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October 18, 2013
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Union class Super Dreadnought by EmperorMyric Union class Super Dreadnought by EmperorMyric
Union Class Union of Worlds Super Dreadnought:

Overview: The lasrgest officially used ship in the Union of Worlds, though it is surpassed in size by the Skia Apocalypse class, Violar World ship and the new ManOWar class the Union class is generally stated to be the Unions biggest. Armed to the teeth with weapons including much Nakai tech the Union class is quite unassuming in its appearance. Apart from its massive size this class has much technology which is still undergoing testing and the Union class is FAR from weak compared to other ships of its class. Its number of mass drivers alone can scour a planet in less than an hour and that’s not accounting for its other weapons. Its armour and shields too rival a Nakai Or'Yoss class cruiser making the Union class a fortress. However this class is even rarer than the Lancer though is being more widely seen in the current Nakai Union war, where their massive weapons and ability to take hits is being sorely needed.

Armament: The Union mounts the largest combinations of weapons on a Union starship. With 6264 Mass Driver turrets of 2, 102 Capital Laser Projectors, 56 Spearhead drone launchers, 28 Large Phase Missile launchers, 144 Dorsal Dual Plasma cannon turrets, 8 Plasma Arcs and finally 58 Quantum Accelerator cannons. It also mounts a larger version of the Graviton Implosion Cannon, With these at its disposal the Union class can take on multiple fleets and even multiple other super dreadnoughts.

Mass Drivers: Union Mass Drivers use magnetically accelerated slugs to destroy the enemy, these slugs can either be used in one of 3 ways. The first in ultra AP round which will drive straight through most armours due to the velocity of the rounds, making ships vent into space due to thousands of rounds hitting them rapidly. The second is a less penetrative but still very high AP high EX round which explodes after penetration ripping the ship apart from the inside as used on the Draken ships. The third and final is a flak screen shell which detonates at a certain range and explodes into thousands of other bomblets which will also explode into shrapnel, this decimates fighters and ordnance at close range and some Mass Drivers on the ship are always set to this setting, when all are on this the ship is impervious to fighters thanks to the couples SENTINEL CIWS. These weapons also mount Void Cooling and Nano assemblers and so can keep up a rate of fire of around 450 rounds a minute.

Laser Projectors: These weapons are feared for their ability to drain shields quickly and surgically slice a ship apart. Using energy drawn directly from the reactors the Laser projectors are long range precision weapons used to cripple ships and down their shields. Able to project a steady beam for around 5 seconds these hard light lasers are slowly being replaced with Meson lasers in research which are even more powerful. These lasers can also be configured to fire ‘Bolts’ of light which explode violently on impact.

Plasma cannons: using Phantom technology the Plasma cannon uses linear accelerator technology to propel balls of artificial plasma at close range, these guns while close range are devastating and will destroy shields easily and melt armour. Mounted in dorsal mountings of dual gun turrets these Plasma cannons provide the ship with its close range firepower. These guns also use Void cooling to fire around 35 shots a minute.

Phase Missiles: these missile launchers on the sides of the Lancer have been recently upgraded with Phase missile technology, this works by the missile before hitting shields or armour phasing out of synch with this dimension and rematerializing inside the enemy ship causing massive damage and means the missiles can’t be defended against easily. These launchers provide extreme range fire and have Nano assemblers to eliminate the need for resupplying.

Quantum Accelerator cannons work by firing a moderate power laser (moderate by Nakai standards anyway) into a quantum infusing chamber. This then infuses the laser with quantum energy, only a minute amount is needed. The beam is then fired out of the focusing array in a golden lance, this lance if it contacts an enemy ship will transfer as much energy as a super nova into the targets sheilds or armour. This often spells complete destruction for the ship and any other ships nearby. Though powerful the QAC cannon lances are relatively slow firing but the Union class's 58 turrets are more than capable of destroying enemy fleets.

Spearhead drones: When fire hundreds of golden yellow balls are launched from the launching hive and speed over the Void, these sentient drones will then seek out the enemy and destroy the enemy craft and ships. These drones are akin to miniature stars and so can melt through armour piecemeal, though they can adapt to explode to cause more damage. These drones travel at such speeds they can also hit enemy attack craft and will lock on to the target so any evasive manuvers are pointless, if the drone encounters defensive fire it will evade itself and due to the power of the drone shields are most often bypassed completely. The Spearhead Drones have a incredibly long range and if not destroyed they can attack multiple targets but drones that engage ships and attack craft are then free to attack another target. It is a wondrous yet haunting sight of thousands of golden lights destroying the enemy.

Graviton Implosion Cannon: An incredibly powerful weapon by Union standards, though not classified as a WMD this cannon works by creating a point in space and increasing the gravity around it in a large sphere. However, the gravity in this area is increased so much that all matter in that sphere is forced to come together and be crushed, escentially destroying everything in that area instantly. This can also be used on planets though is only able to affect sections of such. The sphere size can be modulated but the larger it is made the more power from the other weapons and systems on the Lancer are drained and so it is usually used as a surgical destruction weapon on enemy fleets and dreadnoughts. This weapon however does as well have another function. This function however DOES fit the WMD category and does the opposite of the implosion method. It repulses all matter in that area so violently that most matter is ripped apart and broken into its constituant parts. This can be used for planet killing and as a last resort to destroy entire enemy fleets. Special clearance must be obtained to use this variant. The Union classes version is a lot larger and can theoretically destroy sections of a solar system.

