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Arak'Toth Nakai Stranglet Artillery by EmperorMyric Arak'Toth Nakai Stranglet Artillery by EmperorMyric
Arak'Toth Nakai Stranglet artillery:

The Nakai use technology far surpassing anything the Union or any other race can produce. The Arak'Toth is the Nakai's version of super artillery. Completely deceiving in its appearance it can outshoot an entire Union artillery company. Mounting an Stranglet ball of immense size this Strange matter that is contained is far beyond any sort of matter encountered by the Union. This matter even a small atom of it is exposed to reality it causes a monumental reaction resulting in a explosion rival some Thermonuclear devices. This artillery is rarely used as the Qu'Thava is preffered for its precision strikes but when sheer destruction is required the Nakai roll out this beast. Thanks to the maneuverability of the Yol'thua chassis as well means this artillery can redeploy at a moments notice and even fire on the move. However mounting this violent a payload means that if the Arak'Toth is somehow destroyed its containment will fail and the resulting explosion will wipe out everything on the planet... Thankfully the Nakai installed a failsafe which when activated will shunt the remaining strange matter into another dimension saving their own forces and more importantly the planet. A fact that Union high command finds both hilarious and a huge relief.


Armament wise the Arak'Toth is armed with a Stranglet projector. it works by projecting an arcing beam across the battlefield, this is a sort of quantum tunnel so the Stranglet matter dosent detonate on route to the target. the Projector then launches around 5 atoms of Strange matter to the target, when they reach the target the tunnel is removed and they instantly react. one shot in this way usually causes around a 3MT explosion. enough to anniahlate most targets. But this explosion dosent just blast the enemy to pieces it is actually the reaction taking place, 1 atom of strange matter reacts with huge amounts of normal matter. this means the enemies very armour or shields will be breaking due to reaction... meaning nobody is safe. the RoF for this weapon is around 3 shots a minute, utterly devastating but rarely needed....

Defensive measures and armour wise The Arak’Toth is protected by 2mm of Athena plate capable of taking nearly all fire and surviving, It also has a Nakai shield generator capable of taking huge amounts of sustained fire..

Electronic abilities wise the Arak’Toth is controlled by a sentient AI, which in turn is overseen by the Parent Nakai ships Ai, if the craft operates without the main ship or an overall AI then Nakai troops can also function as a conduit on the ground for orders. Unlike other AI craft the Ar’Teth is completely self-sustaining and can function without supervision without problem.

Speed wise the Arak’Toth is incredibly fast, able to easily go at 300MPH over any terrain. And can also hover at a height of 150ft giving it a more commanding field of fire.

Arak’Toth and the Nakai belong to me :iconemperormyric:

comments welcome
JB1992 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice effects! =D
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Student General Artist
thanks man!
JB1992 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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