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The Union of Worlds stands tall and none will oppose the keepers of PEACE!




Mar 29, 2015
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Union members and allies

Member races of the Union:

Humans: Intergral members of the Union
Skia (Shadows) technically a member though more complex
Cylaurians: Intergral members of the Union
Godoroks :iconazgoroth216: Official members
Violar: Intergral members of the Union
Nakai: Anceints technically members/Allies (CURRENTLY REBELLING)
Rhinos :iconpaintdrawer: elite faction
Jorgal: Member faction
Elysian: Member faction
NUSSR :icontoravich12: Ally

:iconmijity: Wolf and Sicarii Order
:iconaltairflame: Himself
:icontenebraesrising: Tenebrae Collective
:iconjudgementnollid: Mars Empire
:iconthe-port-of-riches: ICS
:iconsoundwave3591: Spartan Empire
:iconrailmachanic: Railinea
:iconcrystalnexus: The Nex
:iconthekorpsofkrieg: Templars
:icontarget21: IRS
:iconchimerasblood: Chimera
:iconcommodorehorton: Flux Ascendancy
:icondaniellandrom: Carnaith
:iconsartanis: Vitasi Hive Mind
:iconwyvern-1: Ostech Combine
:iconvoughtvindicator: Hjermsdclare
:iconlordnagaetros: The Drakes
:iconjb1992: Eramon Empire
:iconmadcomm: 7th Legion
:iconmendeddragon: USM

Please check them all out!

If you are not on here and you should be please let me know

Would you like to see more poems and litarature from me in the next few weeks? 

8 deviants said Both Would be pretty cool
4 deviants said Yes! Litarature! More stories plz
3 deviants said Screw you Myric
No deviants said Poems/Song things plz

Character Quotes:

Mon Mar 2, 2015, 10:57 AM
Hey everyone Im still alive! Just busy with college and other bits. However I thought it would be cool to do a load of quotes taken from my characters, from multiple situations alot I thought up on the spot to do.

So hope you enjoy :)

Emperor Myric:


'I do not respect those who can destroy the darkness. I respect those who can control it. I respect those who face their inner demons and use them, use them to become something greater. We are gifted darkness for a reason, and to use it with the light, to open up the true wonders of creation, the true form of enlightenment' -Emperor Myric to an interviewer


It doesn't interest me the scale of your ability. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool, for love, for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive. -Emperor Myric to another nations leader

'The true Strength of a person is not determined by their strength, their intelligence, or their ability. It is determined by the lives they touch around them and the quality they aspire to give to others' -Emperor Myric in a Union addressment


'The most powerful weapon in mankind’s arsenal is not weapons or armies. It is the smallest ideal to create something greater. The idea that one mind, no matter how small, can change the world' -Emperor Myric in another Union addresment


'When the day is darkest and there is no hope. Create a sanctuary in your mind. A world for you to escape to, create whatever you want there. You are your own god, a world created in this manner can be as real as any reality, with this at your disposal nobody can defeat you. For you and your world will always exist' -Emperor Myric


'I have done many things in my life... helped many billions and made many alliances. I only hope that after I am gone those alliances and many billions will live in peace and harmony, in the world I made for them. My time is nearly over, and I must cement these things for the future' -Emperor Myric to Surak lord of Shadows



The Nakai:


‘You humans are the most intriguing of the species, you are capable of majestic and amazing dreams and acts. And yet you are capable of the most deprived and horrific nightmares. You feel so alone in your existences and seek technological solace rather than look to each other for comfort. To be honest, you are not so different from us after all’ Herious Leader of the Nakai to Emperor Myric


‘The Union will make mistakes Emperor, they will stumble, and someday fall. It’s the way of the universe. We were the same, at our height we bent the very universe to our will, and others believed us to be gods. We made our share of mistakes, created wars over our stubborn nature, created machines that could end reality and created many other horrors that in time will plague creation again. No race is perfect, just because we were the first and the chosen doesn’t mean we are or were infallible. Remember that nothing lasts forever’ Par’Lan Captain of the A’Zores to Emperor Myric.


