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Harasinth Violar Light Tank by EmperorMyric Harasinth Violar Light Tank by EmperorMyric
Harasinth Violar (Phantom) Protectorate Light Tank


The Harasinth is a well known asset in the Violar arsenal, dedicated to speed and protection the Violar doctrine is that while their weaponry may be underpar they believe speed and defense will allow them to whittle their opponent down. The Harasinth encapsulates this, with very high speed and descent armour for a light tank its weaponry isn't so effective. Essentially a recon or infantry killing tank the Harasinth is ineffective in tank on tank warfare, in the Phantom Wars they struggled against the Union Rapiers however proved very effective at supporting Violar fast infantry assaults. Now they fight with the Union and their speedy and armoured nature means they function now as frontline fast infantry support, able to help in areas where other light tanks would be quickly destroyed.


Armament wise the Harasinth carries a Medium Plasma cannon, using linear accelerators to fire a bolt of plasma towards the foe. This is as hot as a small star and so can melt the enemy armour, though due to its volatile nature the plasma also explodes giving it a good AOE and being very effective vs infantry. It carries no secondary weapon

Defensive measures and armour wise the Harasinth is equipped with typical Violar Nano Lathe armour 29mm thick which is very tough and highly resistant to enemy fire, able to absorb and shed any damaged layers the armour however is weak to very high powered shots that overwhelm and EMP the nanites. It also has amazing Nano repair qualities and so if not destroyed totally the tanks hull and systems can eventually repair themselves. 

Electronic abilities wise the Harasinth mounts a Violar AI unit which links with the driver and gunner which are the only crew giving them a sort of symbiotic relationship with the tank. This technology is under development to integrate into other Union tech though is slow progress. This AI also shows resistance to hacking and ECM interference making it hard to hide from.

Speed wise The Harasinth is very fast, able to go around 150MPH over any terrain thanks to hover platforms it can redeploy in a moments notice.


Plasma Cutter Variant: Armed with a very close range Plasma cutter this functions similar to the Violar phased laser array but instead of a laser fires a very concentrated stream of Plasma, used for mining primarily this weapon while massively short ranged can cut through heavy tank armour and buildings and forms a very effective weapon on a fast paced platform.

Drone net AA variant: A smaller variant of the Wezkatha, only mounting 6 drones for the AA net purposes this variant provides light AA defense for light tank formations and also infantry assaults.

Violar And the Light Tank belongs to me :iconemperormyric:
Devastator200 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well drawn tank, and the union has quite a helpful vehicle with this one.
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks :) and yea it is a nifty little vehicle :)
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June 12, 2014
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