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Plasma Cannon profile by EmperorMyric Plasma Cannon profile by EmperorMyric

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High Energy Plasma Cannon



It is known research took place into plasma weapons during WW3 as well as the unification wars. The robotic armies of AC110 did in fact use a type of plasma weapon on their Devastator units. However this couldn’t be reverse engineered at the time and so the project was abandoned. Plasma weapon research would continue in small amounts all throughout the Unions many wars but was first properly introduced during the Phantom war. The Violar and their extensive use of Plasma and exotic energy technology allowed the Union to reverse engineer their plasma cannon designs.

From then on Plasma cannons were used as the main Dorsal armament of Union ships. Before it was merely more Mass Driver turrets however now it gives the ships a ferocious short ranged armament to use. Of course a host of upgrades and modifications have been carried out since its introduction and so the Plasma cannons in use today are far superior then their original counterparts.


Plasma Cannons function in a similar way to Mass Drivers. First the plasma itself needs to be created. This is done by small Plasma reactors inside the turret housings, these reactors heat gases until they are so hot they ionize. At these tempratures plasma is created and then stored in magnetic containment units housed as well within the turret. During battle the reactor can pump the plasma directly to the barrel however it is generally stored first. The gases needed for ionization are collected via ram scoops on the Union vessels which pick up pieces of debris and gases in space to use, these are stored inside the ship in armoured compartments. Once the plasma is stored in the magnetic containment it then is forced using high powered magnets into the firing chamber. Using containment and mounting void cooling systems the Plasma is formed into a bolt and fired at high velocity by Linear accelerators armoured in Quantum lattice plate. The plasma leaves the barrel in a blazing bolt and kept in its form by a contaiment tunnel produced by projectors on the sides of the barrel. This allows the plasma to keep its shape and course when in flight. Plasma however travels much slower than light and also looses energy as its travels even in containment fields. This means plasma bolts have a relatively short range compared to other weapon systems.

The Plasma cannon turret also mounts a huge amount of Void cooling sinks mounted around the containment fields, in the reactor region, storage and finally the barrel itself. These stop the plasma from overheating the weapon and it exploding. Void cooling works by drawing away the heat and depositing it in another dimension. Thereby keeping the weapon cool and able to fire regularly

Effectiveness and Use

Plasma Cannons are used almost exclusively as Doral weapon mounts on Union ships. They take the role of being the Union navies primary and most effective short range weapon system. Being extremely potent at close range against both shields and armour the plasma cannons low rate of fire limits its effectiveness however one bolt can deliver serious destructive power and can melt and blow open enemy hulls as well as ionize and drain enemy shields. The Plasma itself is very volatile and will explode on contact with energy barriers or matter. A broadside at close range from a Plasma salvo is enough to rip open cruiser sized ships. However this is rare due to Union tactics using mainly medium and long range warfare, However Plasma Cannons CAN be overcharged. This works by increasing the plasma load on firing, as well as the magnetic field of the projector rails. This allows massive plasma bolts at greater speeds, leading to greater ranges and massively increased destructive potential. However overcharging strains the void coolers to the limit and so can damage or destroy the weapon itself, needing replacing after the battle. However due to this side effect many Union commanders overcharge their plasma weapons regularly to allow them a greater offensive power at medium range. And a truly horrific one at close range.

Video Footage

The Following has been put here to show the effect and use of Plasma cannons

(made by youtube clips and stuff this helps show that they do and look like :) all videos etc. belong to their respective owners)

The following video shows at 4:01 what Plasma cannon rounds would look like. However Union ones would be more bright blue, have a greater impact and Overcharged rounds would have an even bigger effect.…

Plasma Cannon, Union of Worlds as well as everything shown here belongs to :iconemperormyric:

3D Renders and sprites of Plasma Cannons goes to :iconJBB1992:

I thank him greatly for the work he has done!

This is the second of the line up for the Weapons of the Union Navy Core. Next is the Meson Laser Projector.

JB1992 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Student General Artist
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