"When the last of our race passes beyond the veil, and our bones turn to dust. Do not wish us to return, for we are to discover what is beyond life. Honour us in the only way you can, by keeping us in your memories and teaching the ones who will follow on from you. Do not tread the same mistakes we did. I wish you luck, for my time has finally come" - Par'Lan captain of the A'Zores before he and his ship sacrifice themselves in combat


“Power? You know nothing of power until you have witnessed the power to bend reality itself to your will, to blow out stars with the merest gesture and to use power the likes of which scorches creation itself. Do not talk to me about power mortal. My race once ruled creation, and mark my words. We will do so again” Herious leader of the Nakai to a Union commander


The Skia:


“Let me remind you why your races fear the dark….” Kronus second consul of the Skia empire


“You do not understand. And you will never understand. You take your physical bodies for granted, your emotions and your interactions. For us there is not such respite, for you to go back, to sleep, to eat, to relax. Where do we go? To nothingness. That’s where we go, to a void beyond creation trapped forever in the unlight of ascension, denounced to walk this universe as shadows of our former selves. Do not try to understand my people human, for it is beyond your comprehension” Kronus to one of the Grand Council members.


“You think yourself superior to my people? Come bring your armies, I will stand with 5 Skia against whatever you choose to bring and we shall see who is superior” Surak lord of Shadows to a Capitol commander



Empress Duneyer:


“Pain… Do not speak to me about pain. I have endured horrors the likes would drive you to suicide and lost things which people would give all of creation just to experience. I may be the Empress, but I am more human then you think” Empress Duneyer


"You think because I am the Emperors wife I am inferior? I am called the goddess of Fire for a reason insect. You have not only rejected peace and an offer of an alliance but have attacked the Union of Worlds directly. As a result I am forced to destroy you. And to make matters worse you have insulted me. You think you know fury? I am the Emperors wife for a reason. My strength is equalled only by Myric. You wish to test me? I? The Empress of the Union of Worlds? The Fire Queen of Relon Prime? Come, bring your races forward. I will merely challenge you all single handedly. Only then will you know the full fury of a Relonian woman!”


“You want to know just how hot I am? Well they don’t call me the goddess of fire for nothing…” Empress Duneyer


Other Angels:

“The mind is a wonderful a curious machine… Capable of lifting us up to unimaginable ecstasy and then plunging us into the darkest depths of despair. I myself am gifted with control and knowledge of the mind… And yet there is always that tiny thing that always catches you off guard or something new. The mind can never be conquered just like the sea can never be tamed. And that… its why I find it beautiful” Karn Eeling Angel of the Mind


“Life is the essence of what creation was made from, it’s a wondrous thing… When some look up at the empty night sky they feel fear at the unknown, the everlasting darkness. Me? When I look up I see hope and light. For if those stars can exist and shine in the momentous universe, then so too, Can the human race” –Shugo Angel of Life.


“Perfection through strength can never be attained. I have tried my whole life to be stronger to save the ones I love, and I have failed. I watched my family burn in nuclear fire, and I watched friends and love ones die to the horrors of the universe. I have strength beyond any mortal person and yet I too are subject to the whim of the universe, take solace in what you have for it wont last” –Ouka Angel of Air


“Pleasure is a stimulating experience, for you humans it is an epitome of life. But for me… An angel the pleasure is beyond your wildest dreams, humans get addicted to highs. Why should we be any different?” Larissa Angel of Gravity to the Grand Council at her trial.


“I watched them destroy not only my race, but another as well. I watched my wife and child be torn apart by those… monsters. We should exterminate every last one of them from the face of the universe, their race fell for the atrocities they committed and we should be the ones to warrant their final judgement!” Claw Scuthra Angel of Metal after finding out the alliance with the Skia.


“Anyone can change their opinion, it doesn’t mean they have to forgo who they truly are. Life is like the earth, it is steadfast and cannot be overcome easily, holding bulkward against many things in the universe, but so too is it malleable, rock can change and flow to suit new forms just like opinions and minds. People forget that their mind can change, without change we die. So too must people open their minds and accept the wonders of reality” Sebastian Angel of Earth


“Life comes in all shapes and sizes, it is up to us who are more developed to cherish every piece of it regardless of its origin. And educate those less so about the complexity of the universe, after all life can flourish anywhere in the cosmos, and I hope to one day see it all” Reina Angel of Water


“Do not chastise me for my father’s mistakes… I know he created the AI which ravaged earth during the unifications wars but I am not him, I see his mistakes. I have been gifted these powers for a reason, and I intend to not only continue my father’s work into advanced artificial intelligence but also provide my skills into any other technology I can work on” Marlene Angel of Energy


