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Armageddon Mobile Anti Orbital Mass Driver by EmperorMyric Armageddon Mobile Anti Orbital Mass Driver by EmperorMyric
Armageddon Union of Worlds Mobile Anti Orbital Vehicle


One of the most common Anti Orbital vehicles deployed by the Union of Worlds the Armageddon is deployed when the Union feels orbital supremacy will be contested, either on a world which needs defending or in a warzone where Orbital battles could turn out either way. Union combat doctrine dictates that space is the most important battlefield and such units which can help turn the tide or help stop Orbital supremacy are key. As such the Armageddon is either deployed with specialist Anti orbital companies or is assigned to areas on its own. The Armageddon is a medium AO vehicle and as such is deployed in medium numbers to help defend forces on the ground by returning fire against orbital barrages or by selectively killing key enemy ships in the fleet to hamper their progress or disable them.


Armament wise the Armageddon mounts a huge Capital Anti Orbital Mass Driver designed to destroy enemy ships in high orbit. It will take usually several salvos from multiple Armageddons to down an enemy ship and so they usually work in groups. It has a high rate of fire for its size and nano assemblers and void cooling to help keep up its barrage. As for all round defense the Armageddon is very light, mounting numerous cascade cannons for anti infantry defense it also mounts 4 120mm railguns for anti tank. It has no AA however and must be defended from airstrikes.

Defensive measures and armour wise the Armageddon is a fortress, it has to be to be able to take return fire from orbit. Able to withstand huge amounts of fire and still work the Armageddon main armour is 400mm thick quantum ceramic plate, this allows the tank to wither shaped charge, sabot rounds, lasers, plasma and other more exotic types of weapon. Auto reactive armour and RPG cages can also be attached is necessary. All round the Fortress as well are emplacements of Frag launchers, these functions as two different abilities. The first is when the Fortress detects missiles or incoming objects and fires a frag cloud into the object to cause it to either explode prematurely or to be destroyed, rendering missiles and rockets useless against the Armageddon. The second use is that these can affect infantry who approach the tank to attach grenades or other close combat AT weapons. The Armageddon also mounts a mark 3 Shield generator for defensive purposes.

Electronic abilities wise the Armageddon carries a AI capable of taking over much of the tanks systems if an emergency is called for, it also allows rapid lock on full spectrum sensor suite detection and also an enemy lock warning system. The Armageddon also has numerous small drones which are deployed into low orbit, this allows the Armageddon to identify targets and create a information grid between its other counterparts and also to the Union grid to help overall tactical data. These drones are very small and so are very hard to spot or hit by enemy ships.

Speed wise The Armageddon is incredibly slow, only able to muster around 12 MPH on land and rough terrain is even slower, Due to its bulk the Fortress usually has to ford rivers though this generally isn’t a problem. 

Armageddon and the Union belong to me :iconemperormyric:
darklord86 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
This is epic....... and deadly!
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Student General Artist
thanks man! yea its one of many anti orbital units we use to defend worlds from attack :)
darklord86 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
It's beyond amazing!
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