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The Interceptor dropped out of Slipspace and into the Anthor system in complete silence thanks to the vacuum of space. The bridge was a sight, organised chaos, of people carrying out duties, the numerous bridge crew dressed in their formal blue uniforms checking all the ships systems after the jump had been completed. At the back of the bridge the forms of the Angels stood surveying the scene, and on the command throne of the Interceptor the golden form of Myric sat smiling, his helmet was down by his side however he was in full armour, next to him stood his wife. Her red hair flowing down her angelic form. Around them the forms of the other Angels stood looking out of the large view screen. The sleek golden warship passed the destination planets moon and the sight of their target took Myrics breath away.

"Amazing..." said the Emperor aloud his face lighting up with amazement.

"Really are you sure you haven't been here before?" asked Duneyer amazed that the Emperor didn't remember this place as she sniggered about it.

"I'm sure, Anthorsia... wow its better than I thought" he sat there thinking.

"Well I know I have" replied Reina Angel of Water, her blue armour and long blonde hair glowing slightly as she turned and smiled towards Sebastion Angel of earth. He smiled back and the two merely kissed.

"What's so special?" Asked Larissa making a not impressed tone, Ouka immediately turned to her.

"What you don't know? Seriously?" Ouka asked and Larissa shrugged.

"It's a planet covered entirely of water, it has only one island which is 2 miles long apart from that its totally clean ocean, it's the only one known to have an entire surface of water" Said Claw stepping out of the shadows. His dark red armour reflecting some of the light, he wore his helmet and his visible redish eyes were quite imposing behind his ornate helmet. Myric nodded in agreement.

"Well take us into high anchor and dock with station alpha" said Myric to the helmsman, the man turned and smiled at the Emperor, inputting some command the giant flagship of the Union nimbly made its way into docking position with the Wyvern class orbital station which sat silently above the planet. Myric smiled as the ship jolted in response to the docking clamps and the Emperor opened ship comms grinning as he did so.

"Ok everyone as you have all served with distinction aboard this ship we will be staying here for a week please feel free to go down to the planet and enjoy yourselves but please don't cause too much trouble!" he said. There was a faint cheer throughout the ship and everyone on the bridge cheered too the various crew members jumping up and laughing. They had fought hard over the last few months against the Draken they deserved a break as much as the Angels. He turned to the group.

"Let's go! Remember guys we got a concert to perform down there!" The gorgeous form of Duneyer laughed.

“Like I could ever forget” She said winking.


The clouds of the blue sky parted as the convoy of Sparrow shuttles made their way down to the planet below. The various craft had left the docked orbital and immediately sped down towards the small island below. Only 2 miles in length and covered in beautiful beaches, lush greenery, and amazing skyscrapers Anthorsia was a place to behold. While in the top ten places to visit in the Union it wasn’t as well renowned as say Venus but the gorgeous blue ocean around the island was studded with floating platforms, houses and ships of all shapes and sizes. Anthorsias nightlife and shopping were renowned the galaxy over and this week would be even more bustling. The Angels had arranged for a morale boosting concert to be played here with themselves as the band, it would be done live for those who could make it here and be broadcasted all over the galaxy. For the lull in the war had to be used to help increase morale.

"I hope the shopping's good!" whispered Reina to Duneyer and she smiled, the shuttle was big enough to hold a whole squad of soldiers yet the large Angels could only fit just their number on board.

"You better not buy any more swords or I'm going to scream!" Myric replied overhearing the comment, he was flying the shuttle though they had all come out of their armour and into civilian clothes their grandeur wasn’t any more diminished. The shuttle erupted in laughed at the comment.

"Well I can do what I want besides I have your credit chip right here!" The Empress smiled innocently and held up a small plastic card in her hand, she gave a playful look at Myric who looked with surprise.

"What!? Where did you get that?" he shouted.

"You left it on your side of the bed!" she laughed poking her tongue out. Myric scowled.

"Well done Myric!" Claw sniggered his alien form looking quite strange in normal human cloths.

"Shut up we are almost there" Myric replied, grumbling as the shuttle came on the final approach for the landing bay next to the beach. There was a large crowd there to meet them along with the planetary commander and an honour guard.

The shuttle craft banked along with the others in the convoy, the crowds below screamed and cheered but were kept back by Union soldiers so that they didn’t interrupt the landing process. One by one the shuttles landed, their hulls touching down on the pads gently and their engines easing off. The various crew of the Interceptor stepping off the ranks and waving to the crowds, they cheered at the crew of the Unions most renowned ship and some signed autographs and others shook hands. They were celebrities all and every man and women shook hands with the governor as they then made their way past the crowds to whatever they wished to do for the next week.