  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Seven Lions Worlds Apart
  • Reading: HH series Damnation of Pythos
  • Watching: Defiance season 2
  • Playing: War Thunder
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Blackcurrant


Histirion Quantum Anomaly by EmperorMyric
Histirion Quantum Anomaly
The hull of the vessel seemed to zoom explosively outward then and the expanded ad infinitum into a gargantuan, labyrinthine, almost interstellar space, and through every vault poured two monstrous arms that make the tryptamine hyperdimension its home. 
The fleshy extremities of what had once been Shifting Mirrors gathered the axiomatic vessels close to the dreadnought, smashing them into a bundle just as the monstrous, indescribable, multi-colored head of the creature surged from the intersection of both arms, its gaping maw closing around the flotilla of Blinkers in a continent-sized spray of demiorganic blood which became the architectonic scaffolding of their Shifting Mirror's multi-dimensional reality. 

"Dixitque quantum universum, fiat electromagnetismus." Shifting Mirrors said, uttering the last two words that would ever be comprehensible to sentient minds.

At this point the overwhelming patterns surpassed anything that was even vaguely possible in the 3-dimensional mundane, constantly accreting into new and variegated forms, ripping in and out of themselves what might be called hyperspherologies of the divine, and to look anywhere was to be shot clean through with scintillating amazement. The crewmembers were unwillingly swept into reality's tesseractal and meticulous implosion upon itself, trying to find any anchor to reality with little to no avail, having found that even the immutable and eternal black star, Histrion, had morphed into the concentric, tensile mandala-like disc around which was centred a labyrinthine expanse of fibrillating antennae, an ultraviolet aura.

All it could do is sit there in awe just as the incalculable bizarreness of the colossal, Boolean contortionist began swirling back into the flash of light from whence it came, dragging along the fields of debris left over from the Blinker flotilla, disappearing in an infinitely thin vortex into the Capitol dreadnought.
The Events of Shifting Mirrors Ascension

Histirion Quantum Anomaly Axiom Incarnate

Histirion once the black star, is now officially a quantum anomaly zone beyond anything previously seen outside of the Golden Expanse. After the Axiom Symbol Shifting Mirrors was gifted the Sword Sofia, an artefact with ties to the Son Of Man she impaled herself and began her ascension to full Axiomhood. Consuming not only the Capitol super dreadnought and the 8 Axiom Blinkers in system but also the attending EPA and Capitol fleets as well as the star itself and the systems planets. Creating one monumental amalgamation of Quantum superposition. Sentient in nature Histirion is now an Axiom incarnate and is now the complete hub of all Axiom activities... for any who enter the system not affiliated to the Axioms it is a sentence of death.

For :iconancerious-galactic:

Histirion The Black Star by EmperorMyric
Histirion The Black Star
"Sir I dont know what it is, or how it formed all I do know is the energy levels it is giving off are like nothing Ive ever seen before, I recommend evacuating the entire system... And setting up a quarantine zone until we can find out what exactly it is..." Carnaith Science officer reporting to High command on the sudden transformation of Histirion.

Histirion the Black Star

A very resent event in the course of Ancerious history and one that still baffles both the physicists and the military of a few of the factions who know of its existence. Originally a ordinary middle sequence star in the Carnaithian territory the Histirion system was a Carnaithian fortress system, unassuming and relatively standard that is until one day the star darkened. And began to crystallise, unable to stop the process and unsure exactly of what was going on scans were taken and after discovering unknown energy readings were being emitted the Carnaithian forces decided to abandon the system and set up sensor probes to monitor the star. The stars crystallisation occurred at the same time the Axiom paradox Bullhead was destroyed, sensing this the Axiom forces immediately moved in claiming the system and setting up a beach head in Carnaithian space much to the... surprise of the allied forces. Soon however Capitol arrived and while it is unknown why they are there one thing is known for sure. Whatever Histirion is... It cannot be a good thing for the galaxy.

for :iconancerious-galactic:
Ancerious Timeline Key by EmperorMyric
Ancerious Timeline Key
The key to the Ancerious Timeline to show you what each symbol means and how the entries are laid out.

