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Magister Sevrin Loth by d1sarmon1a Magister Sevrin Loth :icond1sarmon1a:d1sarmon1a 37 0 Pixel Chaos Offering by SteelJoe Pixel Chaos Offering :iconsteeljoe:SteelJoe 415 44 Battletech - Warhammer by Shimmering-Sword Battletech - Warhammer :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 176 22 Favelas by BlastWaves Favelas :iconblastwaves:BlastWaves 83 5 Sky Talon Knight by John-Stone-Art Sky Talon Knight :iconjohn-stone-art:John-Stone-Art 73 4
Vaanitas Imperious Experimental SD - Slot 1
Super Weapon entry and description form:
Name: Imperious
Physical Description: The Imperious is the pinnacle of Vaanitas experimental technology, a heavily modified ArchDuke Super Dreadnought.
50km long, 20km across, 25-15km dorsal to keel.
What exactly does it do: After much research it is believed that the plane of pure energy from which their reactors draw can be weaponised. By harnessing and directing the pure energy between universes, usually used for power aboard Vaanitas vessels, the Directed Locar Beam fired a massive beam of pure energy at its target, be that vessel or celestial body. The firing crystals are shattered during this process, current Locar unable to take such high levels of energy and the ship merely returns to an average combat vessel, bar the fact it features none of the spinal guns of a ship of its size
Physical Capabilities: Whilst the Imperious sacrifices it primary armaments of spinal guns to instead fit
:iconcrystalnexus:CrystalNexus 1 0
Welcome to Neo Beijing by johnsonting Welcome to Neo Beijing :iconjohnsonting:johnsonting 1,166 53
Solaris (Unbihexium)
Solaris (Unbihexium) is a trans-uranic element with an atomic number of 126. It lies at the center of the island of stability and is an incredibly heavy, highly radioactive element. Due to its size, it is capable of outputting similar amounts of energy of contemporary fusion engines when used as a fissionable, and as such is used in their stead by the Carnaithian Omniversal Empire due to: One, an immunity to radiation damage; and two, an overall lower rate of distrust for nuclear power and their potential dangers when compared to other organic species. 
Primary Applications:
Power generation. As stated before, Solaris is used in fission reactors. Due to the energy potential of the element, combined with the efficiency of highly advanced fission technology, a reactor built around Solaris is capable of similar performance to a fusion reactor. Solaris fission reactors are used in the stead of fusion in both civilian and military settings. RTG cells are often used in the s
:icondaniellandrom:daniellandrom 5 2
Salvo by purbosky Salvo :iconpurbosky:purbosky 3 0 The Darkitect by joshuad17 The Darkitect :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 51 3 Futuristic Car 1 by ArtOfSoulburn Futuristic Car 1 :iconartofsoulburn:ArtOfSoulburn 39 13 Iron Battalion by johnsonting Iron Battalion :iconjohnsonting:johnsonting 490 17 JEAN II LE BON by moonxels JEAN II LE BON :iconmoonxels:moonxels 115 5 Justice League - Wonder Woman by theDURRRRIAN Justice League - Wonder Woman :iconthedurrrrian:theDURRRRIAN 1,955 53 ShipGraveyard CamilleKuo by camilkuo ShipGraveyard CamilleKuo :iconcamilkuo:camilkuo 42 0 Gelten Frigate by Heavyman Gelten Frigate :iconheavyman:Heavyman 3 1



Nov 18, 2017
9:15 pm
Nov 18, 2017
9:12 pm
Nov 18, 2017
7:28 pm
Nov 18, 2017
5:19 pm
Nov 18, 2017
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Union members and allies



:iconmijity: Wolf and Sicarii Order :iconaltairflame: Himself
:iconshaozchampion: ZYPHER :iconjudgementnollid: Mars Empire
:iconthe-port-of-riches: ICS :iconsoundwave3591: Spartan Empire
:icontarget21: IRS :iconryzakier: Chimera
:iconcommodorehorton: Flux Ascendancy :icondaniellandrom: Carnaith
:iconvoughtvindicator: Axioms and EPA :iconsorteagan: The Drakes
:iconjb1992: Eramon Empire :iconmendeddragon: USM
:icontoravich12: NUSSR :iconthewolfdragon21: Skinwalkers
:iconthewornwanderer: Ye'Tule Pack :icongmw180: Nucleans
:iconalttraran: Alterean Dominion :iconaimofdiscontent: Alfur
:icongratefulreflex: Commonwealth :icon0verlordofyou: Immortal Empire

