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Phase Missile Launcher Profile by EmperorMyric Phase Missile Launcher Profile by EmperorMyric

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Phase Missile Launcher Profile:



Missiles have been used in all wars in the Union history and also many wars beforehand. Missile launchers were one of the first weapons placed and used on Union warships and have since been heavily upgraded since the first days. In the original uses the warheads of the launchers were nuclear warheads, these had good damage but were relatively low tech. However they have since been upgraded from nuclear to plasma, then now they have finally been upgraded to carry a modified Phase field generator modified from Skia tech.

Missile launchers have always been used in long range warfare and especially used by the Cylaurians who have based their entire tactics and weapons around missiles. Since the invention of Phase Missiles their potency has increased a thousand fold. Missile technology also advanced and gained a large boost when Nano Assemblers were introduced. Missile weapons had the problem of running out of ammo very quickly especially for Cylaurian ships. However with the nanos the ammo problem was eliminated and now Missile launchers can be seen on nearly every ship in the Union arsenal.


Phase Missile Launchers themselves are an incredibly simple weapon system. The launcher itself has its own unit of the side of most Union ships. However some have them inside the actual hull themselves. The reason for this is to prevent catastrophic damage should a launcher take a direct hit when firing an armed missile and explode. Most ships carry around 4 launchers though larger ships, the Nova class Carrier and nearly all Cylaurian ships carry far more. Each launcher consists of 60 VLS tubes each containing a single Phase Missile. These VLS tubes also contain their own Nano Assembler unit. The tubes when fired open up an armoured hatch and the missile is fired, using its own AI system on-board the missile arms itself when only just out of the launcher, this allows the missile to hit and destroy targets incredibly close to the Union ship and overcomes the missiles shot range limit. The missile then flies towards the target being directed by either its own internal AI or the ships AI, a large booster propels the missile at a very fast speed. This booster is filled with hydrogen and is collected by its parent ship in space using ram scoops and dumped into the Missiles tank as it is being assembled. Towards the front of the Missile lays the true complex systems. First is the Phase Field generator. This is an extremely complex piece of engineering and was only introduced during the Draken war, the tech was provided by the Skia as an act of goodwill and it works by taking the missile out of phase with this dimension. The on board AI can pick and choose from a random selection of dimensions and due to their being trillions of dimensions in the Unions universe the missile can easily bypass enemy defences. Just before the missile hits enemy shields or is targeted by point defences the Missile phases and disappears. It still travels towards the target but in another dimension. It then re-engages the Phase Field and drops out into our own dimension again often inside the enemy ship. This itself can cause damage but its then the warhead of the missile detonates. The warhead of the missile is a rather simple plasma warhead created by a very small plasma reactor, the yield of one missile is around a 70 kiloton nuclear detonation though it can be increased up to around a megaton worth. These missiles were given dial a yields so they could carry out selective strikes as well as overwhelming power. Phase Missiles are by no means infallible. Sometimes the Phase fields do not fire and the missile detonates on the enemy shield as normal, and sometimes they are shot down by long range AA fire before their phase fields engage, it is also known that sometimes the missiles do not materialise or they do but miss their targets the detonate in the void behind their target. It is also known their warheads sometimes do not explode but the missile itself still materialises inside the enemy ship. Also phasic shielding is enough to stop Phase Missiles, however it has to be a specific type and is then not always able to. Union shields use a cycling phase system and that gives a 78% chance of stopping such a missiles however there is always a 22% chance the missile will get through. Nakai shields have also proved totally resistant to phase attacks as their shields somehow exist in all dimensions at once.

Effectiveness and Use

Phase Missile launchers are the Unions principle long range weapon system, the Union does not use incredibly large and long range torpedoes like other empires but instead relies on smaller and harder to hit missiles. Union ships will fire their Phase Missiles as their first weapon as it has the longest range, however they can fire at all ranges. The Union also deploy Phase Missiles when they need to cripple enemy ships and their shields are still up, a Phase Missile to the engines can stop the enemy dead while a shot to their main AI hub can render the ship mostly useless. Phase Missiles are also used in planetary bombardment where their warheads can take down planetary shield generators with minimal damage to the surrounding area. Any well armoured target or well shielded target will be subjected by multiple Phase Missile barrages and if they are fighting Cylaurians their shields will most likely be completely useless. Seeming as Cylaurian ships fire hundreds If not thousands of missiles enemy fleets can quickly be overwhelmed and destroyed. It is a common tactic for Nova Class carriers, Cylaurian vessels and other Union long range craft to hang back and deliver massive volleys of missiles into enemy vessels while other ships keep them occupied at close range. However there are other types of Missile in use that can be used in addition to Phase Missiles for different tasks, these have multiple uses and their reload times can vary wildly. A Phase Missile will take two minutes to be rebuilt with another while say a simple Plasma missile will only take 40 seconds.