for :iconancerious-galactic:
The Ring of Remembrance by EmperorMyric
The Ring of Remembrance
"They say that if you stare into the infinity of the ring you will see the past, see the galaxy how it once was during our golden age... Before the great war. I know of many who are left of my kind who come here to do so... To remember days of the past, and I am pretty sure our old enemy does too... Is there any basis to these views? I cannot say. We are masters of time, making windows into the past is our nature" Ambassador Dyxis of the Flux Ascendancy

The Ring of Remembrance:

One of the Ancerious galaxies more exotic locations the Ring of Remembrance or 'Well of Time' it is called is a naked singularity close to the eastern edge of the golden expanse. It is believed to have left the golden expanse some time ago, unsure of its formation the laws of physics break down the closer you get to it, with the ring itself being made out of an infinitely dense quantum foam structure. While many of Ancerious factions have mapped and studied it any descent readings have yet to be made due to the incredible energies given off by this singularity. However it is said and widely believed that if you stare long enough at the Ring you will see Ancerious in its distant past, although some who have stared too long have either lost their minds or fallen dead, their brain dying from internal Haemorrhaging unable to comprehend or process the exact visual effects of the naked singularity.

For :iconancerious-galactic:
Capitol Trident class by EmperorMyric
Capitol Trident class

Trident Capitol Fast Battleship MK.2:


Overview: While officially termed a battleship, the Trident is so fast it counts as a battlecruiser or fast battleship. The pinnacle of the Capitol navy the Trident is not to be fooled with. Renowned by many races as a terror its horrifically powerful armament of 27 Tachyon arrows is enough to blow anything short of a battleship apart in one salvo, and even then severely damage the enemy battleship. Able to handle itself in combat with enemy fleets and fast enough to run down other craft the Trident is feared. What’s worse is these ships work in pairs, and have a very high threat level in the Unions eyes, equally strong at extreme range as it is at point blank the Trident MK.2 is even more of what its predecessor was… a feared beast.


Armament: The Trident mounts a very powerful armament for its size, 9 triple turrets mount the 27 Tachyon Arrows which make up the main armament. Supplementing this 22 dual heavy railguns and 57 small railguns allow medium ranged fire. While the 8 large fusion missile launchers also provide the craft with heavy long range barrages and planet bombing capabilities.


Railguns: taken from Union specifications while not as advanced as the Unions Mass Drivers Capitols new railgun technology is vastly superior to their old rocket propelled cannons. Now they can engage enemies at speed and while still not dealing massive amounts of damage per shot Capitol have managed to increase their ROF to around 450 shots per minute. This results in the rails being changed after every engagement but also a serious boost in firepower.



Missile Launchers: Made to fire Capitols primary anti-ship missile at extremely long ranges these weapons have limited supplies though most of the missile launchers in Capitols arsenal have been changed to fire thermo nuclear munitions. These new fusion warheads can produce yields from 500-900MT each easily able to damage enemy ships and scour worlds clean of all life.



Tachyon Arrow:…


Defences: The Trident mounts around 10ft of Azanium armour plating.  This new type of armour was developed with the help of Triarch Industries and is now able to take much more damage from both kinetic and energy weapons than the previous armour. The Trident as well is protected by 5 medium shield generators capable to taking many direct hits each before they need to recharge again. Capitols new shield technology allows them to partially absorb around 11% of an enemy energy weapon shot and use it to charge the ships Tachyon Arrows if it has any.


Power plant: The Trident runs on five Cold Nuclear Fusion reactors for energy, this system was reverse engineered at a remote location using Union schematics however, they were produced before Inaras rise to power but due to the actions of Sabre team the project was massively set back when the base was destroyed. While before the Trident ran on 12 fission reactors it now only has 5 fusion. Making more space for additional munitions and even troops.


Electronic capabilities: The Trident is run by a (still basic by most races standards) semi advanced reactive system. This system can aid targeted, calculate anything that is needed and also provide limited control over the ships actions. The system can also be slaved to the will of the captain to prevent mutiny or boarding however the ships actions under the computers control are severely limited.


Crew: The Trident has a crew of 8000 men. All of which are human. Around 200 are commissars.


Attack craft: the Trident mounts 2 large hangar bays either side of the ship, each containing 180 Sabre Interceptors, and 60 Phalanx bombers.


Speed and engines: the Trident is equipped with a Gravitic drive and can reach speeds of up to 0.65 Light speed very fast for a Battleship. This is where it excels in striking enemy fleets and scattering hostile vessels.