Please check them all out!
If you are not on here and you should be please let me know

Next up for Union infantry do I do: 

16 deviants said Heavy Infantry (Heavy Power armour)
12 deviants said Ranking (from Solider through to General)
12 deviants said Advanced Infantry (such as Special ops, Alphas, Snipers etc.)
9 deviants said Advanced Weaponry (Exotic weapons and heavier gear)


Depends what it is note me for details so I know what you want and we can perhaps work something out although commish work is slow atm :)
Mon Jul 24, 2017, 2:01 PM
any desire to do a massive spaceship commission?
Fri Jul 21, 2017, 5:03 PM
Thank you!
Tue Jun 21, 2016, 4:21 AM
Love your gallery!
Mon Jun 20, 2016, 9:28 AM
Thu Nov 19, 2015, 4:46 PM
Thank you for the watch!!!
Mon Nov 16, 2015, 5:21 PM
Nope PS3 only
Sat Oct 31, 2015, 5:25 AM
Do you have an Xbox 360? My gamertag is Potreal12
Wed Oct 21, 2015, 8:39 AM
<3 aahh you actually read it /)////(\
Mon May 25, 2015, 2:25 PM
Love <3
Mon May 25, 2015, 11:02 AM

Journal History

Artist feature!

Wed Jun 14, 2017, 3:55 AM
  • Listening to: Ace Combat Infinity OST
  • Reading: Corax
  • Watching: Yukikaze
  • Playing: War Thunder
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Blackcurrant
Hey everyone I would like to give someone a feature for doing truly awesome work!…

Please check him out his 3D renders of characters are epic as shown below when he did some 3D renders of my well known characters :)

Lord of Unity by DecidedOptimist
The Fire of Grace by DecidedOptimist
Son of the Dawn by DecidedOptimist

Myric Duneyer and Kahalin all of which look awesome :) And I believe he also has Saffire on the way!

But yes please check him out, give him a watch and some favourites!


Ancerious Ship Bracket 6.1-10km
"I think you will find battleships and larger vessels quite the opponent indeed"

Ancerious 6.1-10km Ship Sheet:

All of the Ancerious vessels so far from the sizes 6.1-10km in size. All empires belong to their respective owners and all ship drawings belong and were drawn by their respective owners or artists. This is purely a reference sheet for the group.

Next up 10-20km ship sheet.

(EDITED 18/11/2017)

Ancerious Ship Sheet 0-3km
"I think you will find that small ships have a rather nasty bite of their own..."

Ancerious 0-3km Ship Sheet:

All of the Ancerious vessels so far from the sizes 0-3km in size. All empires belong to their respective owners and all ship drawings belong and were drawn by their respective owners or artists. This is purely a reference sheet for the group.

Next up 3.1-6km ship sheet.


(EDITED: 17/02/2017)
(EDITED: 26/02/2017)
(EDITED 18/11/2017)

For :iconancerious-galactic:
Revolutions Per Minute Infographic
"This is Arna of the Commonwealth, you know the people getting our asses kicked planetside. Just to let you know thanks for the help and if you can keep those bastards off us we may be able to whether the next assault. However a word of caution do not attack the capital directly they have heavy Anti orbital defenses, we tried to cut the head off the rebels that way but lost a chunk of our fleet trying to make an orbital drop. Drop in the surrounding regions. I wish you luck in destroying the enemy fleet because if you dont we are all fucked anyway" - Arna of the Commonwealth

Revolutions Per Minute:

The events of RPM would start with the unification of the small neutral world of Vestahl, settled 60 years ago the planet descended into anarchy with many wars and face offs before the Commonwealth finally achieved planetary unification. However a rogue captain from the BSO named Cortez seeking his own power looked to aid an uprising on Vestahl, supporting the newly formed VRF (Vestahl Revolutionary Front) formed from the dissenters of the commonwealth the uprising was bloody, with both sides taking heavy fire however the VRF soon got the upper hand and sieged the remaining commonwealth forces on the ground and battered the remnants of their small fleet in space. Pleas went out and bounties placed and soon multiple empires came to aid the commonwealth, the Davians, TDA, Dirge, Free Worlds, GAE and Imperial Dawn all sent forces to aid them. After a vicious space engagement where losses were heavy on both sides the allies managed to attain space superiority however Cortez escaped, ending the siege on the commonwealth the allied forces then descended to the world to aid in taking out the VRF, mustering a large amount of forces they were hampered by powerful orbital fire and a planetary shield that prevented any ground bombardment. Their objective was to destroy the mountain fortress where Labrosse head of the VRF commanded while also pushing through 3 main defensive lines to de-activate the orbital shield, allowing the allies to land more forces and to destroy the VRF oceanic navy pounding the ground forces as they advanced. The allies opted for a full frontal assault and speedy attack, pushing through the 1st line the attack was stalled when the Davians destroyed the 2nd line and many of the TDAs forces with a sudden missile barrage, with the VRF frightened enough to commit all their forces to the fray the allies weathered the counter attack before taking the 3rd line which turned out to be a trap. With GAE and Davian forces suffering tremendous losses from the booby trapped 3rd line the allies managed to de-activate the shield and destroy the oceanic fleet. However with the assault on the mountain bunker underway Labrosse finally cracked the nuclear codes for the bases ICBMs, managing to destroy the Capital city Levitsky before allied forces led by the Commonwealth commander Arna hunted her down and killed her. Stopping a further nuclear barrage the allies mopped up the VRF remnants thereby ending the war.


Revolutions Per Minute (I)
Revolutions Per Minute (II)
RPM: Assault On Vestahl by EmperorMyric
Revolutions Per Minute (III)
Revolutions Per Minute (IV)
Revolutions Per Minute (V)
RPM: Revolutionary Front by EmperorMyric
Revolutions Per Minute (VI)
RPM: Councils Last Stand by EmperorMyric
Revolutions Per Minute (VII)
RPM: The 2nd Line by EmperorMyric
RPM: Silent Guardian by EmperorMyric


With the wars outcome the VRF were totally destroyed, and the Commonwealth once again controlled a unified world. Alas the Commonwealths space and ground assets were all but destroyed, and with their capital and government gone Arna was forced to take command for now. With the Davians having caused so much friendly fire and collateral damage they would go on to face a warcrimes trial and be forced to pay reperations for the Commonwealths people. Many of the allied forces kept representatives behind, and aided in the rebuilding of the world. With reunification complete Vestahl would now turn to the stars to become its very own faction hoping to make its own inprint on the galaxy


Vestahl Commonwealth :iconemperormyric:

Vestahl Revolutionary Front :iconpyromaniac275:

GAE :iconignatiusaxonn:

Free Worlds :icontoravich12:

The Dirge: :iconflavoredpickle:

Divine Davian Imperium :iconnhinhonhinho:

TDA :icongingerninja3303:

Imperial Dawn :iconstellunacorn:

For :iconancerious-galactic:
RPM: Silent Guardian
"Truth be told looking back that old satellite stopped a whole load more damage, it was built during one of the old cold wars, we didn't even know it was still active until it intervened" -Arna SC of the Vestahl Commonwealth

Silent Guardian:

As the allied forces eventually break through the third line (which turns out to be rigged with explosives, both Davia and GAE take heavy casulties from the resulting explosion) they capture the orbital shield position, upon Arna deactivating it the fleets in orbit manage to destroy the oceanic naval forces allowing the allies to assault Labrosses mountain fortress and end the war. However Labrosse finally cracks the codes to the Commonwealths ICBM stockpiles firing 5 missiles towards the capital city of Levitsky, Davian shield coverage was brought down by VRF commandoes still located in the city just in time for the strike to hit. However in orbit an old ABM system put there in decades past during one of Vestahls many cold wars detected the launch and instantly fired up its particle beam. Striking repeatedly it speared four of the incoming missiles much to the cheer of the allies bus alas it had to cool its lenses allowing the last missile to hit Levitsky and destroy it totally. Following the destruction of the Capitol Arna and elite soldiers of the allies stormed Labrosses fortress and succeeded in killing her as well as ending the war with a victory for the commonwealth.