The Governor, a young man called Xenath was dressed in Union Uniform and smiled as the last shuttle came in to touch down. He had never met any of the Angels or the Emperor and had only been put into his job when his predecessor stepped down. He heard some of the honour guards behind him talk over the roaring crowds.

“I cant believe we are greeting the Emperor...”

“I know right! Its such an honour!”

Xenath grinned, he too was excited as the shuttle dropped down slowly and the engines cycled down. The ramp dropped and the anticipation was almost palpable. One by one the Angels stepped down and into view, each one was greeted with a deafening roar of applause as they waved to the crowds and lined up, when the Empress finally came out the roar intensified and she blew kisses in the direction of the crowds and posed for the thousands of cameras, pulling sexy poses and strong war poses alike. However she stepped aside as the Emperor walked down the ramp.

Myrics enhanced hearing managed to block most of the sound out, though he wondered how many of the people in the crowds could bear the sheer weight of noise being projected. He smiled as he waved to everyone and grinned, it was good to be away from politics and combat. Myric walked to the small man in front of him the Angels behind him still waving and now signing autographs and taking pictures with some of the crowd members. Myric beckoned the people to silence with a smile and hand gesture and the noise levels dropped to almost nothing in seconds.

Xenath bowed “Greetings Emperor Myric! And our Angels! We welcome you to Anthorsia and bid you good will, we hope you enjoy your stay here. The concert has been set up and ready for this evening. However for now please enjoy our fair island!” Myric grinned widely.

“My friend, it is an honour for us to be here” He looked across the crowd “And to meet all of you all! We will enjoy very much playing for you all and hope you all enjoy your time with us here as we will with you!” He boomed, and the crowd erupted in cheers. Xenath nodded.

“Very well then! Please this way we will show you to where you will be staying, once you are comfortable feel free to enjoy what we have to offer!” Duneyer turned to Myric and smiled.

“Lead the way then” She said and the Angels made their way through the crowds and into special hover vehicles. The crowd continued to cheer and the various genetically engineered beings did in return. The joy of every man women child and otherwise on this island could be felt. And Myric knew this was going to be a damn good week as the vehicle took off, he turned to Duneyer.

“Ready for a good time?” He said winking to her. She gave a playful smile.

“I think we need to sort the room out first before we do any exploring.... If you know what I mean” She said sticking her tounge out. He laughed and they kissed as the amazing tropical vista grew ever more as the vehicle sped higher towards one of the large skyscrapers.


The two Angels laid there on the bed, both naked and only covered by the bedsheets, the room was nice and cool with a breeze coming through the massive glass windows which looked out and down onto the beautiful beach vista before them. Myric turned to see Duneyer staring at him.

“Whats up baby?” He asked stroking her striking red hair. She smiled, slightly tired after their love making.

“I cant remember the last time we actually had time alone like that” She said grinning. Myric laughed.

“That is very true... I think the last time was when we were on board the Interceptor and did that rather daring move in the armoury...” He said thinking back. Duneyer giggled.

“The one where we had to then sneak back down the corridors to our quarters naked without bumping into the crew?” Myric tried to keep a straight face looking at her before they then burst into laughter.

“Oh that was a fun time!” Myric replied. The two lay there reminiscing until Duneyer jumped up, stretching herself out her wings also stretched, she let out a moan and then turned to Myric. He smiled looking at her body and she raised an eyebrow.

“Enjoying yourself? My lord?” She smiled and Myric grinned. She sighed.

“Come on, you can have some more later for now we need to go” Myric looked confused.

“Go where?” Duneyer laughed.

“Shopping of course! I told the girls that we would be joining them for a bit of shopping and a drink on the beach. So get dressed” She said chucking on one of the Emperors shirts and not caring.

“That sounds... Almost as fun as fighting the Soul Monarch” Myric replied sarcastically. Duneyer turned with a not amused look on her face and she held her hand out in a cupping shape and flames appeared around it.

“Dont think I wouldnt Emperor” She said smiling. Myrics eyes widened.

“Ok ok! I will come!” He said leaping out of the bed and chucking any cloths on he could find.

“Good boy” She said giggling.


The Empress strolled through the bustling streats of the city, she was grinning. Dressed in one of Myrics shirts and some jeans she looked magnifiscant as she kept her wings folded neatly behind her. She nodded and smiled to the many people who parted for her, many in awe of the majestic being in their midst. It wasnt everyday one was to see both the Empress and Emperor of the star nation they inhabited. Myric walked just a little behind Duneyer, carrying some bags of shopping for her he looked around and nodded to the people who greeted him. Every now and again Duneyer would swerve off into a shop to look at something and Myric would have to follow, the owners of the shops in question staring in awe and being eternally greatful when Duneyer or Myric brought something that took their fancy, most were collectables, souvenirs and books. Good old fashioned books.

