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Violar MBT by EmperorMyric Violar MBT by EmperorMyric
Triskele Violar (Phantom) Protectorate Hover MBT


The Triskele is the Violars main MBT and is based around the principles of speed and armour. While the Triskele mounts a powerful armament it lacks somewhat against certain targets. Mainly designed to destroy groups of infantry, light to medium tanks and fortifications. Against other MBTs or heavy tanks the Triskele lacks, in the Phantom Wars the Triskele couldn't hope to stand up to the Seraphim MBT due to its armour being immune to melting which the Triskeles cannon relies on. However now that the Violar are in the Union the Triskele has found an excellent placement in the Unions fast tactics and plays the role of a medium tank which support mechanized infantry companies by providing heavy armour and a descent heavy weapon system.


Armament wise the Triskele is mounted with a turreted Plasma cannon which launches bolts of energy as hot as the heart of a star at the enemy. This is more than able to melt pretty much anything it contacts with, however its main damage comes from the plasmas volitile nature as it will explode on contact in a quite large explosion making it an excellent weapon against groups on infantry and light and medium tanks. The Triskele also mounts an underslung plasma caster for engaging infantry and light vehicles near the tank.

Defensive measures and armour wise the Triskele is equipped with typical Violar Nano Lathe armour 45mm thick which is very tough and highly resistant to enemy fire, able to absorb and shed any damaged layers the armour however is weak to very high powered shots that overwhelm and EMP the nanites. It also has amazing Nano repair qualities and so if not destroyed totally the tanks hull and systems can eventually repair themselves. 

Electronic abilities wise the Triskele mounts a Violar AI unit which links with the driver and gunner which are the only crew giving them a sort of symbiotic relationship with the tank. This technology is under development to integrate into other Union tech though is slow progress. This AI also shows resistance to hacking and ECM interference making it hard to hide from.

Speed wise The Triskele is fast, able to go around 80MPH over any terrain thanks to hover platforms it can redeploy in a moments notice.


Phased Laser Variant: developed by the Violar to combat the Unions MBT and heavy vehicles, it mounts a very high powered phased Laser derived from the HIT lasers the Violar use on their starships. However they changed the laser to instead bypass armour and fry electrical systems, as well as drain shields. and so it relies on the phased photons nature to bypass armour and they succeeded in making a threat to the Unions armoured forces, Now these variants are deployed to combat enemy vehicles from long range due to the lasers incredibly long range.

Mobile Shield Generator Variant: replacing its main turret with a Violar shield generator this variant provides mobile protection from air and artillery support. able to cover a wide area this variants shields are very strong however it is relatively lightly armed and so easily destroyed if within the shield envelope.

Mobile Stealth Generator: Also replacing its main turret with a powerful stealth array this covers a wide area with a light bending field and also ECM jamming. Attached to Violar forces to prevent enemy detection this variant is also lightly armed, and can be countered with powerful sensors.

Mobile Repair variant: The original from which the Unions was derived the repair variant houses Trillions of nanites which swarm across the battlefield and repair friendly vehicles and other armaments, and can be used to form physical barriers or shields as well as in dire situations be used to eat away enemies. Though this requires special clearance.

Violar and the MBT belong to me :iconemperormyric:
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acerr85 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
not bad
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks :)
darklord86 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
Nice main battle tank design!
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Student General Artist
yea designed for speed and armour though its armament is short ranged
darklord86 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
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July 17, 2013
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