For :iconancerious-galactic:
RPM: The 2nd Line
"You have not only destroyed our entire frontline, but our flank too. I just lost over a few hundred men to your little stunt, and we are now having to retreat. The sheer audacity that you would employ such levels of firepower let alone WP and a nuclear barrage on the shield of that magnitude shows that you are beyond incompetant. You will cease all offensive actions against the Vestahl forces using large assaults, and after- No if we even win this you are to leave this planet immediately with no concessions. If you refuse any of these statements I will declare you an enemy of my people and will personally execute your entire command staff. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" - Arna Supreme Commander of the Vestahl Commonwealth

The 2nd Line:

As the allied forces regroup with the Commonwealth forces on the planet they begin the main assault on the Vestahl Revolutionary Front. Aiming to disable the orbital shield, break through their three main defensive lines and destroy the Fronts oceanic naval forces the allies push through the first line with an overwhelming frontal assault. With TDA and GAE spearheading the assault the 1st line is quickly breached and overrun with the TDA forces quickly aiming to keep the momentum they charge the 2nd line, and are subsequently embroiled in heavy combat. Before allied forces can push up to assist the Divine Davian Empire launched over 90,000 Plasma lance missiles to support the ground invasion from orbit, passing through the shield the warheads detonated over the entire 2nd line, wiping out every living thing within several miles and vapourising the entire line, TDA troops included. The Davians also deployed WP weapons on the enemy positions in the forest, with the forest having protected the allies flank the armoured forces of the revolutionary front charged through the blazing ancient woods into the GAE and Commonwealth forces. TDA upon loosing nearly 24,000 troopers was forced to temporarily withdraw. The allies attack faultered and the Revolutionary front quickly initiated a full scale counter attack.

For :iconancerious-galactic:


EmperorMyric's Profile Picture
Myric Allen
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom

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Icon made by: :iconryzakier: Please check her out!

Hello! My name is Myric, im 19 and from the good old United Kingdom. I am currently creating my own Sci Fi universe to turn into a game or series some day and use all sorts of art to get it on paper. I enjoy talking to everyone and making new freinds. I appreicate feedback on my work and will happily respond to any questions or even if you want me to give opinions on your own work :)

People I also known in real life:


What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
Hosted By Anime

I also play 40k and have many armies

Space marines (Golden Angels chapter using blood angel rules): 30,000 points (approx)
Tyranids Hive fleet Scyla: 10,000
Orks Bad Moons: 3000
Slaanesh demons: 3000
dark eldar: 7000
Eldar: 8000
Imperial Guard: 4000
Grey Knights: 4000
Necrons: 2000

so yer if you need any information or just wanna talk please do, i endevour to reply to all comments!

Current Residence: Yeovil (hell)
Favourite genre of music: any but i LOVE two steps from hell
Favourite style of art: manga/photoshop
Operating System: windows 7
Shell of choice: Quantum-Ferro-Uranite armour peicing tipped
Favourite cartoon character: Thor
Personal Quote: “I am Myric, Emperor of the Union of Worlds. At my command are over 2000 races each with its own military and space force that numbers in the millions. Included in this are infantry, tanks, artillery, specialised forces, air power, battle suits, colossi and many other amazing war machines. I have fought in countless wars which are so hideous you would lose your mind, and I have won against the very forces of darkness themselves, I am an Angel of the Universe and can destroy empires with but the merest flex of my mind, I command another 9 such beings each gifted with powers beyond your imagination, not including my other officers with some even equal strength. You wish to make war against me? Come; let me teach you the error of your decision”

Next up for Union infantry do I do: 

16 deviants said Heavy Infantry (Heavy Power armour)
12 deviants said Ranking (from Solider through to General)
12 deviants said Advanced Infantry (such as Special ops, Alphas, Snipers etc.)
9 deviants said Advanced Weaponry (Exotic weapons and heavier gear)


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