Missile Types

Plasma Missiles

The Union still uses and has the building templates for the old Plasma missiles that it replaced with Phase Missiles, these missiles cannot phase and are equipped with a far larger payload. Designed to do maximum damage to their target these missiles can be built far quicker than Phase Missiles and in large barrages can take down enemy ships and blast them apart. These missiles are now used mainly for planetary bombardment along with Mass Driver Saturation rounds where massive area of effect is needed.

Plasma Coil Missiles

The Union equivalent of a WMD a Plasma Coil missile has but one purpose. Total extermination of a target and the surrounding area. There are 3 classes of these missiles and each one carries larger destructive potential than the last. Only used with orders from high command these Missiles are not available to be built by the Nano Assemblers. All cruiser class ships carry at least two and escorts one but larger ships may carry many more. Locked away in a vault and only requiring extreme authorisation these missiles are only used when all other options have been exhausted.

These missile work by containing a set of Plasma Coils, not insanely powerful at first glance the type one missile contains only these, they are overloaded and detonated with a powerful catalyst. The type two missile contains more coils however the catalyst is changed to a small portion of Anti Matter creating a horrifically big explosion. The type 3 missile contains many many coils and a large amount of Anti Matter at the catalyst.

Type 1 missile:

Considered the 'tactical' version this Missile can detonate as a few kilotons all the way up to around a 45 megaton blast. These versions are mostly used on planets and not in space, however they can be launched by Union ship Missile Launchers.

Type 2 missile:

the most widely seen variant this missile can detonate anywhere from 70 megatons to enough to crack a planet and destroy all life on it. These missiles are only deployed sparingly however they were mostly used in the Draken wars where the Union used scorched earth tactics.

Type 3 missile:

The most terrifying Missile this can detonate anywhere from taking out a small part of a solar system to creating a chain reaction so large it can destroy solar systems. These missiles are rarely used and when they are it is a dark day indeed. These types can only be deployed with the most senior high command authority or any of the Angels.

Video Footage

The Following has been put here to show the effect and use of Missile Lauchers

(made by youtube clips and stuff this helps show that they do and look like :) all videos etc. belong to their respective owners)

Missile Launcher and its payloads, Union of Worlds, Skia and Draken as well as everything shown here belongs to :iconemperormyric:

3D Renders and sprites of Missile Launchers goes to :iconJBB1992:

I thank him greatly for the work he has done!

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123GOHANZ Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015
Type two to type three is like zero to a hundred real quick. 
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015  Student General Artist
Haha yea
JB1992 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice! I love the engines on the rockets (they look detailed)  BTW my Icons name is (Again) spelled wrong, but that's probably because you text it in...
Anyways, it looks nice keep up the good work =D
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Student General Artist
thanks man :) and dammit XD i copy and paste that bit so thats annoying! however i shall change it. also check out my Armour profiles ive decided to do all Union ship systems etc. :)
JB1992 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Checking it! =D
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Student General Artist
its only a WIP, i have since added Violar Nano Lathe armour and am doing the write up for each now
JB1992 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahh. I've given you some critic, (I hope you don't mind)
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Student General Artist
yep no its fine, i know they wernt possible anyway but thanks its gonna help :)
JB1992 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well now they are XD, With this type of armored plating you could possibly travel (Almost) through a helium type sun. But you will be siting in a very hot sauna when doing this, XD

EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013  Student General Artist
good XD ive written down in the proper write up (will update this all to the finished product later) the add on bit you said about how it cant melt. and it really helped :)

And haha brilliant, ive put in so our own hulls dont melt our insides as they heat up that we have a Polythine (extreme heat absorbition material) lining under the hull which is also linked to Void cooling units so we can keep the inside of the hull cool and the correct temprature.


My ships are not painted right? NOW I HAVE A REASON we cant paint it because the hull would melt the paint when it counter resonates! Awesome XD
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