Trident class battleship and Capitol belong to me :iconemperormyric:

Model done by :iconjb1992:

Brushes by :iconz-design:



EmperorMyric's Profile Picture
Myric Allen
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
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Icon made by: :iconchimerasblood: Please check her out!

Hello! My name is Myric, im 19 and from the good old United Kingdom. I am currently creating my own Sci Fi universe to turn into a game or series some day and use all sorts of art to get it on paper. I enjoy talking to everyone and making new freinds. I appreicate feedback on my work and will happily respond to any questions or even if you want me to give opinions on your own work :)

People I also known in real life:


What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
Hosted By Anime

I also play 40k and have many armies

Space marines (Golden Angels chapter using blood angel rules): 30,000 points (approx)
Tyranids Hive fleet Scyla: 10,000
Orks Bad Moons: 3000
Slaanesh demons: 3000
dark eldar: 7000
Eldar: 8000
Imperial Guard: 4000
Grey Knights: 4000
Necrons: 2000

so yer if you need any information or just wanna talk please do, i endevour to reply to all comments!

Current Residence: Yeovil (hell)
Favourite genre of music: any but i LOVE two steps from hell
Favourite style of art: manga/photoshop
Operating System: windows 7
Shell of choice: Quantum-Ferro-Uranite armour peicing tipped
Favourite cartoon character: Thor
Personal Quote: “I am Myric, Emperor of the Union of Worlds. At my command are over 2000 races each with its own military and space force that numbers in the millions. Included in this are infantry, tanks, artillery, specialised forces, air power, battle suits, colossi and many other amazing war machines. I have fought in countless wars which are so hideous you would lose your mind, and I have won against the very forces of darkness themselves, I am an Angel of the Universe and can destroy empires with but the merest flex of my mind, I command another 9 such beings each gifted with powers beyond your imagination, not including my other officers with some even equal strength. You wish to make war against me? Come; let me teach you the error of your decision”


I do commissions and will have up to 5 at a time. To inquire about Commissions drop me a note :)

1. :icondrakenhothrepublik: Celestial infantry, Celestial troop transport, OC photoshop peice, Photoshop scene of chakrha forest. 50% Done

2. :icontenebraesrising: Tenebrae Infantry Squad




Military Sprites

I will do any sort of military sprite work and the prices etc. will be shown below

Infantry: Infantry will be £0.50 for an infantryman, typically a squad with troopers, special/heavy weapons and a sergeant/coms guys is 10 men so would be around £2.50 on average. I may do more depending on what I am asked but the typical result will be something like this:
Union Infantry WIP by EmperorMyric

Tanks, Vehicles and aircraft: Tanks, aircraft and vehicles will be around £1 each plus 50p for each variant of the vehicle/tank you want done.
Seraphim and variants Union MBT by EmperorMyric

Super Heavys/Large vehicles/massive aircraft: these will be around £5 plus an extra £3 for each variant you want done (these typically take the most time, this may also vary with the comission)
Achilles Super Heavy Tank by EmperorMyric

Colossi and other super massive stuff: This cant really be priced its going to have to be negotiated over the note depending on what wants to be done.

Ships: Space craft will be around 50p for escort sized ships to £4.50 for Cruiser sized, price will be negotiated for anything larger but super dreadnoughts+ will be £9+ Once again additional variants will cost extra.
Dart Class And Variants by EmperorMyric

Tech sheets: These will take sometime and require me to have somewhat detailed information on your weapon system, plus a few images of it (making images for it will cost extra) these will start at around £8+ and depend mostly on what exactly you want done.
Union Shields by EmperorMyric

Sketches and Drawn work


Character drawings: £1+
Autarch Ayman of the IRS by EmperorMyric

Multi character drawings: £1+ £1 for each additional character
Welcome To My World by EmperorMyric

Properly Drawn character/object: £5+
Emperor Myric by EmperorMyric

Photoshopped character/Object: £9+
Kennedia Lucrene Yteran captain by EmperorMyric

Hope to here from you all :)

Would you like to see more poems and litarature from me in the next few weeks? 

8 deviants said Both Would be pretty cool
4 deviants said Yes! Litarature! More stories plz
3 deviants said Screw you Myric
No deviants said Poems/Song things plz

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