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Union Army Core Infantry by EmperorMyric Union Army Core Infantry by EmperorMyric

Union Infantry:

The backbone of the Union of Worlds and the true heros of the Empire these brave men and women fight on the frontlines against the enemies of peace and stand firm. Equipped with high tech gear and given extensive training before they even deploy these troopers are a force to be recokned with. For those who join the forces it is a harsh regime, with rigorous physical and mental training constantly while they train with the various gear they will fight with. Each trooper is also taught strategically to allow them to act independantly on the battlefield. When they are deemed ready they will take part along with other elements in combined arms excersies and then eventually in full blown blue on blue wargames, often with live ammunition. The Unions advanced medical procedures stopping the worst of the casulties. This means that when they finally deploy the men and women of the Union infantry are fully battle worn and able to take the fight to the enemy in the name of the Union of Worlds.


Helmet: Armoured with Quantum lattice plate the helmet is able to stop small arms fire and incorperates a large amount of advanced features, padded, and aired to stop uncomftablness the helmet also has a non chafe strap. Along with this it has a fully linked coms system with a minor AI which assists in targetting as well as feeding directly into the HUD. The helmets HUD displays all kinds of features, objectives, enemy info, squad details, tactical battle plans, Night vision, assisted shots, enemy weak points and the best cover as well as a host of other functions designed for on and off battlefield roles. It also doubles up as Photo contacts, stopping sudden blindness from flashbangs and other large flashes. The helmet also incorperates bafflers which prevent defeaning in the field. The helmet also mounts a flashlight which can either be visible spectrum or infra red used. As well as realtime feed mini camera allowing a commander or sergeant to survey the battle from the troops view, picking out details or generally allowing them to make decisions on behalf of the safety of the men.

Backpack: The typical soldiers backpack, this allows the trooper to carry all the essentials he/she needs to survive along with extra food, water and any spare parts needed for equipment. Often carry drones are used to stop the soldiers having to lug these around on the battlefield.

Shoulder Pads: Often laughed at by those who fight against and alongside the Union the large shoulder pads are well armoured and can easily stop small arms fire, however they also mount a small force shield generator which while not able to stop sustained fire can stop or deflect a stray round or snipers bullet. These are powered by the troopers compact Fusion plant.

Locator Beacon: Mounted on the left breast the Locator beacon relays information to command about the soldiers position and allows realtime updates. It also moniters the soldiers vital signs which are relayed to medics in the companies and also allows the soldier to call on precise battlefield co-ordinates to aid bringing down precise artillery or orbital support with the aid of the HUD AI.

Union Emblem: The emblem of the Union of Worlds, soldiers wear this with pride and often touch it before the battle to grant them luck.

Rank Patch: This denotes what rank the soldier is on the battlefield to others.

Energy Blade Mounting: Mounted on the right gauntlet the Energy blade is mostly deactivated however when needed the soldier can activate it with a thought from the HUD, the blade itself is a hard light monomolecular edge. This also is incredibly hot and so is able to slice through heavy armour also providing the soldier with a cutting tool as well as breaching gear and also light close combat anti tank potential. The length and width of the blade can be adjusted and it runs off the troopers power pack. Some troopers have non standard left arm attatchments or even both. Though troopers also carry Monomolecular knifes with them in case their energy blade runs out or just as a backup weapon.

Arm Computer: Linked to the HUD this wrist mounted computer also functions as a small holo projector and can aid sergeants or troopers in directing their squads to the objectives, it also allows them to create very quick holograms of themselves at a location to draw enemy fire or reveal positions. It is also linked to the Union grid and can allow soldiers to contact others at home or read stories or listen to music etc.

Magnetic Hand Grips and Grapple. Both armoured gloves on the trooper are fitted with magnetic clamp abilities, activated by mind impulse in the HUD the troopers hands clamp to the weapon stopping him from dropping it when knocked back or when he is down. Allowing him to quickly regain firing positions, it also allows troopers to climb metal walls and keep grip on heavy objects. The gloves also contain grapples, which can fire small hooks into walls and contain thin wire spools which can then pull the trooper upwards.