The two Angels made their way through the various streets and vendors the city had to offer, slowly making their way towards the rendevouz point at the beach front. Myric merely smiled as the light of a hot sun covered his face, relishing the fact he was on a planet again, and this time not trying to defend it against the hordes of darkness. The cool breeze as well mixed with the smell of the ocean calmed his senses.

It was good to relax.

The two exited one of the streets onto the beach vista, in front of them the beachfront extended to loop round in a crescent shape almost forming a harbour, shops and resteraunts dotted the side and Duneyer looked around until she spotted the girls. Reina waved them over and Duneyer waved back. Myric sighed, this was going to be a long afternoon.

“Hey you guys! You finally made it then!” Reina said as she got up off the floor and hugged Duneyer, the resteraunt was a simple affair with tables and chairs overlooking the beach along with stairs down onto the sand. The Angels sat around a table on the floor, due to their size the chairs could not accommodate them however they didnt mind. At the table Myric saw Ouka, Larissa, Reina and Marlene. Each one had various glasses of diffferent alchohol, though none of them could get drunk due to their enhanced metabolism, though whether this was a blessing or a curse was much debated amongst them all.

“Haha of course we did!” Duneyer replied “I never go back on my word when we have the chance for girl time” She winked at Myric who merely looked across the beach and into the ocean horizon.

“So Myric... It seems you are the packmule” Marlene said giggling. Myric snapped back for a second and smiled.

“Yea im starting to get used to it” Ouka raised an eyebrow and smirked in response.

“Seems your becoming quite the bitch Emperor” The women laughed and Myric sighed.

“Very funny Ouka” Duneyer and Myric then sat down to join the women and the small waiter came over to ask if they would like anything to drink or eat, still quite surprised he was actually serving the most powerful individuals in the Union.

“So.... May I get you anything... My lords?” Myric nodded.

“No need to be so formal, just call us our real names no need for formalities we are all equal here” He said smiling, the man merely nodded back and smiled.

“As for food... I shall have a well done Margarita Pizza please with extra cheese plus some blackcurrant squash” Myric turned to see the women staring at him.

“What! I’m allowed aren’t I!” Duneyer sighed.

“Emperor of the Union of Worlds and still the fussiest eater in the known galaxy. As for me I shall have the Anthorsian Catfish and some of the strongest alcohol you got” The man nodded writing it all down “You guys want anything?” Duneyer asked the girls, they shook their heads and smiled. The waiter smiled and walked off.

“Myric you might as well order the pizza not baked so I could just incinerate it for you” Duneyer laughed.

“She has a point, you do rather nuke the taste out of it” Larissa remarked sipping some of her glass, her white pig tails denoting a women who was very reserved and yet casual. Marlene nodded in agreement.

“Even I dont have it that heavily done” Reina replied. Myric leant back and groaned.

“Please kill me...” He smiled. The girls laughed and Duneyer came up close to his face.

“Not a chance my dear” He sat back up and asked.

“Where are the boys?” Ouka laughed.

“They are out doing some training and I think Shugo mentioned something about going for a swimming race” She smiled. Myrics mouth opened.

“What! And I wasnt allowed to go!” He turned to Duneyer. She giggled playfully.

“Sorry baby but your mine for today to play with as I please” She laughed and the Angels burst out into fits of laughter, the Emperor merely wishing to himself that he could be doing something vaugely resembling fun.

“Dont worry Myric they said when they get back we will be going for a swim in the bay and having our own race” Larissa smiled. Myrics hopes lifted slightly at the thought and before he knew it food had been served. The waiter came back and placed Myric and Duneyers food on the table. The Empress grinned and started to tuck into the catfish while Myric quickly demolished the pizza he was given.

The group finished their meal and sat, talking about the various events of the Union and the future plans for the war. As well as more informal matters like famililes hilarious moments and general happens in the Union.

Myric turned to see Claw, Shugo and Sebastion approaching, the Angels waved them over and Myric sighed, at last he had company he could understand and work with. Myric turned to Duneyer who laughed.

“Go on then! We shall join you in a moment” The red haired Angel smiled. Myric grinned, kissed his wife then leapt into the air, and sped towards the sea.
A break from the usual writing :) No battles just character developement for the Angels.

Its fun to write with my OCs again! ive missed it.

All characters here belong to me :iconemperormyric:

Comments welcome :)
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