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Violar AA by EmperorMyric Violar AA by EmperorMyric
Wezkatha Violar (Phantom) Protectorate Drone Net AA


The Wezkatha is perhaps one of the weirdist methods of AA yet encountered and is incredibly effective. Instead of the traditional lock on and fire method this Hover tank deploys 12 refractor drones from its huge turret. These drones then deploy in a certain formation in front of the projected aircrafts paths, now these drones only deploy when the tanks AI deems it the point where the aircraft will not be able to evade the drones. Once the drones are deployed the Tank will fire its heavy laser projector into one of the drones. In a couple of nano seconds the beam will refract off of all the drones and create a laser net. The aircraft (or multiple the net can be made very big to take out groups of aircraft) will then fly through the net and be sliced apart by the energy beams. During the Phantom wars these vehicles were called death webs by the Firestorm fighter pilots.


Armament wise the Wezkatha mounts a Heavy Laser Projector to make the laser net with and is equipped with a very advanced Violar AI to control it, however the Heavy Laser projector can also be used against ground targets for just as good effect. For a secondary weapon the Wezkatha mounts a Plasma caster to defend against infantry and light vehicles coming near it.

Defensive measures and armour wise the Triskele is equipped with typical Violar Nano Lathe armour 45mm thick which is very tough and highly resistant to enemy fire, able to absorb and shed any damaged layers the armour however is weak to very high powered shots that overwhelm and EMP the nanites. It also has amazing Nano repair qualities and so if not destroyed totally the tanks hull and systems can eventually repair themselves. 

Electronic abilities wise the Wezkatha mounts a Violar AI unit which links with the driver and gunner which are the only crew giving them a sort of symbiotic relationship with the tank. This technology is under development to integrate into other Union tech though is slow progress. This AI also shows resistance to hacking and ECM interference making it hard to hide from.

Speed wise The Wezkatha is fast, able to go around 80MPH over any terrain thanks to hover platforms it can redeploy in a moments notice.

Violar And the AA belongs to me :iconemperormyric:
darklord86 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
I wish I had one!
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Student General Artist
they are very effective however the Violar arnt keen to share their tech ;)
darklord86 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
I imagine their not!
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July 17, 2013
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