Quantum Lattice Armour:… The Troopers Armour is a thin layer of Quantum Lattice plate, able to stop small arms fire and absorb energy weapon fire. Underneath this thin layer is a large layer of autoreactive Gel, this gel softens impacts and tightens when hit, absorbing kinetic impacts and also absorbing heat from energy blasts which are then dispersed by the armours cooling systems. The armour is able to somewhat cool or heat the trooper in cold or hot enviroments as well as keep him well ventilated. The back of the chest plate also mounts a small compact Fusion generator which can run for around 18 days before needing to be refueled, each trooper carries extra fuel or an additional generator in case of damage.

Carry Pouches: Carry pouches are used for carrying extra food or water, grenades or even Close Assault pistols and secondary weapons.

Photo Reactive Camo: Interwoven with Quantum Lattice weave the cloth parts of the armour are photoreactive and adjust their camo to the environment most suited. They also help keep in warmth and cool the trooper when needed.

Mag Boots: The troopers boots while mainly there to keep his feet and legs safe, warm and comfortable also have the ability to lock down allowing the trooper to transverse zero G enviroments as well as walk on walls and ceilings, or protect from the knock back effects of blast waves.

Extras/ Variants:

Enclosed/Powered Suit: This suit adds a multitude of extras to the troopers arsenal, with a fully enclosed suit this means the soldier can fight in hostile enviroments and vacuums. The mainstay of the Union Navy Marine forces who operate in space this suit intergrates full cooling and heating systems as well as a fully powered servo assisted system which allows the trooper to pick up large objects, carry heavier weapons or even their comrades. As well as run and hit faster. The protection of the soldier is massivly increased too with extra plates added able to withstand small arms fire and micrometeor impacts. The Fusion reactor also imbedded in the back of the trooper is also upgraded to a larger variant and can function for around 2 months on average before needing to be recharged.

Hawk Assault Jump Pack: Given to the Assault units these brave individuals use these jump packs to launch themselves into enemy lines. Powered by an enlarged Fusion reactor the jump jet arms contain nozzels which produce powerful blasts allowing the trooper with the help of a more advanced AI to make jumps into and onto the enemy, attacking at close range and using grenades and their energy blade. Also used by these is an additional left arm mounted energy shield able to stop heavier weaponry and protect the Hawks in the swirling melee of combat.


Frag: Standard frag grenades explode to create a sheet of shrapnel which lasserates and tears apart the enemy.

Hi Ex: Heavier explosive variant for destroying buildings and bunkers and can be rigged together to create a demo charge.

Anti Tank: Detonating to create a very shaped explosion this fires a jet of super heated plasma through the enemy armour to kill the crew and disable the vehicle.

AA: This Grenade when used activates a small gravitic engine and flies towards low flying gunships to then detonate close by. It is unusable against higher flying craft.

Phase: Able to shortly phase through substances this grenade can be thrown through tank armour or buildings or defenses and explode on the other side or inside killing those behind the obstacle.

Drones: The Union makes extensive use of drones, however these are not covered in this section and will be covered later. However they work very closely with the infantry forces.

Fire Arms: Shown here is the standard AMX-5 Plasma Autorifle however it and the other infantry fire arms will be covered in a later section.

All gear, infantry and the Union of Worlds belong to me :iconemperormyric:

Comments and questions welcome!

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MendedDragon Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Gold armor may have a bit of disadvantages.
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student General Artist
And Blue dosent? XD
Target21 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
My god I like this even more! Makes me feel like I should give the General Infantry some makeover....

This has indeed achieved the look of a no-nonsense tough peacekeeper that the Union is!
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you! And your infantry is already awesome!

And brilliant! I wanted that look :)
Target21 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
Haha for me I wanted my infantry to look mobile yet sufficently armored like the colonial marines. A blend of ruggedness and technological advancement.

Glad you did!
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Student General Artist
Well you acheived that look :)
Target21 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
haha thanks

i managed to sketch a new one, so once i get the final line artl design should get it up soon
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh nice I look forward to it :)

Ive just got a new sketchbook finally so im going crazy sketching thounsands of ideas down XD
Target21 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
Alright! Sounds good and I cant wait to see whats next from you haha
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Student General Artist
Should have some sketches up soon as well as another comicesque scene :)
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