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February 28, 2013
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Titan Heavy Tank by EmperorMyric Titan Heavy Tank by EmperorMyric
Titan Union Of Worlds Heavy Tank:

A recent edition to the Union arsenal the Titan was developed to counter the Draken beasts being deployed en mass against the Union forces. Using 4 main rail guns to destroy enemy armour The Titan is a tank hunter at heart though it can be outfitted otherwise. Protected by thick armour and mounting numerous defence systems, as well as a small shield generator the Titan has become a by word for armoured might across the Union, while not as well established as its smaller yet older brother the Seraphim the Titan is gaining stance and the two tanks work perfectly together in the blitzkrieg warfare style. The Titan despite its appearance is actually very fast, able to keep pace with Union forces and redeploy at a moment’s notice. It is a fool who thinks the Titan to be a slow easy target...


Armament wise the Titan is armed with one double barrelled 290mm rail cannon in its turret, this is more than able to destroy other enemy tanks with ease and can hit targets over 5 miles away. Also mounted on the Titans turret is a small laser projector than functions in multiple roles, it can either shoot down incoming missiles or shells protecting the Titan and the surrounding units, or attack aircraft coming near the tank, either way the Titan isn’t lacking in both areas. A cupola mounted cascade cannon can also be attached. Hull wise the Titan mounts a hull mounted cascade cannon and two sponsons each mounting 2 190mm Rail guns for added anti-tank capability and the ability to target multiple enemy tanks at once. All of the Titans weapons include Nano assemblers and void cooling.

Defensive measures and armour wise The Titan has a thick 200mm quantum lattice armour all round providing extreme protection. This can also be reinforced with reactive armour or RPG cages. Also the tank is studded with frag launchers to take out close by infantry to missiles. The laser projector also functions as anti-missile defence too. The Titan also mounts a small shield projector which can take a fair amount of fire before coming down though the armour is far superior.
Electronic abilities wise the Titan has a full electronic suite and battlefield link system to coordinate with the fast moving Union forces, alongside this it also has a ECM suite to make it even harder to lock on to and the tank itself alongside its crew of 8 is a mark 4 AI.

Speed wise the Titan while massive is fairly fast for its size and can go around 35MPH and can cross terrain as well as ford rivers (the titan has a fully environ closed system)


Anti-Infantry: dubbed the Raker by the Union infantry this version replaces the 290mm dual Rail cannon with a single 120mm Gatling cannon. Firing huge shells this tank can tear apart infantry, light armour and even heavy armour with ease with a RoF peaking at 6000 rounds a minute everything in this tanks line of light is destroyed by a hail of shells.

Artillery variant: Armed with a larger Hellfire launcher containing 50 missiles and Nano assemblers this tank can destroy the enemies of the Union from afar. Originally a battlefield jury rig the design has since been accepted as official and thanks to the sponsons the tank still retains its frontline abilities and effectiveness.

Gravity Pulse AA variant: The AA variant of the Titan mounts a very odd shaped gravity well projector, this very rarely seen piece of gear spools up large gravity feilds and can be used in a variaty of ways. It can crush fighters in flight, or increase gravity in a column underneath the craft so it is forced to collide into the ground, it can also make massive AOE gravity pockets forcing groups of aircraft to collide. And if all else fails it can force the gravity in a wide area around it to increase to lethal levels.

Titan and the Union of Worlds belong to me :iconemperormyric:

Comments welcome
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I really like the Gravity Pulse AA Unit!
EmperorMyric Jan 10, 2014  Student General Artist
thanks! and yes it is very effective!
Your welcome!
Kerl-of-Fox-County Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Interesting design. The weapons look formidable, but I struggle slightly to see something that looks like a mix of a Baneblade and a Maus as fast..
Still, science fiction covers a multitude of sins ;-)

Nice work. I really like the MLRS!
EmperorMyric Mar 28, 2013  Student General Artist
haha thanks and yes i see your point, thanks to the Unions micro fusion reactors we can get huge amounts of power from a small reactor, we also have a very efficient drive system which allows very heavy weights to be carried quickly, its quite complicated and involves alot of mass canceller units in the tank
Kerl-of-Fox-County Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
So, like the aforementioned predecessor.. a stinker to build. But, by the sound of it, the pay off is worth it to make a pretty lethal and nifty tank!
Nice Maus upgrade, hopefully they're faster than the original!
EmperorMyric Mar 4, 2013  Student General Artist
alot faster 35MPH thanks to its compact fusion reactor!
GratefulReflex Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I initially thought Leeman/40k ref and then you covered it and explained otherwise. It's incredible art, and It has presented me with a question.

Tanks like this on this scale fill what sort of strategic role in the union? ie are they the last word or are t hey seen regularly enough in armor formations to be a by-gone conclusion of pissing the union off?
EmperorMyric Mar 3, 2013  Student General Artist
hehe thank you my freind!

well thw Unions main tank the Seraphim is used widely in the Unions tactics. so heavily that they outnumber the infantry. unfortunatelh against a determined defense line or other super heavy tanks say they are not always garunteed to win. so in response to this (and also because of the sheer amount of Draken beasts which are tank equivilants) we created the Titan :-)

(truth be told i wanted an awesome tank with sponsons and shit XD)
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