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September 4, 2013


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Yea fuck it i know people are gonna rage at me about the following but here is what i have to say.

I must be the only damn guy who actually WANTS people to act against Syria, now before you start yelling at me here me out.

Assad used chemical weapons on innocent people, that alone should make you feel something, people say 'Yea so it aint us so whats the deal?' THAT IS WHAT STARTED A WORLD WAR THAT EXACT TRAIN OF THOUGHT. 'Evil can only grow when good men sit back and do nothing' or so the quote goes. Anyone who thinks its perfectly ok for people to be attacked with chemical weapons are wrong, how the fuck would you feel if your family got hit with chemical weapons? Oh im sure you would want revenge because it would affect you, so why let it happen to other people?

Second point is OVER A THOUSAND COUNTIES SIGNED THE CHEMICAL WEAPONS TREATY now that means that they will intervene when a county uses chemical weapons which due to the treaty breaks international law. Currently NONE OF THE FUCKING SIGNEES HAVE DONE ANYTHING ABOUT IT MEANING WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT, if someone breaks the rules KICK THEM BACK IN LINE. we would do it for nuclear weapons! chemical weapons are just as equally disgusting if anything more so. Just because Russia and china declare it to be an act of aggression means shit, Hell IT ISNT AN ACT OF AGGRESSION AS YOUR ACTING OF THE TREATY, meaning russia can go fuck itself! the ONLY reason Russia is in on this is because they were just about to sell Syria there new air defense system! Hell if the US does attack and beats the air defense it proves Russia to be shit doesn't it? that would be hilarious.

And before any of you say YES i have got A LOT of friends in the armed forces and if you have deduced from this that i want to invade Syria then YOU ARE WRONG. Limited military strikes should be used, We made a no fly zone over Libya? why not Syria? oh wait whats why Libya have oil. well who cares, implement a no fly zone and shoot any motherfucker who breaks it, anyone who purposefully airstrikes bakeries should be blown out of the sky. As for other moves cruise missile Syrias military power and personally aim a fucking cruise missile between Assads ass cheeks.

If we do not intervene then others will follow, it has happened throughout history! and more importantly aided in starting WW2 now before you say oh this wont escalate THATS EXACTLY WHAT THE BRITISH PRIME MINISTER SAID ABOUT HITLER AND LOOK WERE THAT GOT TO.

Hell if you gave me a Challenger two, a crew and ammo i would drive into Syria myself and go knock on Assads door. 

And if you want to know my stance on Iraq? no i don't support the invasion, if anything that place needs to be glassed... 

Now let the mass 'Oh Myric your such a right wing bastard commence' 

Rant over.

Anyways still working on my to do list and requests:


Both to do in infantry sprite form :)

2. :icondaniellandrom:
Do a Carnaith infantryman in my own style (probs draw this one on paper cuz it is easier)

3. :icontarget21: 
Finish Art trade with Spear forged by Myric

4. :iconlemmykoopaling:

Sprite his requested 'Super Nolev Tank'…


Union gear:

Union air core:
[X] Finish Ground attack Wing
[X] Write up stats for the Eagle Eye bomber
[X] Update descriptions of the Super heavy air fortresses And heavy gunships.
[-in progress-] Write up Union air tactics
[X] Update the Firebird 
[X] Complete Vulcan Orbital Dropship
[X] Complete Ace Gunship
[X] Complete Shadow Stealth Craft
[X] Complete Illumination class Sky Fortress

Union Army Core:
[-in progress-] update all Union sprites to own scratch made versions.
[-in progress-] Complete overall armament sheet.
[] Finish the Quadroped Land mobile battlefortress.
[X] Colossi size sheet.
[] Make all the Angels in paint.
[-In progress-] Make Union special characters in sprite form.
[-in progress-] Write up Union army Core tactics.

Union Navy Core:
[-in progress-] Complete Union super ships chart.
[] Complete data sheet on the Arrow class Corvette.
[] Complete data sheet on the Bullet class KKV
[X] Complete data sheet on the Lancer Dreadnought.
[-in progress-] Write up Union space tactics.
[-in progress-] Design the Unions renowned flagships.
[] Continue on the Transire supplement joint projects between me and :icontenebraesrising:
[] Update the Myrmidon 

Union Oceanic Core:
[X] Update all Navy core units to the standard of the Fortitude class battleship.
[] Write descriptions for all Oceanic units
[X] Solaris cruiser
[X] Intrepid escort
[X] Arcadia Aircraft carrier
[X] Furious submarine
[-In progress-] redesign the Topez class super sea fortress.
[-in progress-] Write up Union Oceanic core tactics.

Ancerious stuff:
[] Start Arrow of Light manuver
[-in progress-] Finish the beginning of the End 
[] Size chart of empires land vehicles
[] Size chart of empires space ships
[-in progress-] various admin stuff
[-in progress-] Write up more info on Triarch Industries including ships and unit designs

[=In progress-] Complete update

[] Complete update.

Literary works:
[] Continue Emperor: Loss of Wolf
[-in progress-] Finish RPs between :iconJudgementnollid: and :iconmeowmeowmeow21:
[-in progress-] Various other stuff

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madcomm Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
If it was as simple as you believe, don't you think it would have been dealt with already?

The truth is, all the Arab countries seem to be in turmoil these past years. 
Also, why the hell would a government start attacking it's own people, and why would people rebel. And why does the media seem always so one sided about things?

I am no conspiracy theorist, just a mathematician who sees patterns.

America and Europa are attacking Arab countries which are rich in resources which drive economy, and are doing so by first giving themselves a reason to go there. There are loads of proofs about that.

So, my advice?

Get a gun, and prepare for a storm.
Because, while Arabs are worthless self centred cowards (Believe me, I met many ), all it would take for everything to go to shit is one guy with guts.
And trust me when I say a world war is at the door. And a nasty one too.

Oh, and food for thought:
Each country lately which had a crysis has been taken over and milked by American forces.
Where do all weapons come from?
Where do all "rebels" and "militias" and "terrorists" get their weapons from?
With the technology out there, how was it that this was allowed to happen?  With all the espionnage (not 007 either), why was this left to happen?
Why are no countries actually taking actions?

I could go on with this. To be honest, it's all part of human nature. Different ideals, greed, different believes, jealousy, hunger, glutony, egoism....
These are all which led to this.

And honestly? Serves everybody involved right.
That is correct.

Serves right the Syrian who let his brother go hungry or hurt by greed or difference, which lead to more difference.
Serves right the government down there for being greedy and too hungry.
Serves well the citizens down there for being uneducated, divided and looking solely after their own backs.

Also, my money's on Algeria or Morocco being next.

DrakenhothRepublik Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Very interesting insight. :P *hug*
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Student General Artist
everything you said i agree with.

I already have lots of weaponry here in the UK so i all good :)
Mijity Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh Myric your such a right wing bastard commence
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Student General Artist
if you want to see something really hilarious read some of the comment strings below...
liliepanda Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i agree with you ^.^
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Student General Artist
finally someone who knows sense :)
daniellandrom Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
you know what, i don't care how bad the major symptoms of a chem are as long as numbness and passing out is an early symptom, but i have no idea what the fuck the gas Assad used, but i would run him over with a P1000 ratte just because he has 'ass' has part of his name
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Student General Artist
i THINK (not 100% sure) it was sarin gas which is a nerve agent... 
Devastator200 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It was.
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