and Eos done and belong to me :iconemperormyric:
The Eostine:

What is the Eostine?

The Eostine is the official and primary faith of the entire Eos Consortium. It is based in its belief that Eos is the divine creator of the universe and that the Eos Consortium are his chosen children. Laid out In the 5 tomes of Eostine is the chronicled history of Eos and the commandments to his children.

What are the primary teachings?

The Eostine teachings say that Eos created the universe and filled it with life. However Eos was just one of many brothers, and when they found out what he had done they cast him from the heavens and denounced him as fallen. These corrupted and jealous brothers wished to see Eos exiled but instead he created the Eosians to be his children, culturing them and breathing wisdom into their hearts. He shaped the Eosians and walked among them teaching them how to create beautiful architecture, how to farm, how to wage war, how to create energy and much more. He took the head of his children and taught them well, setting in place the religious orders of the Exemplars and the clergy, watching and helping them expand to the stars to become a mighty empire. Any other race or empire the Eosians came across were to either converted to their belief or exterminated in fire. As Eos commanded any who did not follow the Eostine were merely tests to overcome. However one day Eos decreed that he must return to his domain in the heavens to fight his brothers and restore the light to the universe, the Eosians pleaded to help aid him but he decreed they were not yet ready. He would come back to them in the end of days when they were worthy, where he would then lead them to victory against the fallen brothers. He took his knowledge and decrees and wrote the 5 tomes of the Eostine, 1 for the history, 1 for his decrees and 3 for his knowledge with each tome being impossibly large. And with that he departed.

Now the Consortium has a mandate to convert or kill any non Eosian species and deems them to be tests to be overcome. It also teaches that Eosians are perfect, any so their race has not evolved or changed in millions of years since its creation.

Religious practices

The Eostine dictates that prayer be undertaken to Eos at least 5 times a day, two in the morning, one exactly mid-day and two in the evening. The one at mid-day preferably should be at an Eosian religious cathedral however it is understood if they cannot when there is none around. Soldiers as well must fight with various mantras on their lips and Eosians are known to tattoo specific mantras onto their skin from the Eostine tomes. Eosians also eat only once a day in the form of the Eos sustenance the mysterious blue liquid that their race seems to survive on in a ritualistic fashion which either takes place with their families, prayer groups or in the military bonded squads. Blood sacrifice in the name of Eos also takes place but only when the blood spilled is heathen in origin, for an Eosian to spill another Eosians blood is of the highest sacrilege and the Eosian in question to be tortured to death for their transgression. Internal deviation from the Eostine is also met as heretical and those involved put to death, the instance of the War of Faith the Eos civil war which happened a few thousand years ago was when two sects of the faith, one faithful devotees to the old ways and the other a new radical sect which pronounced that Eos was not a god and instead a powerful being who deserved not worship but respect. The war lasted several decades with horrific losses on either side, until the loyalists developed Eosian interdiction technology and was able to stop the radical hit and run attacks and destroy their radicals completely. Those that spoke this heresy were hunted down and immolated, every man women and child.

The Truth
(The following is considered OOC canon and there is no way any faction currently in Anc would know about this)

Unbeknownst to the Eosians Eos wasn’t in fact a god. He was a Nakai general. During the Nakai height of their empire their greatest general Eos who commanded the Geniocracys armies was undefeated by any foe. He grew too complacent with his own abilities and attempted a coup against the ascended council thinking he was undefeatable. He was in fact defeated by He’Rious of the Nakai and he was exiled from that dimension. Eos and his ship found a primitive species on a desert planet and using his advanced knowledge of genetic engineering turned the race into the Eosians. Still convinced of his own power he inducted them so that they worshipped him as a god, using his skills and technology to accelerate their races evolution and construction artificially by thousands of years. Helping them reach the stars and more. However after learning of the Draken invasion Eos decided that his people needed him, leaving the Consortium as they were in an attempt to keep them back as potential reinforcements he returned to the Nakai, and subsequently died in the war fighting back the Draken at the Oblivion gates to buy his peoples remnants time to escape into their pocket dimension, unable to contact his children Eos fell that day.

And now the Eosians continue to prepare themselves for a war that will never come, for a god who never was a god and for a cause that is as hollow as the wind.
The Eostine: Faith of the Eos Consortium
The Faith of the Eos Consortium explained as well as some history about the Eosians themselves.

Eos Consortium and Nakai belong to :iconemperormyric:
Eosian Thunder by EmperorMyric
Eosian Thunder
""Praise be to Eos this day! The Heathens wish to make war with those who are blessed in his name! Let us fight my brothers and sisters to a greater tomorrow!" Exemplar Dalvar to the ground units of the His divine hand Interdiction cadre.

Eosian Vigilance MBTs roll out across the savannah plains towards objective Alpha and the woods beyond.

Just a small image from a OOC RP between me and some others in Ancerious to help teach :)

Turned out pretty good I think!

Hope you like!

Eos belongs to me :iconemperormyric:


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Myric Allen
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
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Icon made by: :iconchimerasblood: Please check her out!

Hello! My name is Myric, im 19 and from the good old United Kingdom. I am currently creating my own Sci Fi universe to turn into a game or series some day and use all sorts of art to get it on paper. I enjoy talking to everyone and making new freinds. I appreicate feedback on my work and will happily respond to any questions or even if you want me to give opinions on your own work :)

People I also known in real life:


What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
Hosted By Anime

I also play 40k and have many armies

Space marines (Golden Angels chapter using blood angel rules): 30,000 points (approx)
Tyranids Hive fleet Scyla: 10,000
Orks Bad Moons: 3000
Slaanesh demons: 3000
dark eldar: 7000
Eldar: 8000
Imperial Guard: 4000
Grey Knights: 4000
Necrons: 2000

so yer if you need any information or just wanna talk please do, i endevour to reply to all comments!

Current Residence: Yeovil (hell)
Favourite genre of music: any but i LOVE two steps from hell
Favourite style of art: manga/photoshop
Operating System: windows 7
Shell of choice: Quantum-Ferro-Uranite armour peicing tipped
Favourite cartoon character: Thor
Personal Quote: “I am Myric, Emperor of the Union of Worlds. At my command are over 2000 races each with its own military and space force that numbers in the millions. Included in this are infantry, tanks, artillery, specialised forces, air power, battle suits, colossi and many other amazing war machines. I have fought in countless wars which are so hideous you would lose your mind, and I have won against the very forces of darkness themselves, I am an Angel of the Universe and can destroy empires with but the merest flex of my mind, I command another 9 such beings each gifted with powers beyond your imagination, not including my other officers with some even equal strength. You wish to make war against me? Come; let me teach you the error of your decision”

Next up for Union infantry do I do: 

11 deviants said Heavy Infantry (Heavy Power armour)
6 deviants said Advanced Weaponry (Exotic weapons and heavier gear)
3 deviants said Advanced Infantry (such as Special ops, Alphas, Snipers etc.)
1 deviant said Ranking (from Solider through to General)


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