Defences: The Union class mounts 20 Mark 4 Crenelated defense shields which run on their own separate system so they cannot damage others through power feedback, these shields also cycles constantly through several dimensions at once in an attempt to get some protection from phasic weapons. The ship itself is constructed from a 14ft thick Quantum lattice plate with polytine linings. As well as this a thin layer of Ghostanium is available for stealth missions. Quantum lattice plate is made up from atomically bonded Quantum metal which has a density of around 3x that of any other known substance, this metal is liquid in form but when poured into molten metal of another kind and left to set it becomes virtually unbreakable. Unlike other metals Quantum has no melting point and so will not melt under fire from laser or plasma weapons; it is also highly resistant to kinetic impact damage. The hull is also equipped with Nano assembler repair systems to slowly repair the ship in combat.

The Union class also mounts a SENTINEL CIWS mounted all over the ship. This system is made up from numerous point defences consisting of small laser projectors, cascade cannons and miniature missile launchers. Together these destroy incoming missiles and fighters, on their own SENTINEL is incredibly effective with most enemies attack the Union at range rather than risking their attack craft on suicidal missions. But when the Mass Drivers also switch to flak the Union is all but invincible to attack craft and can render entire sectors of space totally inaccesible to attack craft.

The Union class has also been equipped with an experimental shield system reverse engineered from Nakai Black hole shielding though is still in its early stages. This shield can be activated for periods of 2 minutes, no more due to overloading of the projectors. A long recharge time of around 3 hours then stops them from being used regually. However. When activated the Lancer is virtually invunerable. All enemy fire will be stopped by point event horizons which harmlessly displace incoming attacks.

Power plant: The Union class uses 35 TPC Zero Point Module AX-5 units to provide overall power, these have been reverse engineered from Nakai technology and make use of their artificial pocket dimension technology. The ZPM works by making an artificial dimension and harvesting the natural vacuum energy produced in such, this is totally harmless as if the ZPM is destroyed the dimension collapses harmlessly. The energy produced is also way above other Union energy technology apart from Singularity generators which are still being understood. The Union class also mounts 80 secondary YX2 Fusion Generators as redundant in case of emergencies where the ZPM modules are taken offline, these generators while nowhere near as powerful as the ZPM modules can still power the ship although at a reduced capability.

Electronic capabilities: The Union class is run by 12 Mark 5 AI systems 7 for targeting and combat, one for background systems, one for overall control, two redundant back ups and one for the Black hole shields. These AI systems are semi sentient and can hack enemy ships. When a AI gets hacked it immediately either cuts the lines so the enemy cannot access or deletes itself and the intruder with it. The Union class is also linked to the Union computer and so can access data when needed; it also is linked to the rest of the fleet in a tight information grid, it is also equipped with the most state of the art sensor systems and command and control suiets available allowing it to control vast fleet movements with ease.

Stealth wise the Union class constantly runs a very basic sensor stealth field, this field while not effecting light effects spectrum scans and conventional sensors. While not totally making the ship invisible this obscures the ships form and position leading to an increased ratio of missed shots and wrong moves. A full Displacement unit can be installed for true stealth missions if needed.

Crew: The Union class carries 65,000 personnel to run the ship and man the fighters. It also has the capability to carry up to 10,000 Union marines plus equipment. It has a permamnent complement of 9000 marines.

Attack craft: The Lancer mounts 28 launch hangars each able to contain 20 Firestorm Fighters and 4 Eagle Eye bombers for a total of 960 fighters and 96+ bombers. These have their own repair and re arm facilities and so the Union class acts as a brilliant fighter base for planeside operations or deep space patrols.

Speed and engines: The Union class while large is marginally fast able to reach 0.5 Light speed meaning it is able to keep up with a fast Union fleet and so isnt ponderous like other Super dreadnoughts. It is also equipped with 4 seperate FTL Union slipstream drives, both able to jump the ship away on their own. It is also being researched to equip the Union class with a Nakai jump drive.

Union class, Nakai and Union of worlds all belong to me :iconemperormyric:

comments welcome :)
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Preliator116 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014
Dude, this is awesome! Is this based off of a game or is this your own idea?
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Its based completely off of my own idea :) Though one day it may feature in a game im planning :)

I got loads more ships if you like this one!
Preliator116 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
I've checked a lot of them. You really have a talent for ingenuity and creativity. Each and every one of them are awesome. In fact, I'm working on creating a fanfiction story on the video game Star Fox. Would there be a possibility of using some of your data? I would give you credit, of course.
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks :) that means alot to me!

And what data would you use? As in the data template for the ships?
Preliator116 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
I'd probably use the armor, uniform, and weapons profiles. I'm not sure how I'd implement the ships or stations, but I probably would use some of them. Either way, whatever I use, I'd be sure to mention you for your respective works. 
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Um... I would rather you not, sorry if your just going to use my designs and creations i prefer them to stay unique to me. 

Sorry man Its just ive had problems in the past even with people asking for my permission, as you can understand
Preliator116 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
I do understand. If you happen to change your mind, just let me know. 
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Student General Artist
Alright sure man thanks for understanding :)
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Toravich12 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
Presvyataya Bogoroditsa i Iisus na nebesakh, Comrade Emperor. Or, as our UEA foes are fond of saying, 'overkill from f'in hell.' This vessel is very impressive, that is for sure. Mayhaps... the Union could loan one to the NUSSR?
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Student General Artist
Haha thank you! It is the Unions biggest class of officially used warship (being mass produced) 

And im not sure we could loan one full ship to you, the Union will be starting to create export versions which will have no weapons or proper armour and will essentially be a 'shell' where the allies can then create their own version :)
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