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Apparition class by EmperorMyric Apparition class by EmperorMyric

Apparition Class Union of Worlds Hybrid Cruiser:

Overview: The latest Union of Worlds hybrid project was a rather... Unexpected happening. With the Nakai civil war in full swing the Union sought about trying to pursue all possible technological avenues. One approach was to contact the Skia and try to convince them into helping the Union on a new project, since the destruction of the Dark Star the Skia refused to lend their tech to the Union. However this new happening proved rather surprising. A Dart class was brought to the world of Proxima III to meet with the Skia delegation to discuss the endeavour, after talking to the Skia they turned and left without saying anything. The small Skia fleet in orbit overode the Union dart class AI and (with it being uncrewed) took it away. The delegation and command were left stunned and for 2 days frantic activity to find the ship or what even happened until after two days... This ship appeared through the Lighgate accompanied by the same Skia ships. The Union delegation were speechless... It was a Dart alright but.... nothing like the ship they knew. The Skia handed the ship over and left without a word, left to ponder over the ship the Union realised this craft actually used both a Skia core AND crew. A small crew was chosen and after rigorous testing the ship started to undergo trials. Unlike anything they had seen before the ships speed rivalled that of the other Skia craft, its armour was fully bonded Phase skin, it had full phase and stealth capability and its weapons were on par with the Skia themselves. While still undergoing trials the Union hopes the Skia will produce more of these into the future, and its only a matter of time before the newly dubbed 'Apparition' class fights in its first battles.

Armament: The Apparition class mounts a ferocious armament of Skia weaponry, consisting of Skia phased pulse cannons, Shadow beams and distortion cannons it is more than capable to reducing a small to medium fleet to atoms with ease, live fire trials have shown the ship can easily handle other vessels and its full armament is not fully registered.

Skia Phased Pulse cannons: Not very understood by the Union these Skia based weapons fire 'Pulses' of exotic energy at the target using their own phased skin as a launcher. These pulses while considered light in weapon aspect can bypass shields and deal immense damage to enemy ships. Seemingly reacting with armour at a molecular level the pulsed shots use the very matter of the target for the energy reaction to occur. These weapons are high rate of fire and shoot a strange black ball as their projectile.

Shadow beams: Firing a concentrated beam of darklight these beams are able to slice apart ships or inflict precision damage. Able to severely damage shields these beams seem to have sort of energy disruption effect which also EMPs or disrupts the targets power distribution. While one of their principle weapons the Skia use these mainly for disabling their targets rather than destroying them outright.

Distortion cannons: Fired from the eyes or cores of the Skia vessels these bright red beams seem to ignore shields and armour entirely. Being partly in and out of reality these beams merely cut ships apart with little difficulty. It can be fired as a continuous beam or a pulsed burst to crippled the enemy however these weapons are typically used to utterly annihilate the enemy. And even prove highly effective vs the Nakai.

Defences: The Apparition class mounts a full layer of bonded Skia phase skin:…

This skin seems to have been fully bonded by the Skia themselves in and return is constantly in perpetual phase able to negate all fire directed at it. It also mounts an active CIWS of small Skia beams and pulse weapons to destroy enemy fighters and missiles.

The Apparition class does not mount Shield generators of any kind.

Power plant: Completely unknown. The ship will not let the crew access what used to be the reactor section. It is theorised the Skia have taken out the ZPM modules and replaced them with whatever power supply all Skia ships use.

Electronic capabilities: The Apparition class is run by 7 secondary Skia cores and one main core. These have untold capabilities but essentially means the ship is a living entity. A Union AI was installed in the Union bridge area to interact with the crew and the Skia core however it is not even remotely capable of doing what the Skia core does. This means the Apparition is unable to hack enemy ships but is unable to be hacked itself.

Stealth wise the Apparition is perpetually phased and so is incredibly hard to detect, as well as this it runs some sort of passive stealth field that bends sensor readings, as well as a very powerful ECM field which is deployed when under attack which has never been observed on Skia tech before. The ship can also fully phase out of the material universe at will for as long a time as needed.

Crew: Due to the nature of the Apparition a crew of around 50 is required, not needed. The ship itself dosent need a crew however the Union has a section of the ship 'made normal' for the crewman but some report hearing voices when alone and other strange phenomena, this is further being investigated.

Attack craft: Even though the Apparition dosent seem to mount any hangar bays there is a small hangar where the bridge used to be for crew and supply access. It was also stated by the Skia the Apparition also carries a complement of 200 Skia Shuriken fighters. Where these are actually located is unknown as they have yet to be seen or deployed.

Speed and engines: The Apparition is unbelivably fast, able to outpace any Union vessel and keep up with other Skia vessels. It also mounts a Skia FTL drive which phases out of reality to phase back in to the target location.

(new funky ship :) Had an idea so wooo here it is!)

Skia, Union, Apparition class belong to me :iconemperormyric:

Comments welcome!

Dark-sontheWolf137 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sound like a ghost ship wwooooo
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Student General Artist
Kind of, though its alot more real
Dark-sontheWolf137 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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